Chandrakanta (Life OK) 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Marich Reveals His Secret

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 27th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha, Virendra and Baawni reaches outside Talismi mountain. Chandrakantha says Virendra it is his face on talisman and he has to open it with his magical powers. Virendra says he does not have any powers and Chandrakantha instead saved them via Baawni’s powers. Chandrakantha says her hands were tied and she could not play flute and call Baawni, it his powers instead which saved them, he should open talism now. Virendra says if she says so, he will do anything for her. On the other side, Krur tells Shivdutt that they have to kill Virenda and get talisman powers, else he will get it before them. Nazim comes and says he bought talismi book which has talismi secret and only who can open talism can read it. Krur says he will read it as e is most intelligent here. He opens book and anxiously says he cannot understand it. Shyamala says apart from Virendra, only Marich can read this book as he has seen talism before.

Virendra, Chandrakantha, and Baawni reach in front of talism and a storm surrounds them and vanishes immediately. They are surprised. Baawni says it is sign that talism is calling him with extended hands. Chandrakantha says it is a sign of something. On the other side, Shivdutt with his team goes to tied Marich and says he cannot see his condition, so he came to free him. Marich says nobody favors anyone for free, what he wants. Shivdutt says he is really worried about him and freed him, he is keeping only sand timer for his safety. Krur speaks says Shivdutt is a loser and cruel, but he is Marich’s son, so he should help him. He shows talismi book and says it has talismi secret and Marich can read it. Marich reads book and asks where did they find it. Shivdutt says in rani Padvika’s room. Marich says it has all the secret to reach talism for Virendra. Shivdutt asks him to take him there. Krur says Shivdutt is his blood, so he should take him to talism. Shivdutt says he will own it. Krur tells Marich that once they get talism, they will share it and kick out Shivutt.

Virendra with Chandrakantha and Baawni sees storm again and Soundarya, Yaksh, Parijaat, etc. laughing on them. Virendra says they are all dead, how can they emerge again, it is magic. Baawni joins them. Virendra and Chandrakantha are shocked and see Marich emerging in mountain. Marich brings Shivdutt and team. Shivdutt walks happily thinking he will get talism, but returns saying there is nothing there. Marich says they reached late as Virendra has already reached here and shows him far away. Virendra is shocked seeing mountain turning into Marich’s face and greeting him. Marich emerges and say Bawni, Paijaath, Sounday, etc., are all his illusions. Virendra realizes that Marich is locked in talisman and did all this trick and magic to free himself. Shivdutt hears their conversation and is shocked to see that even Shyamala was an illusion created by Marich and thinks he does not need talisma now. Krur returns and says he did not want to leave Shivdutt alone. Shivdutt tells him whole story and says everything was illusion and he does not need talism now and will go far away. Krur says he will be his true friend and accompany him. They both leave.

Marich insists Virendra to break talism and free him. Virendra says captured in talism he destroyed so much, if he comes out, he will wreck havoc whole world, so he will not fee him. Marich insists. Chandrakantha says Virendra is right and supports him. Virendra throws sword on illusion and walks with Chandrakantha. Marich says he is human and cannot escape, throws magic rope and captures Virendra. Virendra angrily breaks rope. Marich captures Chandrakantha next. Chandrakantha pleads Virendra to save her. He runs to save her, but she is flown away towards talism. Marich says if he has to get Chandrakantha, he has to break talism and free him. Virendra shouts Chandrakantha and panics.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Will second season air??
    A very sad news disappointed ending. .??


    Too sad end and even too confusing… all of sudden whole story turned upside down.. and what happened to champa, chapla, tej singh and moreover incomplete end… I am totally confused with last episode…
    I think they ended due to channel ending.. but why did they show incomplete ending?????

    1. Yes incomplete ending.. Plz ????Tell me [email protected] my id

  3. whats dis.. is any further to show? .. no idea about next or wheather is dis s the end? disappointed.

  4. Recent information added that there might be no second season at all, this is confirmed by Karur Singh, very much upset it was a very favourite show of mine. How trashy is Ekta’s Chandrakanta, sadly enough, that is continuing and the better is ending for no good.????

    1. Mona146

      oh is i was expecting second season infact this whole i was waiting for it knowing it may not come…………………….so sad. content and quality of making was rich unlike colors version.. No idea why channel decided to close it.

  5. We never got to see what we wanted to.
    N2 ended on a sad news n now this……..
    There should be a s2 as story is incomplete and it needs a good ending
    Never did we see the union n now finished?
    It’s a pity…………. ?

  6. Star Bharat replaced Life OK and now star is launching all shitty shows on that too. Indian television cannot come over from those idiotic singing, dancing and saas bahu theme..hell to star

  7. ????? this was such a great show and one of my favorite couples ever!!! They are so beautiful together!!!

  8. Plz tell me next episode.
    My family favorite show.

  9. I Am Very Angry,And Also Feeling Upset And Sad To Know That This Serial Is Ended On The Way.I Want To Know That What Happened Next To Virendra And Chandrakanta And Tej Singh And Chapala And How Chandrakanta Or Virendra Will Be Married Or Not,Will Virendra Save Chandrakanta And Broke Tilism Or Not.That Is The Very Important,And Main Scene Of The Show That Star Bharat Will Sucked.Shraddha If We Along Together Make A Team And Complaint To Star Team.Then,The Team Will Take Our Complaint And Do Something For The Such As Interesting Show Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta For This Serial Lovers Or Fans.Please Shraddha This Is The Only One Way To Start This Serial.

