At night, Taneja Mansion

Twinkle came back from office, all had their Dinner and were in their rooms. 

Twinkle was doing some office work and Kiara was sitting on carpet playing with her toys. After Twinkle complete her work and sit beside Kiara. 

Twinkle: What my Chand ka tukda did today. 

Kiara:Today I play lott with Ansh and Pihu. 

Twinkle:Hmm good. Kiara was blabbering that what she did today and she was admiring her. 

Kiara:Mumma you know Pihu broke a vase in her home and she get scolding from her Mumma. Then her Papa save her from getting punishment. Twinkle hummed. Mumma can I ask you something. 

Twinkle:Yes you can. 

Kiara:My all friend have Papa and you also have. Why I don’t have??? Twinkle shocked. You tell me na where is my Papa I want him, I also wanted to play with him. Atleast show me his picture. 

Twinkle:Kiara why you want Papa haan. 

I am only your Mumma and Papa as well.

Kiara:No Mumma I want my Papa tell me where he is. 

Twinkle:I will tell you later ok. 

Kiara:Noo everytime you say this but doesn’t tell me where is my Papa. You tell ne Mumma please. 

Twinkle:Kiara don’t fight with me and shut your mouth or else I will give you one slap. She said sternly

Kiara:You are so bad Mumma you don’t tell me where is my Papa. I will not talk to you I hate you. She said while crying and left the room. 

Twinkle get broken to hear Kiara words. She started crying badly. 

Twinkle:How I’ll tell you were is your Papa. She cries for sometime and went to pacify her daughter. She knew where she would be. She entered in Kiara’s play room and searching for her. She heard sobbing sound coming from under the table. She goes near table, sit down and saw Kiara crying covering her face under     her legs and hands. She held her face up and cupped her face. 

Twinkle:Mumma sorry baby she said holding her earlobe. I will not scold you again promise Pinky promise baby  please forgive me baby. Let’s do friendship again see I bring your favourite chocolates. 

Kiara:No I will not talk to you. You are very bad. 

Twinkle:If you’ll not talk to me than who will tease me, who will throw tantrums on me and whom I will shower my love. Please forgive me you are good girl know. Kiara see tears coming from  Twinkle eyes she feels bad because she is like her Father can’t see Mother crying. 

Kiara:Mumma are you crying. She said innocently. Twinkle tries to control but she breakdown and cuddles Kiara tightly. 

Kiara:I am sorry don’t cry Mumma. She broke the hug and wiped her tears. Twinkle smiled. Please Mumma I will not ask about Papa again pinky promise. Please don’t cry. 

Twinkle:I am sorry I shouldn’t have scold you

Kaiara:I love you and You are the best Mumma. 

Twinkle:You were saying me that I am bad now. 

Kiara:That I said in anger please sorry Mumma. She held her earlobes and Twinkle melted. 

Twinkle:Ok I forgive you now eat this chocolate . But not too much. They both have chocolate happily. Tomorrow Mumma will take outside and we will enjoy. 

Kiara:Yeaahhhhhhh Mumma. 

Twinkle:Now let’s sleep. She lift her up and take her in room. Both lye on bed and cuddles eachother. Later Kiara slept Twinkle checked and kissed on her forehead. She remove Kiara from her embrace and goes out from room. She goes downstairs and roam here there thinking about Kiara’s question. 

Leela was sleeping then she heard noise from downstairs and she get up to check. She saw Twinkle roaming to and fro she goes downstairs and call her. 

Leela:Twinkleee why are here??? At this time any problem. 

Twinkle(thinks) :I should tell Maa she will make her understand. Twinkle makes Leela sit on sofa and rest her head on her shoulder. 

Leela:What happened Twinkle?? 

Twinkle:Today again Kiara asked me where is her Papa and today she was out of control. Leela was shocked. 

Leela:Then how you convince her. 

Twinkle:She itself understood because she can’t see me crying. You know Maa I whenever Kiara sre any girl play with her father she feels so bad I can see in her eyes.I feel like someone is stabbing my heart. She craves for her Papa how she will react when she will know truth. He is living peacefully there and my daughter is suffering which is also his. 

I feel like killing myself when she ask me where is her Papa. Why he did this with me Maa?? She said crying very badly. 

Leela:Don’t cry for him we will make Kiara understand. She cupped Twinkle face and wiped her tears. 

Twinkle:I can’t tolerate more Maa. She hugs her tightly and crying in her arms. 

Leela consoles her. 

Leela:Stop crying he should cry not you ok. You are my strong daughter na. She made her drink water. 

Twinkle:I will not waste my tears for him . Leela nodded. 

Leela:Now go and sleep or else your Chand ka tukda will wake up and take whole house on her head my Mumma mimicking her. Twinkle giggled and they both went in their room. Twinkle goes in her room sit on bed and caress Kiara face . 

Twinkle:You crying for him he don’t deserve you. He is just selfish I will not let his shadow come on you. Mere baby she kiss on her cheeks and sleep. 


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