Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF ( Manmarziyan) PART 46

Arjun switched on his laptop. Rana’s last words were ringing in his ears. “It was not an accident….. He was an IPS Officer just like you….. That was His marriage day….”
Arjun signed in his mailbox & clicked open the mail sent by Vishal.He carefully looked at the young man’s picture on his laptop screen. Oval shaped face, square jawline, high forehead, bright eyes & extremely smart appearance in Police uniform. “IPS Reyansh Saxena” Arjun murmured to himself.”Son of IPS ChandraShekar Saxena.” Okay.So, his father was also an IPS! Arjun spoke to himself.”Completed Masters in History from Delhi University & cleared UPSC Examination in first attempt. He was posted as ACP1 in Mumbai Crime Branch Unit 4 under his training module.Death- 25.11.1989 at the age of 26 in an accident.”
Arjun sighed & read further. “But IPS ChandraShekar Saxena challenged the police report which concluded that his son Reyansh death was an accident. According to his statement, it was his son’s marriage day. His wife arranged a puja in home for the well being of their son & his would be wife.” IPS ChandraShekar also added, “Gayathri,Reyansh’s mother, wanted the marriage to be happened with every rituals & with the presence of all relatives & friends but Reyansh wanted court marriage just in the presence of both of bride & groom’s parents & Reyansh convinced his mother also. Reyansh himself chose Piyali as his life partner & we, as parents never objected his choice & decision. Arjun paused. “Who? who? Piyali? Which Piyali?” Arjun started biting his nails & read further. “In afternoon, when we all were getting ready to go to Marriage Register Office, suddenly the LAN phone started ringing. Reyansh rushed to attend the call.After talking for sometime, he told us to go to marriage register office & he will join us soon. His mother strongly objected the idea. I pulled him in a corner & asked my son what was the problem? Reyansh said that one of his informer called him & he is going to get an important clue. I, myself being a police officer can’t be able to stop my son, Reyansh. I, my wife Gayathri,our would be daughter-in-law Piyali & her father Aniket Chaudhary, we all were waiting for Reyansh to come but we got the news of his accident. My son was an ace driver. Idon’t believe his death was an accident.
Arjun was stunned to read IPS ChandraShekar Saxena’s statement. His hands were sweating.So, the bride was Aniket Chaudhary’s daughter Piyali! Samaira’s mother Piyali! Oh My God! Let’s accumulate all the information what we know about Piyali Khanna. Piyali, daughter of Aniket & Nikita Chaudhary,founder member of Dorothy Faria’s NGO just like Anju Kiran aka Nandini Pandey & also most probably in the same college. Then, according to latest information, Piyali was going to marry IPS Reyansh Saxena but Reyansh died on the day of their marriage, that means on 25.11.1989. Samrat & Piyali’s marriage date 17.12.1989. Not even gap of a month! Why? Samaira’s death of birth 25.07.1990!
Arjun lit a cigarette & looked thoughtful. So, it means Samaira is IPS Reyansh Saxena’s daughter!! Piyali was pregnant with Samaira. That’s why Reyansh convinced his parents for a court marriage. This was the reason, most probably, that Reyansh don’t want relatives presence in their marriage. Else, why a 26 years old man will be in so much hurry? But unfortunately, Reyansh died before the marriage happens! & at that time it was very difficult for an unmarried girl to be an single mother. then, Samrat Khanna came in picture. Now, the question is, what is Samrat Khanna’s background? Was Piyali forced to marry Samrat?Seriously need someone who can bring light in the mystery of past. Anyway, then after four years, Piyali disappeared leaving her daughter alone. Now, the main point is according to police Investigation report regarding the missing complaint filed by Aniket Chaudhary, Piyali had extra marital affair & she left with “that man.” But at that time, Reyansh was dead. No,no,no. It’s absolutely difficult to believe police report. Piyali was the majority shareholder & the owner of Khanna Industries. By any chance, if Samrat can eliminate Piyali then he can get the complete ownership of Khanna Industries property. So, what happened with Piyali? Where is she