Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 39

Arjun rested his head in his hands & began to rub his temples, trying to message away the throbbing headache. Samaira placed the plate full of roti & potato curry in front of him. Arjun took a bite but still he held his head. His skull pounding & there is an electric pain behind his eyes. Arjun winced, his brows furrowed tight with pain. Samaira looked at his face, her eyes full of concern.
Samaira- What happen Arjun?
Arjun ( in a low voice)- Not feeling well Samaira.
Samaira rushed towards him & placed her hand on his forehead to check the fever.
Arjun- No, no, I don’t have fever. It’s just my head is aching badly.
Samaira sighed. “See, this proves you are only a human, not any super human. Anyway, finish the food & then try to sleep.”
After sometime, he finished the food & went towards the bedroom. He lie down on the bed closing his eyes. Suddenly he felt Samaira’s soft fingers messaging his forehead & a cold sensation. He opened his eyes.
Samaira- relax. It’s balm. I just hope it’s ease your pain. If this do not work, then I will give you Aspirin.
Arjun smiled slightly looking at her.
Arjun- Don’t worry dear. I am just exhausted. Only need a good night sleep & I will be fine.
Samaira- Then what are you waiting for? Close your eyes & sleep.
Arjun- hmm & I love you.
Samaira- No more talking Arjun. Sleep.
Samaira slowly ran her hand through his hair & messaged his forehead. After sometime, she can feel his even breathing as he drifted into peaceful slumber.

Arjun woke up & looked beside him. Samaira is peacefully sleeping with her one leg on him. He checked the time on the wall clock, almost 5:30 a.m. After a good sleep he is now feeling absolutely fine & refreshed. Yesterday was a hectic day for him. He was checking the pen drive in which he copied information from the computer in store room of Khanna Industries. Everything seems like a labyrinth. At that time, he also felt a strong headache. He smoked two three cigarettes but nothing helped. So, he wrapped his work & came back home. Though Samaira was clearly looking displeased that he arrived home so late but she did not say anything noticing him feeling unwell. Then after dinner, he slept. Now, he looked at the room & noticed a flower vase on the bed side table containing red roses. He again turned towards Samaira & carefully looked at the face of his sleeping beauty , the love of his life. She is looking so cute that Arjun felt like kiss on her lips to wake her up. He slowly tucked the hair strand that was falling down on her face behind her ear. A mischievous glint appeared in his eyes. He slowly rubbed her lips with his thumb. Indeed, she is beautiful. Then, he slide his finger down her neck, towards her breasts & cupped her breast & felt her nipple through the thin material of her nighty. A soft moan escaped from her lips. Samaira wiggled. “Why are you disturbing me? Let me sleep. I am not in mood now.” She slightly pushed him & turned towards the other side. But Arjun can felt himself getting excited. He took a deep breath & came closer to her. He now took a flower from the vase & started tracing her face with it. Samaira made a cute face & tried blocking him with her hand but he changed the position of flower every time. She tried to catch hold of the thing which is disturbing her, but failed. Finally, she angrily sat up.
Samaira- I hate you.
Arjun- really?
Samaira- Yes. Why the hell you disturbed my sleep in so early morning? ( looking at the time in wall clock)
Arjun- But I told you that I will disturb you.
Samaira- You lost the chance, that offer was only for night.
Arjun- There is no rule that I can’t love you in morning.
Samaira (ignorantly)- I am not in mood now.
Arjun ( with a smile)- Let’s set the mood.
He sat up & then pushed her on the bed & hovered over her. His face bent down into hers in slow motion. His lips brush her, not innocently like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate & demanding. She wanted to pull away before she lost herself but she can’t able to, her senses have been seduced. “Samaira”, he whispers, slowly, prolonging each letter. Her heart was fluttering at his voice as she clasped her hands on either side of his face. His thumb caressing her cheek as their breath mingled again.
Arjun- So, you still hate me?
