At park canteen

Kiara:Wooow this sandwich  is so tasty. 


Sahil:See there is a see saw we should go there. All children nodded and went there. Sahil and Pihu were sitting on see saw, Ansh was doing  sliding and Kiara was sitting on a swing. Suddenly Kiara saw a rabbit she  leave the swing and run to catch him without anyone noticing her. Rabbit reaches at entrance gate of park and finally Kiara catch after so many efforts. She took him in her arms and caressed him. Suddenly she started feeling dizzy, her vision got blurred and she faint. 

At cafe

Kunj:I should go now only half and hour is left for meeting. He said and paid the bill.He went from cafe and see crowd near park gate. Firstly he ignored it but his heart was not ready. So he went into crowd and by pushing people aside he came at front. He was shocked to see girl lying unconscious , he take her head on his lap and patting on his cheeks. 

Kunj:Baby open your eyes. What happened to her ??? He immediately lift her , take her in car and drove to hospital. 

At canteen

All mothers were chitt chatting and enjoying their coffee. Twinkle eyes went on the children she saw everyone except Kiara. 

Twinkle:Where is Kiara ?? She went to them and asked .Ansh, Sahil, Pihu where is Kiara. 

Ansh:She was sitting on swing only. Anjali and Ridhima also came. 

Anjali:What happened Twinkle ?? 

Twinkle:Kiara is not here. Where is she babaji ?? She gets panic. 

Ridhima:Don’t worry she will be here only let’s find her. They all searching for Kiara in whole park. 

Other side Kunj reaches hospital and Kiara was is his arms. 

Kunj:Where is doctor ?? He shouted and doctor came. 

Doctor:What happened to her ??

Kunj:She fainted doctor please examine. Kunj laid Kiara on strecher and doctor take her for examining. 

Kunj(thinks) :Who is she babaji and how she fainted. (So Kunj doesn’t that she is his and Twinkle’s daughter because after their seperation Twinkle got to know that she is pregnant  and she didn’t informed Kunj as she break all relations with him). 

After 5 mins doctor came out and Kunj rushed to him. 

Kunj:What her why she fainted..she is ok know. He asked in one go. 

Doctor:Don’t worry she is ok she fainted because of allergic reaction so we gave her injection and now she is fine.Kunj relieved. What she ate ?? 

Kunj:I don’t know doctor actually I saw her in park fainted so bring her here. I don’t know who she is. 

Doctor:It’s ok when she will gain we’ll ask her. 

Kunj: Yaa  can I meet her. He asked hesitantly. 

Doctor:Sure. He went inside sit beside her and hold her hand. Kunj smiled

Kunj:How cute and innocent she is.

He kissed on her forehead and caress her face. He again kissed on her cheeks and hand don’t know why. 

Kunj:What is happening with me babaji ??Why I feel like she is very important for me ?? Why I having a different feeling ?? (Poor Kunj didn’t know that she is his part, his blood his daughter). 

Twinkle was hell worried about. Finally they all came at  park gate and asked to guard about Kiara. 

Guard:Yess I saw her she fainted one man  came and take her in his car. Twinkle shocked her mind became blank . 

Twinkle:Take her but where ??? She said sobbing. 

Guard:May be hospital he was looking like kind man. 

Anjali:Twinkle we should go to nearby hospital. They all nodded and rushed to hospital. They reached while Twinkle ran to receptionist and asked her 

Receptionist:Yesss she came. 

Twinkle:Where she is ?? She tell her ward number and all goes there. 

Kunj was sitting with Kiara, he got a call. He went outside the wall and stand behind pillar. Twinkle came to the ward Kunj back facing her she didn’t see him. She goes inside and see Kiara. 

Twinkle: My Kiara. She ran to her and hugged her. While Kunj came near ward about to open the door he got Kabir call he picks up. 

Kunj:Haan Kabir. 

Kabir:Where are you brooo ?? Meeting is going to start. 

Kunj:I am coming don’t worry. He said and look inside the ward through mirror which is on the door. He saw a lady hugging her and smiled. 

Kunj:I think her mother came I should go now. He went outside the hospital sat in his car and drove for office.

Twinkle break the hug and kisses all over face of Kiara. Kiara slowly opens her eyes. 

Kiara:Mumma she murmured. 

Twinkle:I am here only baby. Doctor came to check her. 

Doctor:Are you her mother ?? Twinkle nodded. 

Twinkle:Why she fainted doctor ?? 

Doctor:Beacause of allergic reactions. Twinkle get confused and something clicked in her mind. 

Twinkle:It’s my mistake only she had allergy with cucumber and that sandwich must had cucumber in it. 

Doctor:It’s ok next time be careful. 

Twinkle:Where is that man who bring her here. 

Doctor:I think he went. 

Twinkle:What’s his name ?? 

Doctor:Don’t know. You can take her home. Twinkle nodded. 

Twinkle:Did you saw who bring you here. Kiara nodded in no. 

Twinkle:It’s ok let’s go home. 


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