now? Another important point, it’s Rana who gave the important clue about Reyansh before taking last breath. Reyansh death is recorded as accident. But according to Rana’s deathbed confession, Reyansh death was murder. How he knew that? Nandini is Rana’s cousin sister, her partner-in-crime, her driver though it was just a cover. Linda delivered the mysterious packet to Rana, then Rana delivered that to an unknown man. Parmeet was present there. This Rana tried to trap Samaira in terrorist funding matter. I am sure that Samrat, Nandini, Rana are the reason behind Piyali’s disappearance or at least they know. But they are responsible for Reyansh’s death also.
Arjun sighed. He got many clues & information but still he is unable to pin-point the exact matter & most importantly, what to do next? How to give samaira the news as the issue is very sensitive for her & do IPS ChandraShekar Saxena & Gayathri Saxena knew that their would be daughter in law was pregnant? The child was their dead son’s but do they have any right to claim?
Arjun frustratingly raked his fingers through his hair & lit another cigarette. After thinking for sometime, Arjun mailed all the latest find outs to DGP Anirudh Dasgupta. Without any senior officr help, it will be impossible to get into the matter completely. His thought process was interrupted hearing the knock of his cabin door. “come in”.
Hearing Arjun’s voice, Rajat entered into the cabin.
Arjun- Yes Rajat?
Rajat- you looked tense? Anything serious happened?
Arjun- no, no. You say…
Rajat- well, you ask to check the student record of N.K. Collegeto know about Piyali Khanna then Piyali Chaudhary. Piyali was indeed an student of N.K. College & most shocking part is Piyali also completed her Masters Degree in Sociology from N.K.College. She was the classmate of Anju Kiran aka Nandini Pandey.
Arjun rubbed his forehead.
Arjun- hmm.So, they were batchmates also!
Rajat- & she was a good student if we consider her marks.
Arjun- hmm.Still many things not getting clear. Anyway, are you people started tracking those faces who were parts of that NGO Group?
Rajat- Yes, our team is working hard & I am sure we can track at least one.
Arjun- Do it soon.It’s very important.
Rajat- By the way, we got another important news. You were right. Aniket Chaudhary prepared a new wills two months before his death. According to that Will, Samrat Khanna is only the care taker of Khanna Industries property before Samaira turned 25, then she will be the owner of all her grandparents & mother’s property but if something happens to Samaira before she turned 25, all property should be distributed among Trust & NGOs.
Arjun- That’s I wanted to know.So, Aniket Chaudhary has tried his level best to protect his grand daughter. He was aware about Samrat’s intentions.
Rajat- Exactly & destiny also favoured. You & Samaira met & Samrat, Nandini, Dev all their plans backfired. Oh, & police sent us the sketches of those three men who stole Briju’s car.
Arjun- Okay. Search them in our criminal database & also sent the sketches to Samaira for identification. No, sent the sketches to Gitika. She will show to Samaira.
Rajat smiled. “As you say Boss.”
Arjun- Anything else Rajat?
Rajat- No.
Arjun- Okay. You may leave.
Rajat nodded his head & went out from Arjun’s cabin.
Arjun dialed Samaira’s number. After two rings, Samaira received the call.
Samaira- Don’t tell me you are cancelling marketing plan & dinner date.
Arjun- no,no, we will go in evening. Listen, Gitika will show you three sketches. You just have to identify whom you saw among them. Will you?
Samaira ( after few minutes of silence)- Yes Arjun, I will. I saw the face of the driver. I don’t remember his face exactly but I can identify if I look again & I clearly remembered the face of the man with whose phone I called you & the other one was Dev Arora.
Arjun- No need to take any stress. Just relax….
Beep!Beep! Arjun checked his phone. The call waiting option is showing DGP Anirudh Dasgupta is in line.
Arjun- Samaira, I will call you later. Bye.
Arjun hurriedly received DGP’s call.
Arjun- Jai Hind Sir.
Anirudh- Officer, I have some important discussion with you. Come & meet me in my office.
Arjun- sure Sir, I am coming.
DGP disconnected the call. Arjun was somehow expecting his call. He switched off his laptop & went out from his cabin.

