Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Nupur prays for Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nuput holding Chiku and making her calm. Nurse says whenever she sees the girl, the girl’s pulse gets stable. Chiku holds Nupur’s dupatta. Nupur looks on. She cuts her dupatta to let the dupatta part be in Chiku’s hands. She goes. Hira Amma says I won’t get fun if Chiku dies, save her. She laughs. Nupur sees her. She asks Inspector to catch Hira, she is a criminal. Inspector says she isn’t here. Nupur says Milind, Hira is here, take care of the kids, promise me, nothing will happen. He promises. Nupur is taken to the jail. She asks Inspector about the kids. Inspector scolds her for poisoning the kids. Nupur asks constable to help her. Milind is with Chiku. Aai asks how is she. He says better. She says you go, I will sit here. He says no, I promised Nupur that I will take care of her, Nupur was in the hospital when Payal was admitted in the hospital, she can never do wrong with any kid. Aai says yes, maybe a person changes with time. Chiku gets critical. Milind shouts to call the doctor. Aai and Milind ask what is happening to her. Doctor says I don’t understand. Nupur asks did you talk to Chiku. Constable says her condition is not good. Nupur says no, I won’t let anything happen to her. She sketches Ganpati on the well and prays for Chiku.

Milind ties Nupur’s dupatta to Chiku’s hand. Doctor asks what are you doing. Milind and Aai also pray. Nurse says its a miracle. Doctor says she got saved by someone’s prayer. Constable gets a call and says Chiku is fine now, your prayer is answered. Nupur smiles. Its morning, doctor asks everyone to relax, they will discharge Chiku and Payal tomorrow. Milind thanks him. Tai says we don’t have to see Chiku, she is unlucky. He says what will I tell Payal that her mum is arrested, how can you call a kid unlucky, you answer her. Kamini says she won’t ask about Nupur. He says she is a kid but you are elders. Tai says we are happy that Nupur got arrested. She goes. Milind asks Aai do you think Nupur is wrong, tell me. Aai asks what shall I say, I would have lost Payal because of Nupur, something is wrong with her, pay attention to her. She goes. Inspector sees Nupur and scolds her for the drama. They all hear some sound and go out. Nupur asks about Payal’s condition. She sees Hira in constable’s getup. Hira comes to her and asks her to see her revenge now. She threatens Nupur and goes. Nupur shouts to Inspector to catch Hira. Inspector says no one is here, stop this drama. Nupur says Hira will harm my kids in my absence. Milind gets Mini and Chiku home. They meet everyone. Chiku asks about Nupur. Kamini says she got arrested because she fed poisoned laddoos to the kids. Chiku says no, she can’t do this. Tai scolds her. Milind says let her take rest for some time. Tai and Kamini blame Chiku. Tai takes Payal with her. Milind asks Chiku to not cry and worry. He says I will try to bail out Chiku. Chiku gets sad and says I won’t be away from you for a long time, I will find proof to get you freed. She recalls Nupur’s words. She says I will start from the scratch.

Nupur says congrats Hira, the truth has come out. Hira says you are living a big lie, you can’t see the truth in front of your eyes, I know Chiku’s parents and your daughter Payal’s truth also.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why keep delaying the truth from coming out??? Why is it Hera are allow in Police station?? Or is it Nupur imagination?? As I dun watch I only read updates!

  2. @Unicorn just like how they kept repeating the same precap of chiku and rangoli talking about her truth for the whole week I think they’re also gonna do this with this precap. Also a new show is gonna air so I think the truth with come out soon. I guess it will replace ckmdk

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