Channa Mereya 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni bumps into Sam and Adi in a cafe

Channa Mereya 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi and Ginni bump into each other, her locket gets stuck in Adi’s shirt button. He asks what are you doing here? Ginni says I thought fire broke out here. Sharja comes there and says I know why you ran here, Adi was making ice cream but I know you are trying to lure Adi. His friend from Canada is here so don’t try anything. Adi says don’t join my name with girls. Sharja says I was talking about Sam. She takes her to Same but Ginni turns away. Sam keeps hiding from Sam. Ginni leaves from there without seeing her. Sam thinks how does Ginni know Adi? Adi takes Sam from there.

Adi asks Sam what is she trying to do? He says I won’t marry you and that’s clear. He asks her to go back. Sam says just think about it. Adi says I don’t want to talk to you here, let’s meet in a cafe. He leaves from there.

Ginni and Goldie are working in the dhaba. Ginni says we have to go to the cafe to take the order. Goldie says I am just waiting for Simran. Ginni asks him to go to the market.

Ginni arrives at the market. She comes to the guradwarah. Darji comes there so Ginni gives him parsad. The priest tells him that she cooks parsad like her father and she helps me a lot. Ginni leaves from there.

Adi and Sam come to the cafe. Adi asks Sam what does she want? Sam says don’t talk to me like that. Ginni arrives at the cafe. Sam tells Adi that I am not feeling well so please bring lemonade for me. Adi goes to bring it. Ginni enters the cafe so Sam hides from her, she thinks what is Ginni doing here? She can’t see me. Sam tries to leave and bumps into Ginni. Ginni is shocked but Sam runs from there. Ginni says Simran? She tries to go behind her but Sam is gone. Ginni sees Adi there. Adi ignores her and goes back in the cafe but Sam is gone from there.
Ginni comes there. Adi says why do you keep bumping to me? Ginni shows Simran’s photo to him and asks if he saw her? Adi can’t recognize her because she has changed her look. Adi says I don’t know her and leaves from there. Ginni says if Goldie’s wife Simran is in the city then why is she hiding from us.

Darji calls Ginni and says we are keeping a pooja so I want you to cook parsad for that. Ginni says sure.

Adi meets Sam and asks where did she go? Sam thinks Ginni can’t see me. Adi gets a call from Darji and says we have a pooja tomorrow so keep your schedule free. Sam says I won’t be free. Darji asks Adi to bring his friend too. Adi tells Sam to come to the pooja tomorrow.

Ginni comes back home and thinks if Goldie is right? Was that Simran that I met today? I am not even sure. Gulabo comes there and asks what is it? Ginni says Darji called me and asked me to cook parsad for tomorrow. Gulabo says don’t worry about it. She makes her eat food. Ginni thinks how can I find Simran?

In the morning, all family members are preparing for the pooja. Adi comes to the pooja place and prays. Sam prays with him. Sam tells Supreet to tell her if she needs help. Adi says I need to talk to you. He takes Simran from there. Ginni and Goldie cfome there. Goldie sees Sam going from there.

PRECAP – Adi tells Sam that he will not marry her even if she tries to win over his family. Sam says I have a right on you because I am pregnant and this baby is yours. Later on, Adi asks Ginni if I am at joint then what path should I choose? Ginni looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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