Chandrnandin 24 Aug 2017 written episode update ;kartikaeya proposes dharma.

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Chandra Nandni 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Chandra trying to see Nandini face by taking up the cloth from her face but she refuses to remove the cloth but he removes the cloth and tells her that I knew you are Nandini but I was waiting for a proof and hugs her tightly and then Nandini refuses that she is Nandini and she is only here for my daughter dharma and then Chandra says that if you are not Nandini then why were you hiding your face from everyone. Nandini replies that when I came here from champanagar I heard some soldiers finding a lady named Nandini and then they brought me here and they took me ahead of bindusara and mukhyamaharani so I then decided to tell him that my face is half burned and so I am hiding my face. But Chandra refuses and tells that I get the same feelings from you and your my Nandini. She says I am married and dharma and I will leave for champanagar and then she leaves.
There rajkumar Kartikeya meets dharma and sees her in surprise that whether she was there or it was her mirage even the same feelings rise in dharmas mind and then he proposes her she says I am a Brahmins daughter and you are a kshitrey and why you want to marry me. Kartikeya replies that it doesn’t matter who you are and you have all the qualities of a queen. On the other hand elis goes to Helena and says that she wants to marry Kartikeya and Helena says that she will marry her to Kartikeya as soon as bindusara is married to Charumati she gets happy and asks Helena about talking to Chandra she says at right time she will talk to him and tells her to enjoy the happy moments of her life.
Chandra goes to his room and takes out all the pictures, jewellery and books that belongs to Nandini and keeps it all around the bed and sleeps in between them. Meanwhile bindusara comes there and seeing his condition he says that seeing all this pitashri never loved my mother and only she loved him. Bindusara leaves and goes to entertainment room where all were seated and he starts drinking wine behind Charumati talking to elis about the hairstyle for her marriage but he gets angry and says I have selected a hairstylist for your marriage and he will Decide so just shut up. In anger Charumati tells dasi to call dharma then dasi leaves from there. Behind Bhadra and Chitra see at each other and Bhadra goes and talks to her that whether she was looking at him she refuses and asks how he came to know and then they both smile and leave from there.
Dharma goes to her room where Nandini was waiting for hershe tells her all the things that took place between Chandra and her and also says that she should have left a long time ago because if she is caught she would be punished for she is not responsible. But Dharma interrupts her and tells her when you were found you were unconscious and when you were awake you had forgotten all your past and maybe maharaj is telling you truth and this mahal is your home and your his wife. Dasi comes in and tells dharma about bindusara calling her before leaving she says to Nandini that you thought that Chandra was mad but now she thinks that bindusara is mad and then leaves. A voice from behind says that Nandini with few memories and trying to find her existence on the other hand Chandra goes running on the top to the mountain and tells the whole the world that he has found his love Nandini back again.

Chandra goes to champanagar and asks dharmas father whether Nandini(Prabha) was his wife or she was queen Nandini but he says that he is not your wife nor my but she is a wife of a person who is really cruel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alis loves Kartikye, Kartikye loves Dharma. If situation changes and leaving Charumati, Bindusar marries Dharma family drama will start. Meanwhile Chandra is not leaving hope despite reluctance of Nandini why baba is giving wrong information to Chandra in precap is embarrassing.

    1. Jayani

      Alice – Kartikey – Dharma story is going in an luv triangle nd v know wat wud b d result… Alice – Krtikey marrying (probably)… N Dharma – Bindu end up marrying against deir wishes

  2. A wife of a person who’s cruel? What’s the old man talking about?Arrgh,
    this is too much.

    1. Roopa, maybe Baba say cruel husband because Chandra never look for Nandini after she fall from cliff for past 10 years.

    2. Xactly di… dis serial making us mad.. why he s telling like dat??? May be baba thinks chandra s responsible of her situation nw… he thought nandu’s husband intentionally pushed her from cliff…

    3. NerdyBirdie

      Guys! He’s saying that because no one ever looked for Nandini and it’s evident that no one ever bothered looking for her!

  3. What a touching moment of Chandra and Nandini. Both Shweta and Rajjat knock us down/melted us with their natural acting talents.

    As usual not in favour of Bindusar’s stubborn character which not respecting others.

