Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer Gets Surender Singh’s Sword

Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi tries to pull sword stuck in stone, but is unable to. Sword’s protector emerges who informs only Raja Surender Singh or his heir can lift it, asks does she have any heir left. Veer on the other side tells Chandrakantha that maa needs baba/father’s sword. Chandrakantha asks which sword. Veer says there is baba’s sword. Bhadramaa tells she knows about that sword and tells its story that Raja Surender singh’s ancestors got that sword from Vishnuji and was passed on to next generation. Hirnasur demanded sword from Surender Singh, else he will kill his citizens. Surender Singh hands over sword to Hirnasur. Lightning falls on Hirnasur and sword flies to sky. A piece of sword falls on floor. Surender takes it to Vishnu temple. Vishnu ji turns sword piece in to magical/talismi knife, which later went to Ratnaprabha. On the other side, Iravathi returns to Hirnasur who reminds that she cannot lift sword without Surender Singh’s heir, so only Veer can lift sword. Iravathi says Veer will obey her orders as her soul’s part is in Veer.

Chandrakantha informs Veer that Iravathi’s soul’s part is in him, so he can feel and see what Iravathi is doing, Iraavathi will come to take back her soul, so he should stay inside for some time. Veer asks if he kills himself, Iravathi’s will also be destroyed. Chandrakantha stops him and warns to dare not to do any mistake and think of her and her child. Once Chandrakantha leaves, Veer feels severe stomach pain and looks himself into mirror and sees a mark on his chest which is increasing slowly. Servants bring fruits for him. He wears back dress and stands normally. Bhadramaa tells Veer she can help him get his father’s sword. Veer agrees. Chandrakantha returns. Veer pampers her and gives her hypnotic laced fruit. Chandrakantha falls asleep.

Tej and Gehna’s romance starts. Tej asks Gehna what she is hiding in her smile. Gehna says she is worried that Iravath will kill them all. Tej consoles her. On the other side, Bhadramaa takes sword protecting guard’s family’s belongings and walks to Veer. She blindfolds Veer and asks if he is ready to travel with her and get magical sword. Veer agrees and walks with her blindfolded. Veer falls down, but gets up and walks. They reach magical wall and cross it reaching magical jungle. Iravathi tries to watch Veer’s move, but cannot due to Bhadrmaa’s magic. Veer walks in cold jungle. Iravathi feels cold feet and realizes Veer is in magical jungle and is heading to get magical sword.

Chandrakantha wakes up and feels lightheaded, realizes Veer gave her hypnotic laced fruit and went to Bhadramaa to get sword. She tries to leave. Tej and Gehna enter. She informs them whole thing. They accompany her to search Veer and Bhadramaa. Bhadramaa takes Veer near evil cave and showing belongings calls sword protecting souls to come and take them. They don’t emerge. She warns she will burn all belongings then. They emerge and warn to return them. Bhadrmaa asks to take them near sword then. They warn only its heir can go. veer says he is Surender’s heir and he follows them. Umang follows them and informs Chandrakantha via magic. Guards take Veer near sword. Veer prays and says he is Surender’s heir and needs sword. He hears war sound. Bhadramaa tricks guards and enters. Veer extends hand to lift sword. Bhadramaaa warns him to stop as Iravathi is somewhere here. Veer pulls sword. Iravathi emerges and hypnotizes Veer. Bhadramaa warns Veer not to look into Iravathi’s eyes, but he does and gets hypnotized. Veer heaads towards Bhadramma to kill her. She runs. Chandrakantha with Tej and Gehna reach there and stop Veer’s attack with magical knife.

Precap: Veer attacks Chandrakantha, she falls down. Someone stops Veer

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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