  10. I agree with you Ayush, I am very much upset too, really missing the show

    1. Thanks,Nabanita For Agree With Me.But 2 People (Me Or You) Is Not More(Zyada) To Complaint Star Team.If We Have At Least 5 Or More People To Complaint Then The Star Team Will Do Anything For Chandrakanta Serial Lovers.If We Have More Than More Quantity Of People Then The Star Team Will Do Something Faster Than Faster.Nabanita Please Leave Your Gmail Email ID Or FB Email ID For Future Contacting About This Serial.

    2. Araan7260

      i request starbharat for making season 2 by tweeting you know we even made a trend to save the show & to have a season 2 but we were 4 or 5 not enough no one joined us
      any ways we fans can tweet or send our requests to starbharat through facebook twitter & Instagram if we all request maybe something happens just like kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi which season 2 is coming by public demand
      our favorite show Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta absolutely needs a second season because everything remains ambiguous & incomplete and starbharat doesnt have weekend show they can bring chandrakanta season 2 for those days

    3. Please let us know the platform to complaint dear

  11. Very bad ending, most of the serials in life Ok has no ending

  12. I watch serial chandrakanta life ok end where i watch


    We are not happy at all with the incomplete ending of the favorite show .
    You are requested to kindly pl. CONTINUE IT…………. TILL THE END.
    Hope you may HEAR my request along with above group.
    With regards

    1. Mona146

      exactly like siye ke ram they should complete it till the end.

  14. Prabhat Shukla

    Yes we are really disappointed
    We have to complain regarding to it to star channel
    And request star bharat to make its season 2

  15. Yeh serial kyu bandh kar di…..????
    Mujhe ye serial dekhani hai…..!!!!
    Channel wapis start karie aur prem ya paheli…. .. Chandrakanta serial wahi se start kijie….. Pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  16. my favorite show….plzzzzz bring it back…..

  17. Is there any email id to vent out our voice??? Or any other platform?

    1. Araan7260

      Dear Nabanita
      i dont know about emails but we can send our requests through twitter & facebook & Instagram of star bharat
      but you know i have no hope if they have decided something they will deferentially do that (what they want)

  18. They can at least complete the story and show and star on hotstar app at least if there is no channel they can telecast on the app.

    1. Mona146

      true but perhaps they are not permitted to do so.

  19. Please dont start start like this incomplete? serial.please complete the story.

  20. plz bring back this show on star Bharat or hot star app. I Loved this Show

  21. Awful Ending ??????

  22. Abhishek yadav

    mai kuch nahi janta chandrakanta life ok serial ko dubara start kijiye koiki kahaani complete kijiye
    i loved this serial

  23. Commenting Here Star Team Will Not Hear Our Voice Or Not See Our Words.Dear Freinds,Please Do Not Waste The Time,Complain Our Complaints To Star Team On The Star Team Email ID Or By Posting Our Complain Letters To Star Team Corporate Address Or By Contacting On There Customare Care Number.Address~(Star India Private Limited,Star House,Urmi Estate,95,Ganpatrao Kadam Marg,Lower Parel,West Mumbai~400013),Email [email protected],Customer Care No.~(+912266305555 Or +912267227777).

    1. Araan7260

      Thank you dear i send my request through email
      lets try our best hope Our effort responds

  24. what nonsense is this?I dont understand why the makes not completed the show…??
    There must be a new season…

  25. Please do something for the show chandrakanta. It’s my favorite… I miss them a lot…..

    1. Araan7260

      i share the informatin that dear Ayush Sinha gave us in twitter- facebook – Instagram & indiaforums all are sending requests to starbharat maybe something happens & we would get a result
      Lets hope for best

  26. Please bring back the show…its my family fav. Show….chndrakanta colors lead roles are ok leads are best couple on screen…..?

  27. Please restart the show my family Feb show

  28. Dear Araan My Friend,Me And You Is Not More To Complain Star Team,The Team Will Not Hear Our Voice Or See(Read) Our Words Of Two Such Peoples(Me And You).Araan,If We Have More And More Peoples At Least 10 Peoples Then They Will Do Something(countinue from till stop or make a new season).Dear,Araan Do All The Methods To Complain Write Letter And Post,Write Mail,e.t.c Do Every Methods To Bring Back The Show.Dear Araan,Please Leave Your GMail ID For That I Can Contact With You For The Serial.

  29. Araan7260

    Dear Ayush Sinha
    of course i will try Every Methods try my best
    by the way they reply me & one of friends in facebook told us as now there is no plan of making season 2 but we decide that we will try again & again maybe they change their mind
    you know lots of this show’s fans didn’t know that show has been finished maybe now they try too and we can do something together for this wonderful show
    [email protected] is my Email ID my friend & [email protected] is my twitter handle & in facebook i am Ayrin Azizi you can give me honor & come there too

    1. I am not able to locate you araan, it is showing blank profile?

    2. Araan7260

      maybe there is a problem i dont know about it other friends try it they found me easily & there was no problem can you try again my friend? you can search for Ayrin Azizi in FB searching part you will find me & in twitter you can search [email protected]

  30. Guys thank you so much for the details I will write to them, let us put all effort and hope for the best, why don’t we message Nikhil shah directly, does anyone has his FB I’d??? Aran and Ayush any help??

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