  4. Ada ponga da…why that old man give wrong information to chandra ? I want to ask one question to makers ” story nu onnu iruka…illaiya? Nambalama ? Venama.? “

    1. I liked your last sentence Thiga…

      That’s the only question in every fans’ mind now. Is the any story line in this serial now?

      Vadivelu solra mathiri, ” ellam chinnapulle tanama irukku… like small kids writing the stories, no maturity thinking.

      1. Jayani

        Indha generation kozhandainga kuda better aa ezhudhuvaanga

      2. True sumy?

    2. Ya it has but illogical story even god canot thk it….

    3. Jayani

      I agree wid ur last line thiga

      1. Hmmmmmm

    4. Thigard n Sumy nice comment in tamil, what to do we all small kids, so the story can play play with us. I think the makers don’t like CN to be together, :I just don’t know from where they get this ideas. So the makers love to irritates us n it is fun for them. U all notice that a lot of viewer’s have stopped watching this serial. Crap storyline.

    5. True sumy?

  5. Savithri V Ramani

    When nandini will get her memory it is really too heartening to see chandra suffering.very bad. The care taker tells as if he knows that she is not chandra wife . Very sorry the youngsters love doesnt go well with the serial we are all interested in sering chandra and nandini reunion and a lso Bindusar should repente and accept sotima .Apma and Helena should go away.

  6. The CVS r cpyng d story of kkb in elis and karthikeya’s story….in kkb also abhi married pragya bcoz aaliya to get purab… CN also bindusar will marry dharma for elis to get karthikeya

    1. I too thought same but in kkb abhi thought she is moneyminded girl bec she accepted him wen she loving purab…but here bindu will do ths to make hr sister happy witout thkg dharmas life

  7. Finally cn seen nandy sooo happy….now nandu went to hr village wat cn wil do hereafter how thy wil meet…dharma may help….why makers brought many love jodis in mahal thy canot even do one good thg in CNs love

    1. I hope chandra will stay in champa to find out the truth and try to make nandini fall in love with him all over again.It will be interesting to watch rather than seeing teenagers love stories.They need some time off the mahal.

      1. Roopa, hope Chandra don’t give up. He must find the truth,need him to be strong KING. He shd not go to Mahal n stays in Champa

  8. I liked your last sentence Thiga…

    That’s the only question in every fans’ mind now. Is the any story line in this serial now?

    Vadivelu solra mathiri, ” ellam chinnapulle tanama irukku… like small kids writing the stories, no maturity thinking.

    1. We can be better writers.

      1. Jayani

        Well said di?

  9. I love nandini à lot I just keep watching this stupid story for SBP all blame nandu or actress but she lost her memory in thé story. I hate this track juste hope makers bring back the strong woman the strong queen and this bindu he doesn’t see what he do to cgm!!! Cvs give all happiness to evil gang and show thé Lead character like a idiot just for promoting darma.

  10. I cannot take it anymore, cannot see Chandra condition. He is going crazy without Nandini.
    When Nandini enters the first time in Mahal, she had feeling of her past lives, why she cannot think that she might be Queen Nandini. She is making us “Gaga”. I feel so sorry for Chandra.
    One day her mangalasutra inside her blouse n another day is outside.
    She should listen to Dharma, when she says to Nandini maybe maharaj is telling the truth.
    Nandini is saying Chandra is mad but actually she is mad.
    Precap Why Dharma father has to lie to Chandra that Nandini is Praba. I thaught he name her as Praba , using Dharma mother name. Is he hiding something or he does not want to lose her.
    Superb acting by Rajat, his expression mind blowing, even i can’t take it, so sad.

