Channa Mereya 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Darji accepts Ginni as his daughter-in-law

Channa Mereya 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi and Armaan find Sam in the basement, Adi calls the doctor.

In the mandap, Sharja slaps Ginni and says how dare she do all this? Gulabo comes there and hugs Ginni. She cries. Amber says wow, they are a drama family. Darji shouts at Amber to stop it. Sharja says it must have been Ginni’s plan with her mother. Ginni says she didn’t know anything, don’t insult her. Amber says you did all this to marry into a rich family right? Get lost. Gulabo says I want to talk to my daughter alone. Darji says you can go inside and talk. Gulabo and Ginni leave.

The doctor checks Sam. Supreet and Sharja come there. Sharja asks what happened to her? Why did she faint? Adi asks them to leave. Adi asks the doctor if everything is alright? The doctor says Sam and baby are alright, I will do some tests, and she leaves from there.

Gulabo hugs Ginni and asks why did you do all this? Ginni says how could I let Goldie die? Gulabo says you sacrificed yourself for your brother? You will never get happiness in this relationship. Adi will never accept you. Ginni says I am happy to know my family is safe, I trust my fate so don’t worry. Gulabo says I want to touch your feet, you have sacrificed for all of us. Darji comes there and says she is my daughter from now on, don’t worry about her as I am with her. God has brought her here so he will find a path for her. Gulabo nods, she hugs Ginni and cries. Gulabo leaves.

Darji tells Ginni that what’s done is done but now you have to rejoin this broken relationship. You will have to hear a lot of taunts. Ginni says I had to force this relationship on myself, this is just a compromise for me. Darji says it’s fate that you are here, you are my daughter-in-law now, I accept you completely. He gives her Adi’s mother’s bangles and says you are not alone. If you need anything then just tell me. I will send clothes for you. Ginni hugs him and cries.

Ginni looks around in the room. She sees Adi’s photo on the wall and recalls her marriage with him. She recalls Gulabo telling her that Adi will never accept her. Ginni sees Adi punching a wall outside the room. She is scared to see his anger. Akash comes there and says he will fight with you a lot. Adi glares at Ginni. Ginni tells Akash that I am okay, Akash says he is a monster so I will be with you. Adi comes in the room so Ginni asks Akash to leave. He leaves. Adi glares at Ginni.
PRECAP – Adi tells Ginni that I have become like a man who I hated the most. Ginni asks what does he mean? Adi says let me show you the truth. He shows Sam’s pregnancy reports and says Sam is pregnant and I am the father. Ginni is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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