Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF ( Manmarziyan) PART 45

Arjun locked door of his cabin &put the key in his pocket. He turned around & got collided with Bonnie.

Bonnie- auchh!

Arjun- sorry.

Bonnie- It’s okay. It’s okay AM. I can understand that you are in hurry. It’s already late & your dear, newly wedded, injured wife must be waiting for you eagerly.

Arjun raised his eyebrows.

Bonnie- oh by the way, how is she? I mean Samaira.

Arjun- Samaira is good.

Bonnie- Glad to know. Anyway, hope now you understand that caring for someone whom you love doesn’t mean turning into a nurse.

Arjun- no, till now, I am unable to understand that. For me, it’s still country comes first & service before self.

Bonnie- you got leave……

Arjun (cutting her words)- My leave request was granted by my senior authority. You are no one to comment. Think before you say anything crap Bonnie because I am not going to tolerate your silly talk.

Bonnie- Yes, I should. That’s called partiality.

Arjun (smirked)- Only partiality based on senior junior! Oh, I thought you will add gender biasness also.

Bonnie- Excuse me AM…..

Arjun- no, no, you excuse me Bonnie & listen to me very carefully because I am not going to repeat. We can save Parmeet if only you took proper step at that time of Emergency. When you got to know that Parmeet cell was out of network coverage area, you should try to find out his location & sent a search team but you chose the duty of nurse & Bonnie I don’t want nurse in my Investigation team.

Bonnie- You will never understand my feeling!

Arjun (pissed off)- What f**king feeling are you talking about Bonnie? No, I don’t have any kind of special feeling for you.

Bonnie- But I have.

Arjun- I don’t care & listen don’t talk about Samaira in that manner. She is my wife.

Bonnie- And I still wonder how can you chose her? What quality of her attracts you AM? Her beauty?

Arjun- none of your business Bonnie but now you are irritating me & what about the task I gave you?

Bonnie- Am I still have the permission to enter your cabin?

Arjun- And when you hallucinated Bonnie that I forbid you to enter in my cabin?

Bonnie- Nowadays, only Rajat is allowed in your cabin. You discuss all the matters with him only.

Arjun- I am the team leader & it’s completely my decision how to lead the team.

Bonnie- Do you have any doubt about me?

Arjun- Bonnie, how I am going to work it’s completely my decision. If you have any problem, you are most welcome to complaint in Ministry.

Bonnie- We are friends AM.

Arjun- looking at your attitude, I don’t feel like be with your friend anymore.

Bonnie (pointing towards her heart)- It’s hurt here AM.

Arjun (ignoring her)- Listen Bonnie, again I am making it very clear the relation between us is strickly professional. Now, tell me what you find out about the poison Nerium Oleander & how Dev got this when he was in our custody?

Bonnie- I still need time to find out everything.

Arjun- Then, what are you doing here? Wasting my time? & what is your excuse that you till now unable to do the work what I gave?

Bonnie- may be, I am inefficient but what is your excuse that till now you are unable to find out about Samrat Khanna, Piyali Khanna, Dev Arora & Nandini Pandey? (with a smirk on her face)

Arjun narrowed his eyes.

Arjun (in a cold voice)- & who are you Bonnie to ask me the progress report of Mission Chaturanga? You did not send me sweets? When you got the promotion “DCP Bonnie Ray”?

Bonnie bites her lips in anger.

Arjun- Stay in your limits Bonnie & maintain discipline. Else I will take strict action against you.

Bonnie- & this time I will not going to remain silent. This time I will not going to cry helplessly in front of you. This time, I will not request you. This time, I will complaint against you that you are harassing me. Then, what will you going to do Sir? Think AM think.

Arjun’s eyes are clouded with anger.

Arjun- Don’t worry. “That time” you will get the answer what I can do.

Without saying anything more, Arjun left from there.


Arjun rang the doorbell of his house & Gitika opened the door.

Gitika- I would like to take your leave Sir. Good Night.

Arjun nodded his head. “Good Night Officer. See you tomorrow.”

Gitika left. Arjun closed the door & entered inside. He removed his shoes & socks. Samaira was silently standing there.

Samaira- Again, you came late. After our marriage, I did not witness a single day when you came early from office.

Arjun- You very well know that I was doing some important work in office, not doing any time pass.

Arjun entered in his bedroom & put his service revolver in cupboard locker & cell phone & wallet on the table. He unbuttoned his shirt& was going to throw it carelessly on the bed before Samaira’s strong voice interrupted his action.

Samaira- How many times I have to tell you that don’t put your used clothes on the bed?

Arjun bites his lips & threw the shirt angrily on the floor which fall on a distance.

Samaira raised her eyebrows & looked towards Arjun. Arjun angrily went inside washroom & closed the door with a bang. He opened the knob of shower & cold water hit his body. After sometime, he felt relaxed. He lost his temper hearing Bonnie’s words & the way he threw his shirt it’s quite a bad gesture but he was glad that he did not opened his mouth much or else he will going to vent out his frustration on Samaira. Rajat’s words came in his mind. “Be patient & don’t lose your temper.” Arjun sighed. He should say sorry to Samaira. Arjun put his hand on the hanger to get the towel but found it empty. Oh Shit! In his anger he forgot to bring his towel & even clothes. Arjun slightly opened the washroom door & took out his face. He noticed Samaira is sitting on the bed with his towel & clothes.

Arjun- Samaira, give me the towel.

Samaira- What? I can’t hear you! Sorry, please say loudly.

Arjun- are! Give me the towel.

Samaira- correction. Say, please give me the towel Samaira.

