Chandrakanta (Life OK) 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Tej and Chapala Fall into A Trap

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 12th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krur Singh steals Virendra’s idol and warns Tej Singh to stop, else he will break the idol. He throws it in air. Chandrakantha gets worried seeing that, reminisces Yaksh’s warning not to let it break, and pleads Krur to not break it, she will do whatever he says. Krur says nobody broke anyone’s heart like she did, but he loves her still. Shivdutt asks Krur to give him that idol. Krur says belongs to him now, better he stands where he is. Chandrakantha says his goal will is not Virendra’s idol, so he should return it. Krur says everyone knows they need talism powers and talism needs yuvraj Virendra, Bavani will come under control with idol. Midget says nobody can control Bavani. Krur continues his drama. Tej warns him t do as midget says, else they will not reach Bavani Krur says even he knows that and tells midget that he knows he is a genius, will he take him to Bavani. Midget say never and scolds Tej and Chandrakantha that they promised they will protect him but could not, so he will go. Krur Singh runs behind him and requests to stop. Midget say Tej he will help them, but they should keep him away Chandrakantha rom this buffalo kind of man. Krur promises he will stay away and says let us go.

Shivdutt asks Krur if he has to take them all. Krur says once he gets talism powers, he will marry Chandrakantha. He says he will not leave Chandrakantha alone here, else if Bavani sees her, he will fall for her beauty. Shivdutt says he is asking to drop Tej and Chapala here, if Veer comes back to his real form, he will not spare them. Krur scolds Nazim and Ahmed and orders them to tie Tej and Chapala to a tree. They both stop Tej and Chapala and says boss told to tie them to tree. Tej asks if they have gone mad. Krur warns if they don’t obey him, he will break Virendra’s idol. Tej relaxes Nazim get rope via magic and ties Tej and Chapala. Krur asks Chandrakantha not to worry, she will go with him. Krur tells Tej that animals will love his and Chapala’s flesh. Shivdutt asks where is midget. Krur orders his puppets to find midget. They find midget resting under tree and call Krur. Krur angrily tries to stamp him, but stops seeing him awake and says he crushed an insect, if they can continue their traveling now. Midget says he was waiting for them and says let us go. Krur thinks if he finds Bavani, he will make this monkey dance to his tune.

Krur, his puppets, and others follow midgt. Krur feels uneasy and says puppets he has to go where everyone would like to go. Nazim asks to give it to him. Krur asks everyone to wait for him, and if they move, he will break Veer’s idol into pieces. He then runs to unload himself. Shivdutt walks towards puppets. They warn him not to come near them. Shivdutt says he just wants to see Virendra’s idol closely. Chandrakantha warns not to drop idol, else Krur singh will kill them. Scorpion climbs Nazim and he jumps. Krur comes and takes idol from him and asks Shivdutt why he does not understand. Their drama continues.

Midget continues taking them all praising Bhavani. Chandrakantha asks him to stop praising Bavani and tell how will they reach Bavani. Midget says there are 2 routes, one is short which is very tough and nobody crossed it to reach Bavani yet. Krur asks what about other route. Midget says it is very long with many jungles and mountains on the way. Chandrakantha says they will go via short route. Krur says it is very dangerous. Chandrakantha says she does not care and asks to give her Virendra’s idol. Shivdutt asks him to give idol. Krur says he is not afraid at all and is worried about them, let us go. They continue following midget. Shivdutt thinks these dangerous routes will give him a chance to snatch idol from Krur. Flying plants try to capture them, but they escape. They then pss via burial grounds. Tej and Chapala try to free themselves. Chapala says Chandrakantha is alone between enemies, if he cannot use his ayyari. Tej says he knows, she should keep quiet for a minute. Ghosts surround them.

Chandrakantha and others reach fire river. Midget says their destiny is on the other side of fire river. Shivdutt asks if he has gone mad. Midget says he is not, it is river of death and should return. Chandrakantha says she will not and will cross it. Midget says she is very brave and can do anything to save her love, till she finds a way to cross river, he will rest. Krur boasts that he is very ingelligent and alert and has a plan to cross river. He gets rope and throws it other side. His puppets praise him. Rope burns and he jumps in fear. Shivdutt says there is a mountain and if they break its tip, they can cross fire river easily. Shyamala says she can break mountain easily. Chandrakantha sees stones flying on fire river, throws one and says there is magnetic field down and stones have also magnetic field, so they will repulse each other. Shivdutt asks Shyamala to break mountain. She does with her magical powers. Stones repulse in air. Chandrakantha says now they can cross it easily. Midget wakes up and says let us go. Krur says he is elder, so he should go first Midget jumps on stones and crosses mountain. Chandrakantha follows him followed by others. Krur slips and shouts Rajkumari ji…He drops Virendra’s idol. It flies towards Chandrakantha. He jumps and catches it. Everyone relax seeing that. Chandrakantha crosses river followed by Krur and his puppets. Stones fall down Shivdutt with Shyamala cannot cross and shouts he will not spare them.

Tej sees stone near Chapala’s foot and asks her to drag it. She does. Ghosts surround them. Chapala asks Tej to do something soon. Shivdutt asks Shyamala to do something, else they will be stuck here and Chandrakantha will meet her goal. Chandrakantha, midget, Krur and puppets continue to walk and see human skeletons. Midget pleads Bavani to forgive him, they forced him to bring them here. Chandrakantha asks who is there, she cannot see anyone. Midget says Bavani does not want them to see, but he is seeing them. Chandrakantha pleads Bavani that she came with big hope, Virendra has turned into idol, only Bavani can help them. Midget says Bavani is asking what will he get in return. Krur asks if he can speak to Bavani and says even has been rejected in love and if he gets Bavani out of curse, he will get blessings. Midget says Bavani agreed and asked to bathe Virendra’s idol in lake nearby. They all walk towards lake. Ghosts head towards Tej and Chapala. They both free themselves. Tej uses magic, but nothing happens to ghosts. Ghosts says they ran away from Bavani last time who was standing behind him. Tej realizes Midget Bhola is Bavani.

Bhola/Bavani takes Chandrakantha and others near lake and asks them to drop idol in lake. He thinks he does not even help himself, now Chandrakantha will end her yuvraj’s life herself.

Precap: Bhola/Bavani turns into monster and sucks Virendra’s idol and says now Chandrakanta herself will destroy her love. He troubles Chandrakantha’s team.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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      true its boring…………….esp they are showing stupid tracks before closure.

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    Thriller episode…
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