Twinkle take Kiara back to Taneja Mansion and tell everything to Leela & Rt.

Leela:Thanks to  God nothing serious happened. Twinkle you should be careful na

Twinkle:Yes Maa you are right I will take care of it.

Rt:Thanks to that man who saved our Kiara on time.

Twinkle:Yaaa I couldn’t thank him.

Leela:It’s ok now you both should sleep. Twinkle nodded and they left. Twinkle cuddles Kiara and slept.

At Kunj Mansion

Kunj was in balcony looking at the moon and thinking about Kiara her face was flashing in his eyes.

Kunj:Who she was ??? How she must be now ??? I should have met her once before going. Leave it. He went in his room and slept.

Next day

Twinkle didn’t went office because of Kiara . They decided to go to their orphanage and were packing some gifts for all children.

Kiara:Wooow so many gifts for them they will get happy. Mumma let’s go na fast. She said excitedly.

Leela:Hmmm Kiara is very much excited to meet her friends. Kiara smiled and nodded. Later they went to orphanage gave gifts to all children and they get happy. Kiara , Leela and Twinkle enjoyed with them. All were playing but a girl was crying Kiara saw and went her. She pats on girl’s shoulder.

Kiara:What happened why are you crying.

Girl:That girl said to me that I am very stupid and idiot she said pointing her fingers on girl.

Kiara:So what she said that doesn’t mean you are. She wiped her tears. Don’t cry she only must me stupid that’s why she is  saying. Don’t worry I will complained about her to my Mumma. Eat this chocolate and be happy. She said giving her chocolates girl smiled. They both eat chocolate together. Twinkle saw this and smiled she remembered Kunj also does same with her.


One week passed since Twinj came to London they were happy with each other and were understanding eachother. Kunj went to office and Twinkle was in her neighbour house Arti. She was a married women and had a son of 6 yrs age. She had a great bond with Twinj and she kept party to introduce Twinkle to all society ladies in evening.

Arti:So all welcome our new member Twinkle she is wife of  Kunj.

Lady1: Ohh Kunj’s wife nice I heard that he get married. Nice to meet you Twinkle you are really gorgeous.

Twinkle:Thank you nice to meet you too.

Lady2: So you both live alone. Twinkle nodded. They all were chit chatting with each other.

Lady3: Look her husband went office and she lives in that house all alone. You know Kunj is very busy man he spent his all day in office. Don’t know what she must be doing alone in home. She said wispehering to Lady2. Audible to Twinkle

Lady2: You are right Kunj is very innocent and nowadays modern girl can do anything.

Lady3:Yeees in absence of her husband she must be enjoying with other mens. Twinkle felt like a stab on her heart tears come in her eyes.

Lady2: Look how innocent faces she making. Twinkle didn’t said anything just smiled and acting that she didn’t heard anything. After sometime it was too much for Twinkle to handle tears she wanted to cry loudly.

Twinkle:Arti dii I must go now I am not feeling well.

Arti:Are you ok what happened should I call Kunj ???.

Twinkle:No it’s just that I don’t have habit this much cold know that’s why.

Arti:Ok you go call me if needed anything. Twinkle nodded and went to her house. She run in her room sat on floor resting her head on bed just those words were ringing in her mind. She cuddles her knees and started crying loudly. Since half an hour she was crying trying to control but tears didn’t take  name to stop.

While Kunj work was completed so he came back to home. The door was already open so he came in and went towards his room. While going he heard sobbing sound coming he get worried and rushed to his room. He saw Twinkle sitting on floor and crying very badly. He went towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder.

Kunj:Twinkle what happened to you ?? She look at him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and caressing her hairs. After sometime Kunj broke the hug and cupped her face.

Kunj:Why are crying  Twinkle??? Does something happened. Twinkle think not to tell him he will get angry on that ladies.

Twinkle:Nothing just missing my parents. She lied and wiped her face.

Kunj:Really am I looking fool to you haan. Don’t tell lie Twinkle.

Twinkle:Kunjjjj. She narrated everything to him and he closed his fist.

Kunj:These ladies I will not spare. He about to stand Twinkle hold him and nodded in no.

Twinkle:Noo Kunjjjj. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:You are crying because of that stupid ladies. Twinkle lowered her head. Twinkle who are they to judge you haan. I know how you are  I trust you very much. Twinkle amazed.

Twinkle:Really ??

Kunj:Yess Twinkle I trust you more than my self. In These days I got to know how you are.

Twinkle:Thank you so much Kunj.

Kunj:Those ladies talks shouldn’t effect you. I know that you can’t do anything like this afterall you are my parents choice and there choice is bessssttttt. Kunj hugged Twinkle and gently kissed on her forehead. They remain like this for sometime then come in sense. They both looking here and there the situation get awkward for them.

Kunj gave her handkerchief she takes and wipe her face and nose (as usual 🤭🤭🤭).

Kunj:You cry baby firstly crying like baby now nose is flowing. That’s why Maa call you bacchi she is right you are small girl.

Twinkle:Dare you call me that and I will wash your hanky. Kunj laughs.

Kunj:You siyappa queen made me forget about that. He take out something from his bags.


Kunj:Yaaaah. She takes and have also offers Kunj. They both happily eat.


Kunj:Today no need to make dinner we will out for dinner ok.

Twinkle:Waahh I didn’t knew that because of crying you will do this much for me.

Kunj:Very lame. I decided before only that’s why I came early so don’t need to fly.


Flashback ends

Twinkle: She is just like Kunj her habits, her likes dislikes, her acts everything.

Twinkled smiled with tears. Leela saw her.

Leela:What happened Twinkle?? Where you lost??

Twinkle:Nothing Maa.


Sorry for posting late but hope you like the episode. And I would like to tell you that my story title is Chhad gayi  which is old song of Guru Randhawa. Chhad gayi means she left me hope it gives hint of story. I kept this name because it match with story and I am huge fan of Guru Randhawa that’s why. But firstly I am a huge fan of Sidhant.

Next part soon.

Thank you 🥰🥰

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