Samaira’s eyes were closed & she was breathing heavily. Only response Arjun got was a “hmmm”. Suddenly, Samaira’s eyes flew open & she moaned loudly as she can feel his finger pushed inside on her sensitive part.
Arjun ( in a hushed tone)- you are so wet.
Her cheeks turned crimson & she curled her toes. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them & she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest. Slipping the nighty over her head, he intensely looked at her. His strong & gentle hands began to stroke her, he was slow, rhythmic, gentle, moving down her body. His heart was beating faster & faster, her smell totally intoxicated his senses. He caressed her thighs while slowly began to thrust inside her. A sweet spasm went through her & she seemed to rise into the air. No more pain, just the sweetness, the incredible shivers passed through her body.
Arjun rolled down to the other side & pulled her to his chest.
Arjun- What a morning!
Samaira- I hate you. You disturbed my morning sleep.
Arjun- ohh, it’s great to know that I managed to steal your sleep. By the way, these red roses are creating romantic atmosphere. Any special occasion?? Ohh, I got it. You were in romantic mood at night.
Samaira- No. Do you even know flowers are good for mental health & brings positive energy & peace?
Arjun- But I am getting only romantic vibes.
Samaira- I can see that.
Arjun grinned.
Samaira- Stop taking too much stress Arjun. It’s not good for your health.
Arjun- I am not taking stress. It’s just the work pressure.
Samaira- That call of Rajat when we were in Goa, you came back in hurry that too when you were in leave. After that, you suddenly went to Rajasthan without informing & now last night you came home so late. I just don’t know what’s going on?
Arjun- You know that I don’t have any particular work schedule.
Samaira- You will never understand my fear.
Arjun – I can understand & again I am going to suggest you that stop taking stress & enjoy our life together. No one is safe in the world. It’s all about fate & we don’t have the power to change it.
Samaira did not say anything for some time & then sighed.
Samaira- Arjun, can I ask you something?
Arjun- You are my wife Samaira, you don’t need my permission before asking anything & if it relates to my work then I will not answer you.
Samaira- No Arjun, what should I do knowing about your secret mission? Only you matters to me. Okay. By any chance, if you need to choose between me & your duty, then will you choose me or your duty?
Arjun looked at her. She is keenly looking in his eyes.
Arjun- What do you think?
Samaira- I am asking for you. But still, if you want to know what I think, I believe that you will choose your duty.
Arjun- ohh.
Samaira- So, I am right.
Samaira sat up& took her nighty which was lying on her side & wore it. Arjun too sat up & hugged her from behind.
“Leave me Arjun.”, Samaira tried to push him.
Arjun- Look at me Samaira, I am not going to leave you before you listen to me.
“What?” Samaira almost snapped looking towards him.
Arjun ( cupped her face in his hand)- I don’t know why this kind of thought coming in your mind. You are my wife, you are my love & together we are family. You are precious to me Samaira. Yes, I am very much passionate towards my duty & I take the failures & the emergencies in my work front very seriously & personally. Many time I vented out my anger & frustration on you. But that does not mean I don’t care for you. I can’t properly express in words what you are to me. But trust me, I will never let anything happen to you. I will always protect you. It’s my responsibility as your husband. Just trust me.
A droplet of tears escaped from her eyes.
Arjun- Why these insecurities Samaira? I know after our marriage, I did not even able to give you enough time. I made you cry. But please Samaira, try to understand me.
Samaira- I am sorry. Please don’t think I don’t trust you. In fact, you are the only one whom I can trust blindly in this world. I just don’t know why this kind of strange feeling creeping in my mind.
Arjun smiled. His lips touched her’s & she blossomed like a flower.
Arjun- What about a dinner date tonight?
Samaira- Excellent idea. Today, we have a final presentation in Office & if we get the project, then treat is from my side.
Arjun- All the best for the presentation.
Samaira- Thanks & don’t dare to make any excuses. Dinner date is final.
Arjun- Yes madam.

