Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 31

Samaira was startled as she heard the opening of the door of Interrogation room. She was sitting alone in this room for a long time. She took a deep breath when Rajat barged inside.

Rajat- Are you okay Samaira?

Samaira only nodded her head.

Rajat- let’s go from here.

Samaira ( in a panicked tone)- where?

Rajat smiled a little. “You are free Samaira. Arjun proved that you are not at all involved in any terrorist activities, you are innocent.

Samaira closed her eyes & covered her face with her palms. She just turned blank for some time, only a droplet of tears escaped from her eyes.

Samaira- & Arjun???

Rajat- what about him? Mr. Khadus is back again as my boss.

Samaira’s face lit up. A bright smile covered on her face, but soon she raised her eyebrows. “Rajat, don’t call him khadus. But where is he?

Rajat- He is preparing the reports which he need to submit today, after all he is taking leave for a week. Purpose, he said, his own marriage. By any chance, do you know Samaira who is his bride? (with a smirk)

Samaira bit her lips & lowered her head. Ask your boss.

Rajat started laughing. “That I will ask him surely as most probably you don’t know the girl. & he winked at Samaira. ” Now, you come with me Samaira, let’s go to the canteen & eat something there. Please don’t say that you are not hungry. You have to eat, after all it’s the order of IPS Arjun Mehra.

Samaira rolled her eyes & started walking. “But I don’t care about your boss’s order, I am going to wait for my Arjun, then we will eat together.

“Okay dear, we will wait for your Arjun. Rajat replied with a smile.

The canteen is almost full with many people. Rajat & Samaira found seats in corner.

Samaira- Rajat, do you know what exactly happened in meeting? Who tried to trap me & Arjun?

Rajat nodded & started telling her everything in details.


Rajat was driving the car, Arjun sitting beside him was busy with his phone & Samaira sitting on the back seat looking at Arjun, who was silent throughout the dinner & also in the car. She has many things to discuss with him. They are getting married. They decided this only four days before & she honestly have no objection, in fact she loved the idea of being together always. Rajat stopped the car outside of Arjun’s house. Arjun gave the key to Samaira & told her to open the door & get inside. Samaira nodded & left. Arjun started instructing Rajat.

Samaira angrily looked around the bedroom. The empty cigarette packets scattered on the floor & left over butts filled in the astray. She decided to give him a piece of her mind about how injurious smoking is for his health. Arjun too entered inside. He placed his laptop & phone on the table & put his identity card inside the drawer & securely locked it.

Samaira- What is this Arjun? So many empty packets of cigarettes? Why don’t you take care of yourself? Don’t you understand how precious you are for me…

Arjun suddenly pulled her towards him & tightly hugged her. “Arjun…

He looked at her face hearing her faint tone. He cupped her face. He put his lips softly on her & then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to him. His insisting mouth was parting her shaking lips & plunged like some writhing sea shape, sending wild sensations on her nerves. She slowly ran her fingers through his hair. He pulled away slowly & whispered near her ear, ” It’s difficult to live without you.

Samaira’s eyes widened.

Arjun- I am sorry. I became so occupied with myself that I was unable to gauge the situation & for my carelessness you spent a night & the whole day in police custody. You trusted me, but still I failed to protect you. I can understand that you felt terrible, I am sorry but please don’t leave me.

Samaira put her finger on his lips & silenced him.

Samaira- You talked enough, now, sshh! I can understand your situation Arjun. The way you stood for me, the way you fought & proved my innocence, my trust on you strengthen more. Thank You Arjun. You are the love of my life. I will never leave you alone. I just want to spend my whole life with you.

Arjun lovingly kissed on her forehead & lifted her up in bridal style & placed her gently on the bed. He too lay in the bed on top of her. He touched her forehead with his. She closed her eyes relaxing in his warmth. Arjun rubbed his stubble on her cheek & pecked on her lips. ” Sleep Samaira, you need rest. I can understand the mental pressure you have to endure. Now, relax & take rest. I will not let anyone to harm you, never ever.

