Chandrashekhar 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets shot by cops

Chandrashekhar 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Raj Kumar Sinha and introducing him to Chandra. Chandra apologizes and hugs Raj. Chandra talks to everyone. He aims at the rat and misses. Raj says let the rat live for more days. Chandra and Raj ask each other to sleep. Chandra goes out. Some cops see him and ask him does he not have any work. Chandra covers his face with blanket. He gets lying to the cops that his dad has sent him out of the house, so he is fulfilling dad’s command. Cop offers help. Chandra says I will solve my problem, he is my dad, I will handle him. He says this is my house, I will sleep here. Cop asks him not to feel bad of dad’s words, and go to sleep.

Its morning, Raj jokes on Chandra. Chandra says you should have helped me in killing the rat, the rat will bite your kurta. Banwari says I got a news, Veer wants to meet us and join our party. Manmath also cracks joke. Chandra says you mean I m not a decent man. They send him for a bath and laugh.

Banwari and Chandra meet Veer and question him to test if he can join them. Veer says I hate Britishers, my heart is clean. Some cops pass by. Chandra greets them. Veer says I can give any test for my country, you can test me. Banwari asks what can you do. Veer says anything that’s in my limit. Chandra says you have the gun, you will do your work. Banwari says we will just give you the task. Veer asks what’s the task, tell me.

Chandra asks him to kill SP. Veer gets shocked. Bismil’s mum beats him and asks why did you leave the cops. Bismil says why to shed blood when things can get in control by talks. He swears. She cries. They get sad. He talks of his sister’s marriage. He says I regret, I would have got her married in a big house. Veer and Lehri reach the police station. Veer gets the smoke grenade. He throws it. He attacks the cops. SP gets alert. Veer gets in and points gun at him.

Cops are outside. Veer says I m helpless, I have to shoot. SP says you don’t know me. He catches Veer to kill. Cop reaches in and says he is our new informer. SP sees Veer. He says he tried to kill me. Tikaram asks why didn’t you tell him. Veer says you told me not to say. Cop says freedom fighters will trust him now. Tikaram says we are never late. He asks Veer to think how to join HRA, would he get beaten up. Cop asks him to run fast. Veer runs. Cop shoots at his leg. Bismil talks to his friend. He reminds the childhood mischief. He praises the man for managing the house expenses and supporting his brother. The man appreciates Bismil too. Bismil says I don’t know if I will see the sunrise or not, you are my assurance, you will take care of my mum, I trust you completely. Lehri says Veer didn’t come till now. Chandra says we have to find out, Veer has not killed the SP, I have a doubt, something is wrong. Banwari comes and says Veer got shot by police, he couldn’t kill SP, he wants to meet us, get ready. Chandra thinks and doubts Veer.

Chandra and Banwari come to meet Veer. Chandra says police is finding us, we shouldn’t wait here. They get caught by police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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