Cherished Memories… Tribute to my grandmother💖 (Poetry by Pavithra)

Hey guys!!!! This is Pavithra here after a whole lot of time… Hope u all are fine out there… This is a poem written by me on the memory of my grandmother. Its her 2nd death anniversary tomorrow… So hope u like this..


With a twinkle in her eyes,
She smiled at me with her wrinkled face.
My grandmother whom
I would call my guardian angel.
Like a bird, spread their wings
To carry me into a perfect ride.
Through her innumerable tales
She showed me what life’s lessons are.
With her precious wisdom,
Her words were twisted with reality and fair imagination.

She had silver in her hair.
But one thing I was sure
She had gold in her heart.
She was enriched with
Years of experience.
Together, we rediscovered
Her long lost childhood.

I regret all the fights.
I regret all the arguments.
Never would have I fought
Those endless battle over TV remote.
Never would have I argued with you,
When you gave me pieces of advice.
I remember you each day.
The moments we spent together.
Which makes me sad that I will not have more.

Every single night,
As I see the stars twinkling
Up above the sky,
I feel like reaching out for you,
To hold you and cry.
I feel like telling you how easy life
Would have been if you were with me.

I wish you were there to pick me up
Each time I fall.
I wish you were beside me patting my back
Each time I rise.
And as I stare at the moon-lit sky,
I can feel you shining and smiling at me.



Hope u liked it… Drop in a comment and tell me how u feel…

With love,



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  1. Sree97

    Awesome pavi 😍😍😘😘…

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di💖😘

  2. Chavi

    Hi are you?..
    Yes I am doing 👍😊…..
    Your’s poetry is ❤😊 ..n reviving everyone’s childhood memories with thier Grand parents❤❤😊…n also I am missing my maa too dear..through d lines “I wish you were there to pick me up
    Each time I fall”…❤❤👍tribute to ur GRANDMAA Pavithra😘😘😘😊❤..its nice..God bless you with good health n happiness 😚..yaar..keep writing 👍❤😊Love you😚❤😊..

    1. Pavithra1616

      😘😘💖💖 di! I am doing fine.. Thanks a lot di.. Thanks a lot💖💖😘 love u… Yes everyone has special places for their mothers and grandmothers…

  3. Shekhar

    It is just your heart out!
    While reading this one,
    I can felt through which termoil you were going while , before and after writing this piece of your heart quenching feelings for BELOVED GRAND MOTHER!
    I never ever thought, some day I will get through such a unique piece of a crying molten state of wet feelings in this TU!
    Any word comes to short while appraising this one!
    MOTHER & GRAND MOTHER! Both have a unique place in our life, and I really pity on all those who are missing both or either. GM is the shield against any wrath of parents, is it?

    1. Pavithra1616

      I don’t know what to reply for your comment.. I totally agree with u😊 Thanks a lot bhai.. This means a lot to me..

  4. Ooshi

    Dear it’s speechless. Too good.
    Really when we have someone to be with us we can’t know what life is.
    And their depart makes us what the true life is.

    1. Pavithra1616

      Yes.. I agree… It was very sweet of u to read and comment.. It means a lot to me💖

  5. Fenil

    spell bounded !! love!!

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u bhai.. Thank u for ur sweet gesture by reading and commenting.. Its been long since I have seen u in TU.. My problem because I rarely visit TU.. See u later bhai.. Take care..

  6. Oh My God!!!! This was heart-warming and made me so emotional… I loved all ur writings on mirakee but trust me, this is the bestest.. I feel so proud of u.. And u know, this poem portrays ur true feelings for ur Grandmother and I feel it is the purest form of relationship one desires for. I never got to experience something like this in my life but u were lucky to have experience this phase.. Cherish them all.. Love u and take care❤❤❤❤

    1. Pavithra1616

      Awww.. Thank u so much di.. No di I was never lucky because I lost all my grandparents.. I just got love from my grandmother from my mother’s side whom I I’ve written on.. But it was only some years I lived with her… But something is better then nothing na?💖 luv u too di..

  7. ItsmePrabha

    Pavi.. This is one of the best and beautiful piece of poetry.. Really, so heart warming.. All my grandparents passed away.. So this thing just made me emotional.. This poem is ❤❤❤❤

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di😘 that was very sweet of u red and comment… Even mine all grandparents passed away.. She was the only grandparent I knew but she had to leave for her heavenly abode.. 💔 luv u and take care..

  8. I loved this Devu, it was extremely emotional and heart touching. I lost my grandfather seven years ago and it still pains because the gap can never be filled. Your poem brought me to tears and believe me, this is the best you’ve written. Loads of love! 😘

  9. Vibhu

    Ahhh… This is so beautiful!
    You know what, I have lost my grandmother just a week ago!
    I could feel 💯’s of emotions rising inside me while I read this.
    Can’t even explain the hard time me & my family is facing these days.. These 7 days have been unbearable without her. And it’s so hard to imagine that we’ll have to live all our life this way!
    Your poetry has left me in tears dear.
    Your grandma must be seeing you from wherever she’s!
    God bless you.

  10. Bilkisu

    Hi Pavi.I was just speechless after reading this poem.U must’ve been very close with ur GM. May her soul rest in peace.

  11. Nila_27

    Beautifully written💝 Each and every words are just Perfect❣️
    Lots of love Pavi😘

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