Chandrashekhar 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bakshi gets arrested

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Chandrashekhar 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra coming to meet Rudra. He looks around his house. John tortures Bismil and asks about Chandra. Bismil says Chandra is in our hearts, he is Azad, he can never be caught, he is free. Azad sees the lady’s statue chained. He meets Rudra.

He asks him about the chained lady. Rudra says this is not any woman, but our Bharat Mata, who will get free when the nation gets free. Chandra gets shocked. He says I don’t have a gun, else I would have changed everything, I will change everything one day, I will free Bismil first and then fight for freedom again. Rudra gives him the gun and asks him to shoot anyone he wants. He says Kranti is not about guns, its a thinking, its a right for those who are slave like us, these are words of Bhagat Singh, he is bringing a change by his writings, he considers you as his hero, he has written about your contributions, he showed his love and respect for you, police didn’t catch you till now. Chandra says this article is written by Ranjit Singh.

Rudra laughs and says hiding identity is imp, you are inspiration for many. Bhagat tells Sukhi that unemployment shouldn’t get high. Bhagat’s dad asks him to come home. Bhagat says I m coming. Sukhi says you know everything about the world, but you are scared of your dad. Bhagat goes. Rudra says you wanted to know why Bismil asked you to come to me, this is the answer, you are troubled by this question. He shows the shooting practice going on. Rudra says I train shooting to the youth. Chandra says you are amazing, I thought you are just an sculptor, I m glad to meet you. A guy says you are Azad right, and takes blessings. He praises Chandra. He says I will sacrifice my life for the country. Chandra says we have to kill, not die, we have to see the country getting free, Bakshi taught this to me, I need such patriots in this battle. Bakshi comes and says don’t worry, you will get more young men like him. He hugs Azad.

Azad says we have to free Bismil. Bakshi introduces Manohar, and says he is our Eklavya. Manohar asks Chandra to show his shooting skills once. Chandra smiles and aims to shoot. Chandra shoots the hanging sacks. Everyone claps. Chandra says we will free Bismil soon. He goes. Veer gets scared of John. Cop says maybe Veer is saying truth, Azad is very clever, he didn’t leave any clue. Tikaram says we should make another plan by using greed, we should target Bismil. Cop agrees with him. He says Azad will come to find Bismil. Bhagat’s friend asks him to have food. Bhagat thanks him. He sits reading a book. Sukhi and says your article has got published in newspaper, I know you have written this to reach Azad.

Bhagat says no, I have written this for entire country, to know that Azad has a big hero in him, who is fighting for nation’s freedom, it will be good if Azad reads this. Sukhi says Azad will be glad. His dad comes and asks him what is he doing here, come home, girl’s family is coming to meet tomorrow, his mum is making all the arrangements alone. Bhagat goes with his dad. Bakshi asks the men to gather more help. Constables attacks on Bakshi. Manohar runs away. Bakshi fights with the constables alone. Bakshi gets caught by the police. Rudra says you won’t go alone. Chandra says I have to know about Bismil, everyone is imp. Rudra says you are most imp. Manohar comes and says Bakshi ji…. Chandra asks what happened to him. Manohar says police has caught him. Chandra says I m going to free Bismil and everyone.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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