Arjun & Rajat both walked inside Khanna Mansion.
Rajat- Boss, our team is again searching, but till now, we are unable to find anything useful. Samrat Khanna is indeed a mystery. He very carefully destroyed each & every clue, every way which led us to his past. Now, he is also dead. In fact, another important aspect is all the servants who are working here mostly new, like working for a year or two, not more than that.
Arjun sighed. “Hmm. Still, I want to talk with them.”
Rajat- Yes Boss, they are all present here.
Two men & a middle aged lady were standing in the dining area. All are looking quite tensed. Arjun identified one man who came with Samrat Khanna to take Samaira back on her Birthday from her rented house. The lady first started to talk.
The Lady- Sir, we don’t know anything about Samrat Sir’s accident.
Arjun- We? But how you so sure about others? & your name please?
The Lady- Ratna.
Arjun- So, Ratna jee, from how many years you are working here & what is exactly your job?
Ratna- I am working here for one & half year & I do the cooking.
Arjun- Okay. Now, my next question is for all of you, what you all know about Samrat Khanna apart from the info that he is the owner of Khanna Industries?
Ratna- We know nothing more. Please Sir, believe us. We all just do our respective jobs here.
Arjun- How you all get the job here?
Ratna- Through a Job giving Agency Sir. In fact, every month we all get our salary from the Agency & most importantly we all already signed a contract for three years, after that time Agency will shift us in different places for work.
Arjun raised his eyebrows.
Arjun- & who used to come to visit Samrat Khanna here?
Now, the man spoke who came with Samrat on the day of Samaira’s birthday.
The Man- Apart from Nandini madam, no one other comes to visit Samrat Sir.
Arjun- Your name?
The Man- My name is Gautam.
Arjun- I saw you before Gautam.
Gautam- I remembered Sir. I was only following Samrat Sir’s order. He told me to follow him that day to Samaira didi’s house to pack her things because she fixed her marriage.
Arjun- You know everything quite well.
Gautam- No sir, Samrat Sir shared this info with me. I stay here all the time, may be, that’s why.
Arjun- You said only Nandini used to come here to meet with Samrat, What about Dev Arora? Don’t he ever came to visit Samrat here?
Gautam- No Sir. At least, I never saw him.
Arjun- Okay, don’t you ever try to hear the conversation of Samrat & Nandini ? Come on, out of curiosity.
Gautam- No Sir. I never dared to try. We all here are so afraid of Nandini Madam.
Arjun- hmm. Let’s now talk about the day of Samrat Khanna’s accident.
Gautam- Samrat Sir was not at home the whole day. He & Nandini madam came very late that night, almost at 1:30am.
Arjun- Don’t you find it unusual?
Gautam- Samrat Sir never had any proper schedule. When I opened the door, they both hurriedly entered & went to Samrat Sir’s bedroom. After few minutes, Nandini madam came out & went to kitchen. She took out food from the fridge & warmed it in Microwave. She herself served Samrat Sir that day.
Arjun- She ate?
Gautam- I don’t think so because later I only found one plate in the sink. After that, Samrat Sir left with his luggage.
Arjun- Was he always used to drive by himself?
Gautam- Yes Sir. He himself was an ace driver.
Arjun- & what about Nandini?
Gautam- She too left in her car.
Arjun- did you noticed anyone else that day? & was Nandini took anything from here when she left that day?
Gautam- I did not noticed Sir.
Arjun lit a cigarette.
Gautam- Sir, I want to share some information with you. Though I don’t know more about Samrat Sir but I think my friend might be able to help you.
Arjun- What?
Gautam- Sir, I am originally from Jharkhand. I came in Mumbai in search of work through the help of the job agency. First, I used to work in a catering service as helping hand. There I met with Damodar Pawar, he is a cook. We became friend. After few days, when I got the job in Khanna Mansion , I shared the news with him. He said he knows about them. His mother used to work as Samaira didi’s nanny.
Arjun & Rajat both looked at each other. Arjun’s eyes sparkled.
Arjun- Are you still in touch with him?
Gautam- No Sir. But I have his number though I am not sure he is still using the number or not. He works in Mumbai but they originally from Panchagani.
Arjun ( slightly smiled)- Thank You Gautam. You all can go now. But no one can leave the city without our permission. Rajat, take the number from Gautam & also take the details of their job agency from them.
Rajat nodded & Arjun went towards Samrat Khanna’s bedroom. His two officers are searching each & every corner of the room & checking all things.
Arjun- anything useful officers?
“No Sir”. They both replied.
They were taking down the books from the rack & searching each one. Arjun checked the medicine box. The things from the cupboard is scattered on the bed & floor but without clothes there was nothing. Arjun too started looking at the books with them. Samrat Khanna had a great collection of books on various subjects.
“Seems like these books are only for show. I don’t think Samrat Khanna ever read any of these books. All are looking untouched, not even flipping marks on the pages.” One Officer remarked.
After sometime, both the Officer noticed that Arjun was checking a book for some time.
Arjun- The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga!!!
Both the Officer looked confused as what so special in that book.
Arjun- You already said all the books are looking untouched, not even the flipping marks on the pages, but check this one, it’s looked like someone read it or at least flipped the pages. That’s why I am wondering what’s so special in it.
Arjun carefully checked the pages but found nothing. “Anyway, put this book in Evidence Bag, though I found nothing in it, but still.”
Rajat came inside & tapped Arjun’s shoulder. “ Arjun, while searching the rooms our team discovered some interesting things, some old photographs of Samaira Khanna. “ He said with complete seriousness. Arjun looked at him in confusion. “What pictures?”
Rajat- Nothing serious. Actually, I want to inform you that our team got some cute childhood pictures of Samaira’s, I mean, Mrs Mehra’s. So, should I put those in Evidence bag or you want them for your personal collection?
Rajat smirked. Other two officers difficultly control their laughter. Arjun stood in his place for some time looking like a fool, then snatched the pictures from Rajat’s hand.
Rajat ( sighed)- so, Mr Mehra wanted the pictures for his personal collection!! Good, good.
“Shut up Rajat”. Arjun shouted looking totally embarrassed & Rajat started laughing.

Bonnie looked frustrated. Did AM guessed anything?? Is he still rely on her that much that he handed over such important investigation responsibility on her?? But there is something different in his body language. She cursed herself. What will be her next step? No No. They have to help her. Bonnie entered inside a PCO & dialed a number.

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