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Do you know about Romeo ‘N’ Juliet or Laila Majnu? Of course, nobody there exists who at least doesn’t hear about their names, some of you may even read about them. They are the ideals of true love. It’s like in every fairy tale:-

Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess, and they fell in love. Prince and princess died. Story ends.

Here, Ridhima is dying in her love. Her soulmate left her in the darkness of love. He died for her love.

Yo! Buddies…….. This is my Three Shots on Ishq Mein Marjawan2. It’s coupled with the comic genre. And it’s also a mixture of both off track and on track. I had made slight changes to the characters, and they are described below.

Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania: she is dying in her love, sharp and strong women. After Vansh left she took care of the Raisinghania family. She stood as a shield for the family to protect them from the conspiracies of AnuBir. She bought Vihaan to VR mansion to block Kabir from usurping the Raisinghania empire. But Vihaan himself became a headache for her

Vihaan: a lookalike of Vansh, but in contrast to Vansh. He is a hacker by profession. He knows about everyone inside out. The only thing that matters to him is money. He planned his entry to the VR mansion through Ridhima, but it is unbeknownst to her.

Kabir: Ridhima’s ex, he only used Ridhima as his pawn for succeeding in his every plan. Later Ridhima became his obsession. He is the biological son of Anupriya, vansh’s stepmom, and staying in VR mansion only to take over the whole wealth, respect, and love of Vansh.

Ishani: Ridhima’s sister-in-law. She used to hate Ridhima, later her attitude towards Ridhima started to melt after seeing her concern and caring towards the family in the absence of Vansh. She knows about Vihaan not being Vansh, still supporting her in the plan to bring AnuBir in front of the law.

Stay safe……..Keep loving…….💕

  1. Well we havent seen vansh…i mean vihaan properly but haha …he might be irritating

    1. Denza

      No dear……….Vihaan is gonna kill yourself laughing 🤣

  2. Keep going…..☺️

    1. Denza

      With pleasure🥰

  3. Wonderful!!
    It will be good if ishani and ridhima join hands and fight against that mother-son duo.

    1. Denza

      I’m pleased as punch by your compliment🥰
      Its a three shots comic dear. Be ready to burst out laughing😅

  4. Rianshfan

    Vihaan is also nice ..But Vansh is the real hero of IMMJ 2 ..He is rude and this is what I like in him ..Vansh in real immj ‘s voice is great …BTW your story is nice..Keep Going

    1. Denza

      Vihaan is not ganna disappoint you dude.
      he is gonna make you laugh out loud..😂😂
      You can expect Vansh’s presence too😉

  5. It seems that an outstanding story is waiting for us. Happy that Ishani has become good and is helping Riddhima to expose AnuBir.

    1. Denza

      Im pleased us punch by your compliment
      But i must say high expectations often ends in dissappointment.
      My Three shots is an average story focusing mainly on comic genre.

  6. Oh so amazingly express the characters!!

    1. Denza

      Diha dear………Update is on the way 😃

  7. Denza

    Update is on the way😃

  8. RiyaVaghani

    omg! I wanna read this noW!!

    1. When is yours coming? it’s been said that u will be not posting for a week but now it’s 9 to 10 soon..

    2. Denza

      You would be updated soon, may be by today itself……..
      BTW I’m missing your update dear

    3. RiyaVaghani

      i know guys! i am missing mine too… I’ll update real soon!

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