Which character from Rishton Ka Chakravyuh will you miss the most?

Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh got much viewership because of the well sketched characters. The show has much drama and family politics around heir-ship going on. Still, the characters have made a mark in the viewers’ heart. The story had connected almost all the characters in a beautiful way. Anami and Satrupa’s characters are bold, daring and strong-headed. They appeared sensitive and emotional at times. Vatsalya’s character of a young, sensitive, poetic and loving philanthropist has been missed throughout the show’s run. His dialogues were very much well written.

Anami’s foster family had distinctive and inspiring behavior. Similarly, Viewers liked Adhiraj as the intelligent CBI officer with a golden heart. He believed in justice than punishment. The members of Lal Mahal, mostly Narottam, Pujan, Poonam and the elders also had a remarkable presence. All the actors have done their best and delivers superb performances to make the show memorable. The show is coming to an end. It got an instant wrap up to give its slot to the upcoming new show Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai. It has to be seen what surprise the show holds in the climax scene. Which character from Rishton Ka Chakravyuh will you miss the most? Let us know your opinion.

  1. vatsalya has been missed so much already , now that he is coming back in the last epi , that itself is a happy news . i will miss satrupa only the most . her i-would do anything for my daughter attitude won my heart . above all i will miss the show most . it was a wonderful show though the show was a little slow in the middle . dadi and adhiraj were sweet too . they were the ones who supported and understood anami the most

    1. It’s the most stupid decision to get Vatsalya back from the dead, unless they are planning a season 2. The whole Chakrayuh makes no sense now as he is alive.

    2. It is a chakravyuh since he is alive! The person whom they are thinking dead is actually alive. Had the gone longer then the makers would have given a good plot revolving around the return of vatsalya and the after dynamics

  2. I will miss satrupa the most…..n then anami n Dadi…..

  3. Serial bahut achhi thi…Trp bhal kam hoti hogi but quality bahut bahut achhi thi…serial saas bahu ghatiya drama se alag thi…trp ke liye achhi serial bandh kar diya..lekin jo aadam jamana se chal rahi yeh rista kya keh lata hai etc aur colors aur zee mein ek ek aise serail hai woh kabhi nahi bandh hogi lekin achhe serial bandh ho jaati hai…yeh jo serials jo baba adam jamaane se chal rahi hai woh sirf do reasons ke wajah se bandh ho gi… jab either earth will be destroyed or allians will attack earth…

  4. Narayani shastri as positive role whereas sudha as negative role.Both had a best impact on the serial….

  5. Very much true Bond. Meaningless serials r on air since ages. We may die but serials wnt stop. * + has to tke into consideration the quality rather than quantity. Stop running behind number games.

  6. I just have a request to all good writers,pls approach any other channel than starplus or Zee. These idiots always stop good stories like Dehleez,Nisha aur uska cousins,Love ka hai intezaar,Manmarziyaan,Rishton ka chakravyuh but will keep on telecasting irritating serials.

  7. I just have a request to all good writers,pls approach any other channel than starplus or Zee. These idiots always stop good stories like Dehleez,Nisha aur uska cousins,Love ka hai intezaar,Manmarziyaan,Rishton ka chakravyuh but will keep on telecasting irritating serials.

  8. Fenil

    Will miss Satrupa most !!
    Anami and Dadi’s bonding was sweet.
    Adhiraj and Her Sister’s bonding was also cool !!
    Vatsalya, missed him during whole journey at the end he came alive and happy ending !!

  9. I need Rishton ka chakravyuh season 2.. Story is not yet finished.. How vatslaya is alive? Where is he d past year.. Who save him… How sudha easily accepts her crime.. Lot is mysteries r theremm need RKC season 2

  10. I have been a regular viewer of dis serial right from the start….and after watching the last episode i am left with more questions than answers
    1.Is it really Vatsalya who has cone back from the dead? Or is it an impostor?
    2.If he is the original guy.. Where was he all dis time?
    3.How come Pujan and his family’s evil doings never got exposed?

    I am guessing they might bring the serial back if the public demands for it…
    N if dey do I hop d producers hav good answers to my questions

    1. It was a good TV serial. Every one acted well. Especially Narayani Sastry and Sangeeta Ghosh. I just cannot understand its abrupt ending. Suddenly Vatsalya appears. At least they could have taken a time leap of say 5 or 6 years and started afresh. Perhaps by then Sudha would have completed her jail sentence and could indulge in some more plots. This TV serial ought to have continued.

  11. Wish this show continues on another channel. Very good show. Why it is discontinued.

  12. Loved the show…..will miss anami and adhiraaj….loved their bond…satrupa was amazing….
    Why do they end such good serials instead of those old ones….
    The new show har shaaq pe ullu baita hai is definitely not going to work well…..

  13. I’m gutted that the show ended so soon as the show still had lots of potential. I felt the ending was slightly rushed. It would have been interesting to see how the return of Vatsalya would have impacted on Anami’s relationship with everyone in Laal mahal & I would have liked to have seen how Narottams character developed.

    I always had a feeling Vatsalya would return, and it would have been great to have some kind of explanation for it, but I am pleased that the show ended on a high note.I can honestly say I will miss each & every character of the show. Rishton Ka Chakravyuh provided a hard hitting storyline & was a refreshing change from the tantalising dramas. Hats off to the cast & crew for providing such a high quality & interesting drama ?

  14. I loved MIRAJ and even all the other bonds: satnami, balnami, etc. The show was very bold, had excellent cast, awesome dialogues, made sense not like ektakapoor stupid daily soaps? RKC has originality and viewers could connect to the show to real life. The ending was a mystery as what on earth just happened when they show Vatsalya. The chakravyuh has just started when Dheeru came blasting out on Lal mahal people when adhiraj was jailed. And the chakravyuh has to be complicated as it is CHAKRAVYUH but because of the show going off air it turned into a straight line. We need #RKC2 no matter what! No one wants ULLU shows which r damn pathetic!!

  15. Helen Funmilayo Obiegbu

    You people don’t have sense. You always remove the best of your programs and leave the useless ones. Starting from marmaraziya mantu and Amaya, Ahana, rishton ka chavrakyu. I’m ashamed of you people. I will never recharge star time again. Because I’m recharging for star plus

  16. I didn’t think, that was the last episode. I was hoping for more episode. Anyway we’ll miss every characters especially Anami, Satrupa, Dadi, Baba, Vatsalya, Adhiraj and Adhiraj’s sister

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