Arjun ( clearly understood that she is trying to irritate him)- Please give me the towel, my dear Samaira, else I will come out in this way. (in a teasing tone)

Samaira’s cheeks turned red. “erhmm!”

Samaira- huh! There is nothing I haven’t seen before!

Arjun closed his eyes.

Arjun- I am saying sorry. Now, please give me the towel.

Samaira- so sad! Mere pati parameswar ke paas bastra nahin hai!

Arjun (in a playful tone)- Nahin hai priye. Ab jaldi se mujhe bastra de do. Warna tumhare pati aise hi bahar aa jayenge aur phir tumhare bistro par sankat aa jayega!

Samaira took the towel in her hand & came near washroom door. “Here take the towel & come out soon.”

Arjun slightly opened the door. He grabbed her hand & pulled her inside . He snatched the towel from her hand & put it on the hanger. He backed her up against the wall. Samaira’s eyes were tightly closed and she was breathing heavily. Her lips quivering.

Samaira- Shameless! Why you pulled me inside?

Arjun( in a teasing tone)- Why your eyes are shut Samaira? Come on, look at me.

Not only her cheeks but her whole face turned scarlet. Though her ears had been hidden among the messy curls of her hair, it was obvious that they were as rosy as her face. Deep pink just like a spring rose, the blooming color was so cute against her bright skin.

Samaira suddenly felt awkward, demure & coy. She felt her face was on fire. She tried to hide her rosy features behind her slim fingers.

As Samaira attempted to hide her face behind her fingers, her cheeks became a color of rival the rose-pink hue of her nail polish & shone through the gaps.

Arjun was breathing heavily & bites his lips. His eyes full of lust & desires. He is extremely horny & feeling uncomfortable but he reminded himself about the injuries of Samaira’s. He can’t hurt her.Her health is more important than his desires.

Arjun leans in, so his forehead rests against her. His hand drifted to her hip & it settled there. Samaira hesitantly looked up at him. The swirls of emotion & longing she saw in his dark, black eyes made her gasp. He began nuzzling her neck with delicate kisses. So faint, they were whispers. Warmth radiates from the spots where his lips touching her neck, slowly spreading through the rest of her. Samaira was thrilled to be the recipient of his affection. With her cheeks still blushing hotly, she again glanced into his captivating eyes. She watched breathlessly as his eyes studied her’s with silent intensity. His warm breath ghosted across her face. Samaira shut her eyes in anticipation. She stifled a surprised gasp as his lips captured hers. She felt her hands begin to encircle his neck & his hands tightened around her waist. Their lips moved in perfect sync & the kiss becoming more passionate by the second. Her hands works their way around his body, feeling each crevasse, each line along his perfect physique. Dear God, he couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through him. Her very smell was flooding his senses now…..

Arjun pulled away from her’s. He took the towel from the hanger & draped it around his lower part. Samaira stood their unsatisfied. Tears stinging in her eyes. Her body craved more, craved him but there was only negative space between them. She lowered her head down & went out from the washroom.

After sometime, Arjun came out from the washroom but found the bedroom empty. Arjun wore his clothes. He noticed that the shirt he angrily threw still lying carelessly on the floor. He sighed & took the shirt & pit it in laundry basket.

After having their dinner in silence, Arjun was checking his mobile sitting on the bed. Samaira came & sat beside him on the bed & started applying medicine on her wounds.

Arjun- Let me help you.

Samaira- No need. I will manage.

Arjun- No, you can’t.

Arjun snatched the medicine from her hand & slowly started applying on her wounds.

Samaira- Don’t look at my wounds. I look ugly with these wounds.

Arjun- I already saw your wounds.

After applying the medicine, Arjun pecked on her cheeks.

Arjun- You are looking irresistible with these wounds also. Don’t you saw the effect you had on me on the washroom? But I can’t hurt you in my desire. You are precious to me. Let the wounds heal first, then we will continue what we left! ( with a smirk)

Samaira (ignoring Arjun’s comment)- By the way, hope you learnt the lesson that don’t throw used clothes on bed.

Arjun (with a serious face)- hmm. I learnt another lesson also that I have to be more careful regarding my clothes around you else my “izzat” is in danger.

Samaira punched him. “Shut up.”

Arjun- I am serious.

Samaira- okay. Now, tell me the reason of your temper then?

Arjun- Nothing serious. An unwanted person talked some absurds.

Samaira- Then try to ignore.

Arjun- hmm & let me tell you, Prerna Aunty is really an awesome cook.

Samaira- yeah! She is. As usual, Neil came to see how am I & gave the food. I told him that don’t trouble Prerna Aunty as her health condition is not good.

Arjun- You are lucky to have friend like Neil.

Samaira- I am also lucky to have you as my soulmate & listen whatever arguments happened between you & Neil, please sort out.

Arjun- hmm.

Samaira- What about our pending dinner date?

Arjun- Important Question! Let’s have our pending dinner date tomorrow.

Samaira- Okay. Good idea but include marketing plan with dinner date.

Arjun- But you already have so many clothes! Then, why marketing?

Samaira (angrily)- You don’t need to think about it & don’t dare to cancel the plan.

Arjun- We will surely go to marketing & dinner tomorrow but if any emergency situation comes up, then….

Samaira- Yes, yes. Got it.

Arjun- Now sleep. You need rest Samaira. Good Night dear.

Samaira- Good Night.


Next day, in Intelligence Bureau’s office, Arjun came in his cabin & sat on his chair. Arjun is talking with Vishal Salve.

Arjun- Yes Vishal?

Vishal- Arjun, I think the officer was IPS Reyansh Saxena. I already mailed you the details of him.


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