Samaira smiled & caressed his cheek. “I know that, but what about you Arjun? You are also tired & need rest. How is your wound? Hope you did not skipped your meals & medicines. You promised me.

Arjun- It’s fine Samaira. I am taking good care of myself & why should not I? After all, it’s my marriage in this week. So, have to look best.

He already warned Rajat not to tell Samaira anything about him getting hurt again as it’s not damaged much. Samaira blushed & turned her face on the other side & Arjun smiled.

Samaira ( in a low tone)- That’s why I am saying sleep Arjun else you will get dark circles on your face & I want my groom to look best.

Arjun ( pouted)- I am the best.

Samaira- Yes, you are else why should I choose you? Now, take rest. You too suffered, in fact more than myself & anyone can easily guessed how much effort you had to put to prove your every point.

Arjun lie down beside her. ” We are trained to handle stress & our job is Investigation. So, I am very happy & relieved, not at all stressed out.

Samaira- Officer Sashank was asking me the same questions again & again. He was so forceful in his manner that it was getting frustrating. I just felt like he was playing mind game with me.

Arjun ( sighed)- That’s the way of interrogation Samaira. We only beat petty, low graded criminals but in high profile cases, it’s always testing patience & the mind game.

Samaira- Hmmm, then you came. Seeing you, I just get my confidence back. You said nothing can change truth to lie & after that I maintained my calm. But you know there is something in him which just made me uncomfortable.

Arjun furrowed his eyebrows & looked towards her.

Samaira- I just don’t know how to say but I don’t like his gaze, attitude. It’s just vulgar.

She sighed & murmured. ” Leave it, may be, I am too much over thinking.

Arjun- Actually, this Sashank Bhargav is not fond of me. May be, that’s why… I never get the reason of his dislike.

Samaira- He is jealous of you.

Arjun- You also understanding people quite well. But it’s stupidity. He is my senior & any competition between us is not possible.

Samaira ( sighed)- I failed to judge Zubin.

Arjun- Forget him. He is not worthy of your trust and friendship. He is a greedy man.

Samaira- & what about Samrat Khanna? I thought he was a ruthless man, an dishonest businessman, but he was a terrorist?

Arjun hold her hand & lightly kissed. ” You are not at all related to him. Don’t think about him. Let’s start a new life together filled with happiness.

Samaira snuggled close to Arjun & inhaled his scent & slowly drifted on to sleep.


Samaira lazily stretched her body & yawned. She rubbed her eyes. Arjun placed a coffee mug on the bed side table.

Arjun- Good morning Samaira. Wake up. It’s morning. I am preparing breakfast, you freshen up. Rajat, Nishi & Neil can come at any time soon.

Samaira was combing her hair standing in front of the mirror when she heard the door bell. Arjun went to open the door. He smiled looking at Rajat, Nishi & Neil at the doorstep. Nishi almost barged inside. ” Where is Samaira?

Samaira came out from the bedroom & hugged Nishi. ” Hey Nishi, how are you?

Nishi- careful Sammy. You need to take good care of yourself from now on.

She glanced towards Arjun. All looked confused in the room.

Nishi- Are you okay Sammy? There is no problem, right?

Samaira- Nishi, I am fine & Arjun is with me naa? He will tackle every problem.

Nishi- Yes sure. Now, he has to manage as he is the root cause of the “problem. ( sarcastically)

Arjun- Now, what do you mean by this Nishi? I am not getting what to trying to say.

Nishi- How innocent you are!!!

Arjun- I am serious Nishi.

Nishi- Can’t you wait for some more days you impatient man? Don’t try to hide from me. I know Samaira is pregnant. That’s why you planned to getting married in such a hurry.

Apart from Nishi, everyone stood dumbfounded in the room. Samaira’s face turned red. ” Nishi, you are mistaking. I am not pregnant. How can you think such?

Nishi- Why can’t I think such? You are reacting like that it’s not possible for you to get pregnant.