  11. SPAGHETTI of storyline. Tracks are intertwined with each other and ongoing with no conclusion.
    Nevertheless, within the entire spaghetti Rajat’s act was MIND BLOWING!! Emotions erupted like lava from a dormant volcano. Rajat who had been a silent character proved today that all the teenagers, including Helena and Apama put together can never outshine him in his role in this show and on screen. His act today was SUPERB, OUTSTANDING AND FABULOUS !!!!
    Rajat is RAJAT (King of Royalty) and no one can take his place when he is on screen, not even Siddharth. His role today was truly emotional and everyone watching it would be connected with him whole heartedly. Please correct me if I am wrong here.
    Now coming to Nandini, the writers have no clue what they are scripting. She is been shown as a completely lost soul. She is having feelings for Chandra and when confronted she refuses to listen or even attempt and connect herself with the facts been placed in front of her, what confused writers we have. We need to end this hide and seek and come to a final conclusion of joining Chandra and Nandini and symbolize Chandra as a KING for God sake. Get all the culprits booked for once and get all the misunderstanding sorted out. Bindusar must face Dhurdhara’s TRUTH and should be put in his right place and stop showing all his arrogance and mistreating behaviour.
    Nandini should be given her rights by Chandra and Apama’s role MUST end now. Her presence is an eyesore and heart ache. I feel everyone is drained and exhausted with her presence. I am!! Chandra should come back on the throne as a just ruler and amend all the wrong doing in Magadh by Helena and Apama.
    The show needs a big turn around with a lot of amendments. The past cannot be undone but the future can be made positive and more powerful.
    If only the director, CVS, production house, Ekta Mam and script writers can listen to the audiences and avid fans of Rajat on whom this show should focus on and for whom we watch this show and make the improvements much needed so that all the viewers who have left the show can come back with a big bang and join Chandra Nandini afresh. I write this last paragraph for all the viewers who stopped watching the show after the leap.

    1. We have been repeating this so many times but who’s listening?We are waiting like fools to see improvement, good overcoming evil and each day it’s becoming worse.Rajat is the best.We are watching this show till this day ONLY and ONLY because of him.

      1. We are listening to each other Roopa. We are only here for RAJAT and that is it. Why would we be here otherwise. if Rajat is not in the show would you watch it? NO… I would neither…. so we are here for each other…. Youself, SPD, myself, Sumi, Jai and the others.
        We have survived till now. Let us practice a bit more YOGA and calm our confused state of minds to give us the strength to support Rajat’s show for his sake.

      2. Very true CNFan… im here only for Rajjat and Shweta. Especially Rajjat.

        The makers more intersted in small kids love story now. When they promo in a big way says immortal love but never accomplish their mission.

        They more interested in showing shirtless Rajjat than showing his real acting talent. Actually i don’t like this bare body Rajjat but don’t know why more people praising his s*xiness rather than his acting skill…

        Maker should maximize his actong capacity. But here they only giving 2-3 minutes out of 30 minutes track ehich is i feel wasting the talent…

        Don’t know why makers can’t understand this…

  12. I this old man is threatened by Helena and Bindusara to lie to Chandra and Nandini. So sad for both of them. It seems so difficult to unite.
    Please make Bindusar realise what an evil person Helena and Apama is.

  13. Why is it so difficult to have one look at the mangalsutra to find out the truth?Do the producer and writers think we are stupid?

    1. Jayani

      She’s put her mangalsutra inside her top thingy… Nd n to f dat she’s also been covering herself as dat bull shit veil… So it ed take sum tym for him 2 scan nd c d mangalsutra

      1. jAYANI, SO FUNNY SCAN THE MANGALSUTRA, Hope Chandra remember .

      2. Jayani

        Akka, nt just scan d mangalsutra but also 2 scan her birthmark is her hip nd prove dat she is ?’s Nandini… Dat’s wat every1 says dat m 2 funny at tyms… I start laughing in emotional scenes also… Only rarely I cry in such scenes

  14. Yes.i agree with u chandini this might be hppnd. Or else he thought he should not lose her for her daughter. Now this show gng on the right track. Hope the writers won’t collapse again..

  15. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini spoiler: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) meet again but unable to reunite

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will face a major heartbreak as Prabha/Nandini refuses to accept that she is queen Nandini. Chandra finally takes off the veil from Nandini’s face and he is overjoyed to get Nandini back in his life.

    However, Nandini denies being his queen Nandini and says that she is Prabha’s mother and is a married woman. Chandra tries hard to convince Nandini about her real identity but Nandini refuses and goes away from there. Chandra feels a strange mixture of pleasure and distress as he has got back Nandini but she is not ready to accept her identity. On the other hand, Nandini is determined to go away from Magadh as soon as possible as she does not want to give Chandra any false hopes.

