Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 40

Rajat slightly opened the door of Arjun’s cabin & looked inside, Arjun was working in his laptop. Rajat knocked on the door. Arjun looked up & gestured Rajat to come inside. Rajat entered with some files & sat on the chair in front of Arjun. After five minutes, Arjun put aside his laptop.
Arjun- Yes Rajat.
Rajat- Arjun, I have to share some important information with you.
Arjun nodded his head.
Rajat- well, first of all, our team checked all the details of that Job Agency from where Samrat Khanna hired his home servants. The Agency is Government registered & all the papers are in order. The Owner of the Agency told us that Samrat made a three years contract with him to provide servants to work in Khanna Mansion. He used to deposit advance salaries of them in every six months in Agency’s account. The Agency owner also said that there is nothing unusual in this contract as nowadays some people take this step to maintain their privacy. In fact, the three servants who are working in Khanna Mansion, all of their background verification was done by Police.
Arjun- hmm.
Rajat- If you want, then our team will again do the background check of Ratna, Gautam & the other one.
Arjun- No need. Just make sure that no one can leave the city without our permission. What about Damodar Pawar?
Rajat- Damodar Pawar is using the same number which Gautam shared but his mother is no more. He is now living with his family in Panchagani & working in a hotel there.
Arjun sighed.
Arjun- His mother worked as Samaira’s nanny, may be, Damodar or his family know something which may useful to us. Plus we are forgetting that Aniket Chaudhary gifted that firm house located in Panchagani to his daughter Piyali which originally belongs to his wife Mrs. Nikita Chaudhary. The family used to spend holidays there, but see, in the beginning we did not get any record of that property.
Rajat- So, you want to talk with Damodar?
Arjun- surely. In fact, I personally want to visit Panchagani & investigate there. My gut feeling is saying we may get some information about their past which help us to progress in our mission.
Rajat- When you want to go?
Arjun- I will inform you at the right time.
Rajat- Okay. You told to search about Nandini Pandey aka Anju Kiran. Well, we got her record. Anju Kiran completed her Masters Degree in Sociology from N.K College as a scholarship student. She used to be a brilliant student if we look at her marks but apart from that we are unable to get any more details after so many years.
Arjun- That’s why, she got the job in that NGO. But how she became one of the Director of Khanna Industries? Anju Kiran, a simple village girl, a district topper, ran away on the day of her marriage with the help of Rana, completed her study in Mumbai, than started working in a NGO. After that, she became Nandini Pandey & a part of Khanna industries? How? It’s nearly impossible. In fact, this Anju aka Nandini used to help Rana by giving money! Everything is just so confusing.
Rajat- Now, the most shocking information. You instructed me to track Linda Joseph, well, I gathered some details about her. She provided a Canadian Passport as identity proof in Hotel Everest. She used the same Passport & availed the flight to Toronto & left India. Here is the record & the CCTV footage of Airport. Then, I started checking all the records & CCTV Footages of the day, Linda checked in Hotel Everest assuming that she had came India on that day. Yes. She arrived on that day but not from Toronto or from anywhere of Canada. She actually came from Kiev, using another identity Natalia Vann.
Arjun- What? She actually came from Ukraine?
Rajat- Check the records & CCTV Footages of Airport. In fact, she spent three hours in a café near Airport working in her laptop. After that, she took a cab & went to Royal Hotel where the Air Staffs usually stay to rest. There she met with Some Sophie Campbell, she is an Air Hostess of that same Kiev to Mumbai flight which Linda aka Natalia availed.
Arjun- What?
Rajat- Yes, but they talked in Hotel room. So, no idea why they met? This Sophie Campbell left India the next day & she is now not taking duty in Kiev India route.
Arjun stretched his body in the chair & lit a cigarette. He is looking tensed & also in pensive mood.
Rajat- What are you thinking Arjun?
Arjun- Gauging the seriousness of the situation & also trying to connect dots.
Rajat- What dots?
Arjun finished the cigarette & stubbed out the left over in the ashtray.
Arjun- Money laundering, the conversion of money which has been illegally obtained in such a way that it appears to have originated from a legitimate source. We called it Hawala. At first, the launderer introduces illegal profits into the financial system by depositing the cash in financial Institutions. Next, the launderer engages in a series of conversions or movements of the funds to distance them from the source. The funds might be channeled through the purchase & sale of investment instruments such as bonds, stocks, traveller cheque or the launderer might simply wire the funds through a series of accounts at various banks across the globe. After that, the funds are returned to the legitimate economy by investing in a company, purchasing real estate, luxary goods etc.
Rajat- But…
Arjun- No if & but Rajat. This is the way money laundered in Khanna Industries. I was checking the pen drive in which I copied information from the computer in store room of Khanna Industries. ZK Bank, where Khanna Industries have their account & deposited the cash. Their channeling process is a cobweb of fake companies, shares & transactions. I was not getting any head & tail. So, I called Anirudh Sir. He said that it’s the job of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) to track all the fake transactions.
Rajat- So now, we have to wait when DRI will complete their Investigation & sent us their reports!
Arjun- Absolutely not Rajat. We already have so many clues to explore. Linda Joseph came from Ukraine using the identity of Natalia Vann. After that, she met with Sophie Campbell, an air hostess of that same flight she availed. Why they met? I know it’s nearly impossible to track Linda aka Natalia. Despite having in the radar of Interpol, she is travelling in various countries using different identities. Let’s assume, she smuggled something from Ukraine to India, but what? May be, the packet which she handed to Rana & then Rana handed the same to that mystery man. What’s in that packet? Though Sophie Campbell is not taking duty in Kiev to India route but we need to start the official process with the help of Ministry of External Affairs, so that Ukraine Police take her in their custody & interrogate her.
Rajat nodded his head.
Arjun- Samrat is dead. Nandini & Dev, totally out of our radar. International Smuggling connection, RDX Smuggling, mystery packet, the money laundering chain & Jai Khanna.
Rajat- He is also a mystery. He used to send Ravi Desai all the mails giving directions in RDX Smuggling if we go by the records of IP Address.
Arjun- So, definitely he know from where the RDX was coming & who are smuggling those & to where? But see, we know nothing about him. He is just a name for us. He is not even an employee or share holder of Khanna Industries but still many times a huge amount were transferred from Khanna Industries to this Jai Khanna’s account if we go by the record of Pen drive.
Rajat- My mind is not working. Indeed, it’s a cobweb.
Arjun- Already asked the Account details of Jai Khanna from the bank. Let’s see, what we get. Anyway, what about the tracking of Dorothy Faria’s family? Track them as soon as possible.
Rajat- We will soon Arjun.
Arjun- Okay Rajat. That’s all for now & again I am saying stay in touch with all of our informers & agents & specially instruct them to keep their eyes & ears open & immediately inform us if they find anything suspicious.
Rajat nodded his head & went out. Arjun again started working in his laptop.