Now, Arjun’s face also turned red. Rajat & Neil rolled on the floor laughing.

Samaira ( in a low tone, biting her lips)- Stop Nishi. You are embarrassing me.

Nishi ( making a puppy face, looking towards Arjun)- ohh. So, Samaira is not pregnant.

Arjun (red faced)- Rajat, I am going to kill your wife.

Nishi- Why? The way you suddenly planned your marriage, anyone will get suspicious.

Arjun closed his eyes & threw a cushion towards Nishi which directly landed on her face. Samaira sat on the couch with a thud holding her head.

Nishi (coolly)- hey relax man, relax.

Arjun- You are not at all invited in my marriage Nishi.

Nishi too sat on the couch beside Smaira & started laughing. ” Good joke Arjun.

After sometime, everyone is eating hot Aloo Paratha prepared by Arjun.

Nishi- You are lucky Sammy!!!

Samaira- Yes, I know. He can cook.

Nishi- & my Rajat, he is useless. He can able to prepare tea & coffee & that too tastes yucks.

Samaira gave her a sympathetic look & boys just ignored the conversation.

Nishi- On a serious note Arjun, it’s great that you are getting married & we friends are with you two, but relatives presence are also important because marriage is a social institution .

Arjun- We both have no relatives.

Samaira( sighed)- Arjun please…

Arjun- Samaira please, I don’t consider anyone of my relatives. They never care for me. My mom’s side always blamed dad for mamma’s death & my dad’s side, for them only property mattered, we are not. So, now I don’t care about any of them. I just need no one.

Samaira remained silent.

Arjun- This is going to be a simple court marriage. Samaira is with me & you friends are with us, that’s all mattered.

Neil- relax guys, mom consider Sammy as her own daughter.

Samaira nodded & smiled gladly looked at Neil.

Nishi- Okay, okay. Now, everyone listen, we only have two days to prepare everything. So, hurry up. Let’s plan & get into work.

Arjun- There is nothing to prepare. I already told it will be a simple court marriage.

Nishi totally ignored Arjun. ” By the way Arjun, Sammy can’t stay with you now. You are going to see her on the day of marriage. So, let’s go Sammy. Bye Arjun. We have many works.

Nishi almost dragged Samaira with her & left. Neil too left hugging Arjun & Arjun gestured Rajat to stay.

Rajat- Can’t you take break from your professional life at least for a week?

Arjun- No. Now, listen carefully. This Linda Joseph delivered the packet to Rana & left. I confirmed from the taxi service that she left for Airport. Check Airport CCTV Footages on that day, track Linda & also find out in what fake identity & she travelled to which country. I know it’s very much difficult to track her. But try & take help from Ministry of External Affairs & RAW.

Arjun lit a cigarette.

Rajat- Okay. But what are you thinking Arjun?

Arjun- Before taking last breath, Rana confessed that he killed some IPS Officer which was proved as accident.

Rajat- Now, he is a criminal. What else to expect? But if the murder was recorded as accident, then we should inform this to Ministry. Whoever, the Officer was, he need justice.

Arjun nodded. ” Absolutely. But first I need to know more about Rana & his background.

Rajat( Checking his mobile)-  Total area of Rajasthan, 342,239 km2 , population approx 68,548,437, how are you going to find about Rana among them?

Arjun sighed. “yeah, I was thinking that. This Rana’s wife Sudha committed suicide. They took her to hospital. So, hospital authority definitely informed local police as that was a accidental death case. This Sudhaji’s brother also came from Rajasthan. So, may be I get some information from Police records.

Rajat- possible.I am going to check.

Arjun- No, you only concentrate about Linda. I will be checking the records. I want this to be done unofficially without anyone knowing.

Rajat- Okay. ( & he looked sometime at Arjun who is thinking something & smirked). By the way, Arjun, what is you thinking? Any pre wedding blues?

Arjun- SHUT UP RAJAT. ( totally embarrassed).


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