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Swara’s Pov
How childish me n my husband are..??… i think the baby would take care of we both …but i have decided to never tell my baby.. who is its real father…i dont want that my baby would be titled asabandoned…Laksh helped me in my difficulttime…he is such a kind hearted man.. even he started started working for me…??????????(tears were rolling from her eyes ).. Laksh had given his name to you mydear…..but that sanskar ???? didnt even care about you…(wiping her tears and fake smile) … now enough of these emotional talks… sorry baby for making you senti.. mumma is bad na..acha leave this what you will eat today… papa will bring chocolate when he will return… so no chocolates or you will have cavities…. lets make cottage cheese..(paneer) ….with spinach
Her pov ends..

Scene 2
Laksh was sitting in the car and was working on the laptop…and suddenly gets a thought of swara
Laksh’s pov
How would be swara…. i know very well she is kiddish and then also i left her alone at home..???????????… she can do anything… she can go to playground and play with kids but what when she gets injured while running…she can even dance carelessly and would slip…she even can eat unhealthy food from vendors… she is just a little kid …. today only i will call uttara and ask her to leave with us until her college starts…i would also ask my boss that i will not do overtime but also leave the office early than others…
His pov ends
Scene 3
Sanskaar was watching swara’s pic in his wallet….tears were rolling from his eyes..
Sanskaar’s Pov
Swara how are… sorry swara i played with your feelings… but i am helpless…. i promised my mom to destroy your life…but dont know why she said so….. but when i was faking my love for you… i incidentally fall for you… yes i am in love …. yes i love you… i wanna bring you home… i wanna take care of you… i wanna take our baby in my hands… i wanna help you to make our baby sleep…. i wanna teach our baby… i wanna see the baby growing…i Wanna go old with you swara… i wanna see our grandchildren…. but all in dreams.. i cant go against my mom…… but swara where ever you are… pls pls pls take care of our baby….. becuz its your 4th month n 3rd day… swara i am waiting eagerly for our baby n counting days….
His pov ends..

Kavita comes and sits in his lap.. sanskaar didnt wanted that…
Kavita: sanskaar can you give me a kiss..
(as sanskaar was thinking of swara… he thought swara is asking for the kiss)
He closed his eyes and moved his lips towards kavita’s lips..
Kavita also got excited and closed her eyes….
They were about to kiss… when there was a knock
Sanskaar opened his eyes and asked to come in… kavita stood up..
Manager:sir.. the new boy is here..
Sanskaar:send him inside
Manager: sure..
He leaves…
Sanskaar was shocked to see that it was kavita…
The manager takes laksh to sanskaar’s cabin…
Laksh: may i come in..
Sanskaar : come in..
Kavita n manager leaves
Laksh: its laksh singhaniya ( forwards his hand )
Sanskaar: its sanskaar Maheshwari (also fowards his hand)
And they had a hand shake…
Epi ends
Precap: swasan face to face..
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  1. Nice part

  2. Mars

    It’s amazing dear. I loved it. I m hating Sanskar now no doubt he is justify his character by saying that he cheated Swara for his mother but still I can’t tolerate. Plzzzz make him suffer and Swara should not accept him. Epi was nice. Continue soon…
    Take care

  3. Neptune

    whatever the reason is… he shouldn’t have used her dignity he can even betray her without using her for a night…
    laksh is really good hearted here…
    would love to see how story unfolds…
    post soon dear

  4. ok so sanskaar did wrong and he must get a punishment for that

  5. Rabia0032

    Hey sorry to say but how can u say it’s swasan ff I mean it’s showing swasan and swalak I am not saying sanskar did right he should get punishment but still for me it’s not swasan ff it’s showing clearly it’s swalak ff….

  6. is it swasan ff or swalak?

  7. Awesome

  8. Soujanya


  9. Awesome one

  10. Simi

    I agree sanskar did wrong… But here laksh loves Swara…

  11. Nice dear

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