    Dharma tells Nandini that Chandra may be right about her and she may be Nandini in reality but Nandini is convinced that she can never be a queen. Nandini will now decide to go away form Magadh immediately and will return to Champa. Chandra is overjoyed to see Nandini alive and he will not let her slip away from him so easily. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Chandra will land up in Champa and will try to find out about Nandini’s reality.

    However, Chandra will face a big heartbreak as Dharam’s grandfather will clarify that Prabha is not his queen Nandini. Will Chandra let go of Prabha and accept that Nandini is dead? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  16. Hii
    I am new here.
    I want to join us guys
    Actually I feel when elis will come to know that kartikeye has proposed dharma
    She will ran to bindusar and in order to fulfill his sister’s happiness and clear the way of elis he will marry dharma

    1. Welcome to the group Ssuhanaa.

    2. Jayani

      Welcum 2 r family ssuhanaa

      1. I like your welcome Jayani…

        welcome to the family ssuhanna…

      2. Jayani

        V used 2 do d same in r skr (Siya ke Ram) pg as well… V used 2 consider each other as brothers nd sisters… So jus got into dat habit akka… I can’t stop myself

  17. Wow rajat and Swetha mind blowing act, I felt like I was watching both of them were expressing their feelings really not acting.
    Rajat expressions were bang on what an actor Jesus marvelous, splendid, he was not acting its as if he is really expressing his pain, his excitement, his happiness after getting to know that his love is still
    alive, viewers did you all noticed when nandini was explaining to him that she is not nandini but Prabha yes she has nandin’s face but she is not that time rajat gave an expression wow mam I am still watching that on and on that particular one no one can match him this show is because of both the leads not kids, we as viewers are still watching it only for the leads and Swetha baby what a company for Rajat both are competating in acting not each other, which is unique I am speechless after watching that scene after 10 years everyone are assuming that nandini is dead but Chandra never gave up he believed some were she is still alive, his love for her is unconditional with out her he is nothing just a lifeless human without a heart, nandini is his heart his breath his happiness Ekta mam has chosen Swetha as the right actress for nandin’s character well done Swetha baby, you and rajat are mind blowing in bring life to the characters it’s as if you both are really Chandra and nandini who are expressing your feelings to each other, others I am not satisfied or impressed with.
    Why the CVS script writters, production house, channel director are back of negativity my question is it necessary for them to give importance to the negative characters all the time when the show name is Chandra nandini
    Why you people ate not finishing a particular track completely with conclusions why so much hurry for a new track because of not finishing the track properly there are many loop holes which is bad for the show
    Sorry if I am hurting you guys in asking this question my question for production house, CVS, script writers, director, Ekta mam and star plus channel team
    Why can’t you people understand that we as viewers are not interested in seeing kids love story already a big blunder in introducing leap if you people think by bringing youngsters to the show so you will regain trps for the show aren’t you’ll finding it stupidity to show the most crapest story to the viewers, frankly speaking we are not interested in seeing witches face its irritating why can’t you people understand the simplest thing “wake up from your sleep people” you people have mountain size ego which is not good
    Ekta mam hier some good people in script writing for the show if not your name as well as your company’s name will be ruined, other wise your hard work for what you are today will be waisted by this type of people please do interfere and rectify because viewers will have bad impression on you not only on you but the lead actors also their talent is wasted
    We as viewers are only interested in the lead characters story and not kids some were still viewers are awaiting for some changes in the story line
    Miracles do happen we are patiently waiting for that

  18. Happy ganesh chaturthi drs??…

    1. Jayani

      Same 2 u akka

      ☁ ⛅ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁
      ❄ ❄ ? ❄ ❄ ❄
      ❄ ? ? ? ❄ ❄
      ❄ ✋ ? ✊ ? ❄
      ❄ ❄ ? ♌ ❄ ❄
      ❄ ❄ ? ❄ ❄ ❄
      … ? ➰ ➰ ?… ?

      Hw’s it?? I did it myself?

      1. Wow??!!! Its very cute sissy…

      2. Jayani

        Thnx akka ??

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