Chasing the Evanescence -1 (Riansh ff)


CTE – 1

During the independence day preparations, he was invited by the officers to train the cadets for the national day parade and in those humid yet cool days he first noticed her.. to be precise on the 4 th of august.

A quiet lady in her late 20s, with a no talk temperament generally, sitting on one of those wooden benches of the auditorium in the lunch breaks.

Training a few hundred cadets for the National Day was a job itself but he liked this new venture as he could see a part of his old days in them.

in the short breaks when all units were meant to rest and have small meals he used to steal a look of her.

Dressed in skin-tight leggings and full-sleeved t-shirts she used to cover her with colourful long shrugs, perhaps she was conscious about her self but her job needed her to wear those dresses.

For a dance teacher, it was a necessity to wear something comfortable so the dance moves she was going to teach were clear to everyone.

he wanted to see her performing but they used to rehearse in the closed indoor halls and he was engaged in the outdoor activities, all kind of conversations were impossible since they were packed in a tight schedule with no time to meet and go along.

But he used to gaze her in the 40 mins long break when away from the crowd of cadets and young kids she used to sit on this bench in the outer premises of the auditorium facing a deep silence of life.

Sometimes her fingers used to shake all of a sudden as if she was having some medical problem and the spoon used to tremble, spreading the 5 mins noodles or some rice dish that was a constant to her lunch box in the box.

In those moments of her helplessness as he used to assume he wanted to reach out to her and calm her down… he just didn’t know why but he wanted to.

She used to come,dust away the pollens from the bench and then sit silently for a long moment… then swiping her phone screen she used to smile on the messages and then her face used to go down with a painful look.

Opening the lunch box she used to eat and then at exactly 1:45 her phone’s beeps had suggested she has put some kind of a daily alarm to remind her that the break was over.

He had met many girls and they were all so vibrant, full of life even at his house his mother and sisters were so energetic, warm with everyone they met but this silence though a sophisticated silence was alarming.

The tall but lean frame and some days the unusually dark eyes told him different stories, made him assume a hundred different loads on her.

Her demeanour had made him curious to know more about her… or just to know her.

But the day of separation came without a single moment of a casual meeting to her… the Independence day was there and so was the last day of this temporary venture.

After the parades were done he was free from his duties and now he could search for her one last time.

In the crowded auditorium, it was a task to search her especially when you were dressed properly in your wing army uniform and every now and then you had to greet the seniors and wish back the juniors present on the event.

Throwing his eyesight as far as it could go he kept searching for her, through the stage facing audience to the indoor corridors and then every that place he could see for her… he went through all but to his utter disappointment she was nowhere.

“Perhaps she didn’t come but she should have come for her students … it gives them confidence when they are performing that their mentor is somewhere around them,” he whispered to himself and started making his way towards the main hall.

“Ladies and Gentlemen !!! please hold your breaths for the next performance by the group of J R Public high school.”

The announcer has such positive vibes in her voice and it seemed she was excited about it and the announcement was followed by a calm and relaxed voiceover by a lady –

When this world didn’t have an existence then it was him who was there.

When everything would end again then it would only be him

Somewhere over there…

When we are burning in the hot airs of our sufferings then

It is his support…

When we are running through the bubble of our happiness then

It is only him

So this is our little effort to show the different existence of that supreme power.

He could not think of anything, he cursed him for not trying earlier, for not getting alert on time but he didn’t know why he could not approach her…

His bright eyes as people said were drooping so low today and without any zeal left to stay there he made his way to the hall… after telling the other staff he would take his leave.

And here destiny had other plans for him …

Clad in maroon and golden colour Silk saree with a 3/4 sleeve blouse she had been coming down and stopped abruptly, turned back because someone called her…

As she turned he spotted that loose bun that was loose purposely and shined the small button like accessories in her ears.

“did he notice a small smile on her lips?” he mused as she came to his direction through a long row of audience separated them.

He did not think she would look this different in traditional wear… the casuals used to give a very rugged image of her despite her silence.

