Why me? Chapter 11: Special Part 3

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Chapter 11: Special part 3

NiMran convo
“No IK, I won’t come with you.” “Yes, you are!” “No, I’m not.” IK took her in his arms and went to his room with her. “Leave me IK!” “No I never will leave you again my fighter cock.” “Oh, now I’m you fighter cock, then you are my angry chilli.” “What I’m a chilli?” “Yes, you are.” “No, I’m not.” “I need to tell you something.” NiMran said together. “Will you be my Girlfriend/boyfriend?” They again said together, they started to laugh and said: “yes!” “Did you say yes just now?” IK asked. “Yeah and you?” She asked confused. “I did too!” After he said, then they hugged eachother.
End if their convo

SinGer convo
“I will never ever leave you again my chand(moon) Sinzo.” “Are you sure about it TiK?” An unsure Sinzo asked. “Yes, I’m 100% sure!” ” I don’t believe you!” “I will prove it to you.” He said, while he came closer to her, she went back until she touched the wall. “So will you Mr. Tiger Khurana be my official boyfriend?” “Yes, my Sinzu!” “I love you my Tigu.” “I love you more my chand.” “Oho, love is in the air.” AK and Crazy said, while Singer blushed very much. “I won’t let you guys leave that easilly!” Tiger said, while ArSam ran and locked the door from outside.” “Now, what will we do?” Sinzo asked. “I have a plan, hahahaha.” Tiger laughed evilly, which means ArSam have gotten themselfs in an very hot mess.
End of their convo

ShaNoor convo with a twist
“Ashnoor, my jungli bili(wildcat) please talk to me, I can’t stand your silence.” “Oh really, you insulted me and my sisters, threw us out of the house snd you want me to talk to you, are you freaking serious.” “Wowow, calm down my killer jungli bili, I know you will kill me, but I still want to tell you that I love you more than my life, cause you always were the one, I wanted to spend my life with and love till enternity or more than that.” “Wow, my brother is so romantic!” Anjali said naughtilly and then she ran for her life, cause Shanoor looked at her like you are dead. “ShK, will you be my boyfriend and teach your naughty sis a lesson.” “Yes, I will, cause I love you.” “I love you too mr. Jungli bili lover.”
End of their weird convo

VaStha convo
“I know Astha that you won’t be with me, but still I love, cause without you my life is hell and with you it’s heaven.” “I have allready forgiven you, but I need time to start to love you again!” “I will wait for you my jaan!” He said, which made her a little bit shaky, cause never ever in her life, someone did love her like VK does. “I love you VK.” “What did you say?” “I said: That I love you VK.” “I didn’t hear you, can you please say it a little bit louder?” “I love you VK, I can’t live without you will you be my lifepartner for life?” “Yes, Astha I will be with you forever!” “Am I officially aloud to call you my Asthu?” “Yes, you can but not infront of SwaRagSanLak, SujRam and ShekJan, cause they should think that I still didn’t forgive you!” “Oh my Asthu is getting naughtier day by day.” VK said lovingly. “Hahaha, that’s one of the best jokes I ever heard.” Halima said. “Oye, Crazy ki pyaari villain.” Astha said with fake anger. “Bye lovebirds!” Halima laughingly said and then she went.
End of their funny but sweet convo

Everyone was tired and went to sleep, cause tomorrow MT won’t live that long anymore like is son AT.

Nidhi’s pov
The next day we all could see an tied up Marc, who had an evil smirk on his face, which we will wipe out of his face. “Hello Marc, we will ask you some questions which you will answer truthfully or we will kill you and bring you back to life again and again.” An very serious Sinzo said. “I don’t believe it!” He said and got punched by Astha, her look looked like it spits fire. “Ow, I’m not gonna leave you!” He said and Crazy gave him water with truth serum.” Then he said : “yes, I killed my wife, cause she wanted to divorce me, cause she came to know the truth, that I have an child outside our marriage, so I have raped her, to keep her quiet, but our son Jack saw it and send me behind the bars, but I saved myself in telling them, someone else killed her, hhahahahaha.” “Yeah and I killed ShoDev as well, cause they ruined my business.” We kicked him and send him there, where all the evil people are, in that special cell.
End of her pov

MT’s pov
“I will get out here as well and will kill them all.” I said loudly in my cell. “We will help you too!” Alec, my son, PG and RG said. “We just have to find a way out of here.” PG said. “Yeah, then I will take my revenge from these masked angels, hahahaha.” Alec said
End of his pov

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    Just loved it dear ….muuaahhhaaa????. My weird conversation with shk was ????hilarious . And others convo were just amazing? but Nimran convo was ????fantabulous . And ours were the funniest one ??.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Ashnoor, it means alot to me, when you guys like my stories❤️❤️❤️ Did you read my answer of the other chapter, please do join Hangouts then you can chat with your masked angels sisters

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    hey sally my sisso such a amazing updae loved it a lot but now planning against masked angels we need to teach them a bigger lesson so that they remember their granny

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      Thanks a lot Jazz for your conment, it means a lot to me?????
      Yeah we will teach them a bigger lesson than usual????

  5. Fairy

    Hey sis 😉 my sweetheart….itssss jst mindblownngg!!! Update…..loved it so so sooo much!!! U r an incredible writer yaaar …..love u chooooo much…keeep roclng n stay blessed dr…waitng for nxt parttt.. 😉 😉 lotz of kissss ..umaaaaah 😉 😉 😉

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