At Police Headquarter, Arjun entered inside DGP Anirudh Dasgupta’s cabin, the special Director of IB. Arjun saluted him. Anirudh nodded his head & gestured Arjun to sit.
Arjun- Thank You Sir.
After few minutes of silence,
Anirudh- Mrs Mehra is IPS Reyansh Saxena’s daughter!!
Arjun paused for sometime.
Arjun- If I go by circumstantial proofs, then YES But I am not going to share this information with Samaira now. First, I will be 200% sure, then I will. The issue is very sensitive for her & I don’t want to see her getting hurt.
Anirudh smiled slightly.
Anirudh- That’s absolutely your personal choice. Anyway, I called you here to say about IPS ChandraShekar Saxena, father of IPS Reyansh Saxena.
Arjun- Yes Sir.
Anirudh- IPS ChandraShekar Saxena was one of the best officer in Intelligence Bureau. He played an important role to strengthen internal security during 1971 war. After the war also, he led many successful missions. Later, he became the trainer for newly recruited Officers of Intelligence Department. He was my mentor also.
Arjun gave a surprised look.
Anirudh- Anyway, there was an trainee officer joined in Intelligence Bureau’s newly recruited 1987 batch, named Pranav Sarin.He was sharp, bright & was one of the very promising newcomer. But after six months of his joining, one night IPS ChandraShekar Saxena with some other senior officers raided Pranav’s house. IPS ChandraShekar doubted that Pranav was an Double Agent & his assumption was correct. The team seized xerox copies of few confidential documents of Intelligence but Pranav was too smart. He guessed that his cover was blown. So, he left at correct time. After that, our whole system was on high alert because that was the first time someone tried to breach our security system from inside. It was a big blow for us & after a high level Investigation & according to it’s report, Pranav Sarin was not an Double Agent, He was an “mole” & every details about him were false & at that time, our system failed to catch Pranav & IPS ChandraShekar Saxena resigned taking all responsibility of the failure as he was leading the mission.
Arjun sighed. “Then, what happened Sir?”
Anirudh- Then, after his son’s death, ChandraShekar Sir came in Intelligence Bureau’s Head Quarter few times. He suspected that Reyansh death was not an accident, it was planned murder & related with Pranav Sarin’s case but everyone dismissed his claim & termed Reyansh death an accident & closed the case.
Arjun ( after few minutes of silence)- Where is ChandraShekar Sir now? Is he alive or not?
Anirudh- I don’t know. Will send you all the details of Him & Pranav Sarin’s case. You may go now.
Arjun stood up. “Sure Sir. But before leaving, I want to say something. IPS Reyansh death was not an accident. I am saying this not based on Rana’s Statement. The accident happened on Highway. There were few eyewitnesses. Some farmers were working on their fields. They saw a truck got collided with Reyansh’s car. The Truck was overspeeding & because of heavy rainfall for few days, the road was slippery. May be, that’s why both drivers can’t control their vehicles. Reyansh was spot dead & the truck driver ran away driving the truck in full speed. After that, Police failed to locate the truck. The, how can the Investigation team got sure that the truck did not collided with Reyansh Saxena’s car intentionally? Plus, who was the informer called IPS Reyansh on that day that he first chose to talk with that informer than marriage? If, then the Investigation team tried to find the answers of these questions then may be, IPS ChandraShekar Saxena has got justice for his son.
Anirudh ( narrowing his eyes)- Focus on Mission Chaturanga Officer.
Arjun ( Pride in his voice)- I am trying my level best Sir.
Arjun saluted Anirudh & left from the cabin.

That’s all for Today. Waiting for Reviews.

Words Note- Double Agent- an agent who pretends to act as a spy for one country or organization while in fact acting on behalf of an enemy.

Mole Agent- In espionage jargon, a mole (also called a “penetration agent“, “deep cover agent“, or “sleeper agent“) is a long-term spy (espionage agent) who is recruited before having access to secret intelligence, subsequently managing to get into the target organization.

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