Chandrashekhar 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra and Banwari patch up

Chandrashekhar 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra and everyone reaching the place in disguise. Veer gets scared seeing a grenade. Tikaram asks him did he get scared seeing it, its his last chance, its just smoke grenade, there is no harm in it. Veer agrees to him. He keeps an eye on people. He goes and throws the smoke grenade at the police jeep. The news reaches HRA. Banwari tells them about some brave man who has thrown the grenade at police. He asks Chandra won’t he know about it, is he jealous to know about some bigger freedom fighter.

Chandra gets up. Banwari starts blaming him. Manmath and others try to make Chandra and Banwari patch up. Lehri asks Banwari not to taunt Chandra again and again. Banwari asks is it my mistake always. They say every man is different, just forgive and show a big heart. Banwari says why shall I forgive, is he apologizing to me. Manmath says he always supports us. Chandra says I know Banwari supports us, but its wrong to taunt. Lehri says we are leaving homes and sitting here, as we are fighting for freedom, we are friends. Manmath says it was your mistake to react today. Banwari and Chandra meet and hug. Everyone smiles. Chandra apologizes. He says its my mistake. Banwari says no, its my mistake, till I trouble you, my day stays incomplete. They laugh.

Chandra says we have to know about that person. He asks Banwari to find that man. Banwari gets surprised. He says fine, if you all wish. They laugh. Tikaram gets scared by the officer. He says those freedom fighters…. I m a fool, I didn’t say anything. Cop says we did this to make freedom fighters find Veer on their own, we played this drama. Officer says get happy when this happens. Banwari meets Veer and asks him about the bomb. He offers Veer to join them. He goes. Bismil meets his mum. She asks who are you. He says your son. She slaps him. She asks why did you come back. The man says I called him Kaki. She asks why did you come. Bismil says I had to come to see you. She asks did you fulfill my dream. They hear door knock.

Bismil says maybe its police, just manage. Police comes and asks about Bismil. They look for Bismil. The man says just Bismil’s mum is here. Bismil takes disguise of maid. The man says they are saying there is some woman in kitchen. Cop asks Bismil to remove ghunghat and show face. Bismil’s mum slaps him and scolds. She lies that the woman is her brother in law’s bahu. Cop says but we have to see her. She says my son is freedom fighter, get lost, when he comes back, I will ask him to meet you, I taught him to be bold. Police leaves. Ismil smiles. The man says now I understand how you got brave. Bismil takes his mum’s blessings. Someone knocks the door. Chandra and everyone get alert. They get shocked seeing Veer.

Banwari says Veer wants to join our party. Veer attacks an officer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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