Chandrashekhar 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagwati is no more

Chandrashekhar 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Bhagwati not to test the bomb. Bhagwati tells Chandra that they have no other option. John, Tikaram and Tasduk look for them in the jungle. They divide and spread to find them faster. Jai leaves clues for them. Chandra asks Bhagwati to hurry up. John says we are close, well done Jai. He calls Tikaram and Tasduk. Bhagwati says its ready, come. Chandra saks him to show the power of the blast. Bhagwati asks them to step ahead. He slips and drops the bomb. Chandra shouts. Everyone gets shocked. They see Bhagwati wounded. John hears the blast. Police starts firing. John says you alerted everyone. Tasduk says we have to move fast. Chandra says how did police come. Yashpal asks Chandra to take Bhagwati and go, they will see the police. Chandra takes Bhagwati on his back

and goes. Jai hides. Yashpal shoots at police and flees. Jai tells John about Chandra taking injured Bhagwati on his shoulder. John says take us there.

Chandra asks Bhagwati not to worry, he will be fine. He checks Bhagwati and finds him dead. He sits in rain. Vesham asks how will we leave now, just go. Chandra says I can’t leave Bhagwati’s body here, let police come. Vesham says we will be caught, maybe they lost their way and didn’t get caught, what shall we do now. Chandra says we have to execute the action, we won’t let Bhagwati’s life get sacrifice, we have no way than to bury Bhagwati’s body, find some way where we can dig the place. Vesham goes to see. Tikaram says where did they go, there are no footprints. Jai says don’t know. Tasduk says we lost them, we were too close. At the court hearing, Bhagat and Batukeshwar are given punishment. They protest and ask for justice. Bhagat’s dad blesses him. Chandra and others come to Durga. She says you got late. She goes to get aid. She asks where is Bhagwati. Chandra bows down and cries. She asks what happened. He gives her some soil. She gets shocked.

He says Bhagwati won’t come now. She drops the box and cries. Vesham says we lost Bhagwati, we had to bury him. Chandra says forgive us. Yashpal says he is no more, say something. She says my husband didn’t die, he is a martyr, people don’t cry for martyr’s death, people feel proud of him, I m proud on his sacrifice, we will carry on our plan, we won’t stop. Chandra touches her feet. She goes and cries. She pours the soil over herself and cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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