Arjun checked the time. It’s 6:45 pm. He finally finished all the paper work. He forwarded all the transactions details of Khanna Industries to DRI & requested them to make it a special case & hurry up & also submitted request to interrogate the Air Hostess Sophie Campbell with necessary proofs. His phone started ringing, Samaira calling, he received the call.
Arjun- Yes Samaira?
Samaira- Our presentation was successful. Birdsong got the project.
Arjun- That’s great news. Congrats to you & your team & also now the treat is from your side.
Samaira- You are coming, right?
Arjun- Yes. I am wrapping up my works.
Samaira- Thank You Arjun. I am feeling so happy & excited.
Arjun- Me too dear. I know I can’t give you enough time but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any feelings for you. I love You & I am also super excited about tonight’s dinner date & why should not I? after all, my wife successfully completed a presentation & now it’s celebration time.
Samaira- Thank You Arjun. Accha listen, I am going home. I need time to dress up & look beautiful.
Arjun- You are already beautiful darling!!!
Samaira- seems like you are in good mood today.
Arjun- So, you are saying I don’t give compliments to you.
Samaira- Never, when you are in office.
Arjun- okay, okay, listen I too need to fresh up & change.
Samaira- Fine. Then, you have to hurry up. I already booked a table in Restaurant. So, come soon & no excuses okay.

Samaira disconnected the call. Arjun smiled. He looked at his laptop & noticed a notification. He checked it, a mail from bank. He opened the mail, Bank sent him the details of Jai Khanna from their records. Arjun furrowed his eyebrows looking at the passport size picture of Jai. He carefully looked at the picture for some time. He copied the picture & pasted it in a photo editing software. He erased the thick beard & the handlebar moustache from Jai’s face. Though the eye color & hair style is still different but Arjun this time identified Jai Khanna without any doubt. He banged his hand on the table & frustratingly raked his fingers through his hair. Jai Khanna is a fake identity of Dev Arora. Arjun rubbed his forehead. He is feeling like a fool. He just lost all the enthusiasm to go dinner date with Samaira but he promised her & he don’t want to break her heart. She is already upset with him. Arjun sighed. He closed his laptop & put it in his bag & went out locking the door of his cabin.

Arjun was surprised to find lock in his house main door. He checked time in his wrist watch, 8:10pm. She should reach home this time. Is she stuck in traffic? Arjun took out his phone & dialed Samaira’s number. A mechanic female voice answered, “The number you are calling is currently switched off”. A chill ran through his spine. Samaira’s phone switched off? What the hell!!!

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