As she approached the door where he was standing her expressions changed, the faint shine in her eyes that he saw a few seconds back was gone and in a very calculative gait she moved to his right… to the green rooms.

His values, his training and his job stopped him to move in her direction, to follow her but something deep inside his heart wanted to know the truth about those lone eyes.

In a few minutes, he saw her coming out with a small bag, She was ready to leave… it was now or never.

His heart and his brain had this little confusion over what to do and finally, his heart won and he moved to stop her…

But fate had other plans… “Sir, the chief minister wants to meet all of us… your presence is-

“okay…coming.” he turned back and saw her one last time going away from him.

A few stories are meant to die without the one boil they need to brew perfectly or he still had a boil left to gather it all…




Hey everyone!

Well there are hundred different stories in your neurons rushing your brain every now and then, sometimes they die without the perfect boil but sometimes your see someone onscreen and your brain decides you are going to put your imagination in that couple, I guess that’s how we write fanfictions here. So here it is. one of those stories in my brain.

read if your interest allows,

I’ll be waiting for your response.

with love Morusya.


  1. Abhipsha Banerjee

    Lovely ff🥰🥰

    1. Morusya51

      i am happy you liked it…thanks Dear.

  2. Omg this is amazing! You are such a great writer! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you for the words dear… coming soon with the next part.

  3. Hm..Nyc..It’s literally very nyc..U hv damn good writing skills..Keep up the good work..I would luvvv to read it..(PS- It takes my hard work to open dictionary many times….xD)

    1. Morusya51

      awww…. thanks for the words Riya,means a lot.

  4. An amazing story! Even without a single name the way you described each character was FAB!!

    But is this the end or is there continuation?

    1. Morusya51

      somehow i like writing one-shots with no names, i am happy you liked it, Dear. and I guess I just gave a start.
      So yes, coming soon with the next part.

  5. Unique and beautiful…….

    1. Morusya51

      Thanks Mayah .means a lot

  6. this is really something. loved it . want more like this apart from those ridhima vansh stories .

    1. Morusya51

      i am so happy i got people who like things like this, i am always conscious with my way of storytelling but seeing you like it makes me excited for this new journey. Thanks Meera.

  7. Nice😀😁👌👍

    1. Morusya51

      Thanks, Dear.

  8. Love the language. Its well written, the settings seems interesting and beautiful to my imagination.

    1. Morusya51

      i am happy this tale has earned your attention, at the same time I am conscious about next chapters. Thanks, dear for your words, let’s meet in the second chapter.

  9. Yes this story is amazing. It makes the heart feel contented like that’s it. It’s just beautiful…
    Is the story complete or this story begins from here.?
    I want to know what happened after that……………………..
    All the best 👍👍

    1. Why have you written Riansh FF if it’s not about then, nothing serious just had a quiry.

    2. Morusya51

      Your words mean a lot dear, and its the beginning so we are going to have the story in the next chapters.

      about your general query that why I posted in Riansh corner !!
      well, I have already explained in the author note that sometimes we see a couple on screen and one of the stories in our mind feels it can match the couple and honestly it helps in reaching the audience.

  10. It was so…..amazing..
    Please please post daily..unlike others
    All the very best for your ff….
    Amazing just amazing

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much Ravi, seeing the response makes me so happy. coming with the next chapter by the end of this week.

  11. morusya, you said that we can surely tell others what’s going inside our mind then y can’t you try to guess what’s running in my mind. 😏😏😏
    Anyway the story is quite interesting…..with a lot confusion.
    All the best and good luck for your further episodes with lot of love

    1. Morusya51

      hahaha, how can i tell what is going inside your mind but I can surely tell what’s going inside my mind😉.

      Thanks for the interest and the words M… and I hope with regular chapters the confusions would be decreasing.

    1. Morusya51

      Thanks Chhavi.

  12. Such an incredible way of expressing your writings skills!!
    Really impressed
    Keep updating us

  13. When will u upload the next chapter? Eagerly waiting..

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