Chandrashekhar 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat refuses to escape from jail

Chandrashekhar 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhagat meeting his parents. He tells them that he can’t cry as people will say he got scared of death and cried, they didn’t teach him to cry, they taught him to fight. His mum says I didn’t know you will go so far. Bhagat says I always had hope. She says a son is hope for a mum. He says you are the house of blessings. She says every blessing has its own imp. His dad asks her not to cry, and smile. She says I won’t let you go son. Bhagat says let me go Bebe. He leaves. She cries. Veer says this is Azad. Inspector says I have seen him somewhere, don’t remember where. Tikaram says so he cheated you too, he is very clever. Veer says he takes disguises, but he roams plain as well. John says we have to catch him, and kill him too. Rudra, Durga and Sushila meet Bhagat and inform about the action to make him escape.

Bhagat says no, I won’t run away from the jail. Sushila says you are needed outside now, the battle has to go on, Chandra has this wish. Bhagat says sorry, I won’t agree to Chandra this time, I have to fight inside this jail till I get hanged. Rudra says we won’t listen to you, you have to do what we want, you and others won’t be here for more time. Bhagat says don’t make me fall in my own eyes, let me live and die with my principles. Durga says you don’t need to request, we will talk to Azad, we can’t say if he will agree. Sushila says Chandra and you are stubborn. Rudra says we shall meet soon. They leave. They come to Chandra and say that Bhagat refused to escape. Chandra says I knew he will do this, now I shall meet him when I get him out of the jail. Bhagat, Rajguru and Sukhdev meet Mahor, Malka and Batukeshwar in the jail. Bhagat says they are also prisoners, maybe they got caught. Rajguru asks who will be with Azad now. Malka says we should have freed them before, Chandra is alone there.

They all hug. Bhagat asks how are you all here, where is Chandra. Malka says new people are joining Chandra. Bhagat says we have to keep this fight here. Batukeshwar says yes, my life will be spent in this jail, I can’t help the country now. Rajguru asks why do you agree, we have to make the nation free. Genda asks them to have a talk, he will come later. Bhagat says the fight isn’t over, you are lucky to get the freedom day and live. Mahor says the freedom history won’t get complete without you. Bhagat says we have to fight for more such things for a free nation. Chandra asks the guy to go and meet Yashpal. Veer hides and looks on. Chandra says you shouldn’t talk about place in between crowd. The man says I made a mistake. Chandra sees Veer hiding and says that was Veer. The man says I didn’t see him before, I can’t know. Veer goes.

Chandra tries to see. Veer comes to John and says Chandra went to the park, I have heard this and followed him too, we shouldn’t delay. John asks inspector to go and check, if Azad is there, then inform us. Tikaram asks inspector to take sketch. Inspector says I have seen his face, he can’t see me there. John asks Tikaram to take force. John says if we kill Azad today, you will be taken care of, for the rest of your life. Veer gets glad. Bimal asks Bhagat to pray to Lord, as his death day is coming close. Bhagat says I didn’t pray to Lord ever. Bimal says you will die at a young age, I wish I could stop this, youth like you is needed by this country. Bhagat says sometimes death does what a long age doesn’t do, my sacrifice won’t go in vain, I regret that many things will be left unfulfilled. Bimal says I think for your parents, how will they get the strong heart. Chandra says they will handle this sorrow, they have seen their elders dying, they will cry for sure, but they will always be proud. Bimal cries for him.

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