Chandrakanta (Colors) 8th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Narsimha Fails to Kill Hirnasur

Chandrakanta (Colors) 8th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha meets Swamiji and showing him magical book asks to tell meaning of the words in this book and save her husband people/praja. Swamiji says life and death is in god’s hand and they cannot do anything. She asks why not, he killed veil last time. Swamijji asks if Narsimha came She says yes. He repeats the words written in book without reading book. She asks how does he know. He explains meaning. She says exactly same is written in this book. Swamiji explains words again. She thanks him for helping. Swamiji says he showed her a way, now she should complete her duty. Chandrakantha
Returns to a place where has collapsed after Hirnasur’s attack. She calls him and asks to wake up as he is Narsimha. She explains what Swamiji told. Veer wakes up and grips Hirnasur in air. She continues encouraging Veer and says evil will die today, in previous times, evil was killed, even now Hiransuri will be dead. Veer throws Hirnasur in air. He falls down, but wakes up again. Chandrakantha is shocked how can it be, it is the exact time Swamiji told, how can he not die. Hirnasur attacks Narsimha/Veera and pins him on earth with his feet. Iravathi says her husband is dead now. Environment changes. Chandrakantha tells Tej they should save Veer now. Hirnasur grips Veer and warns Chandrakantha to save her husband if she can. Narsimha becomes Veer again. Hirsnasur throws Veer on floor and creates fire around Veer to kill him. Chandrakantha gets worried for Veer.

Iravathi flies on her magical mattress and wards off fire. Swayam/Hirnasur asks why dud she save Veer. She says she is Veer’s mother and cannot see him dying. She then laughs and says she has saved Veer many times, but he tried to kill her, so she will give him a bad death. She orders soldiers to take Veer, Chandrakantha and their whole team to palace. They are all taken to palace tried in chains. Iravathi says she will give Veer a bad death and will crown her son Swayam. Chandrakantha confronts and says she is world’s worst mother and is unfit to be called a mother. Iravathi orders to get Chandrakantha ready as bride, once she will kill Veer, she wants to see Chandrakantha as widow. Maids drags Chandrakantha to a room and lock room. Chandrakantha thinks how can Veer not kill Swayam even when he is Narsimha. According to Swayamiji, environment was same, then what happened here,how is Iravathi saving Swayam. Swayam tries to remove his Hirnasur’s head gear. Iravathi asks not to remove it. He asks why. She says this symbol will be his identity, it will be his crown as a king. She thinks how to tell him that he is rakshas Hirnasur’s son. Chandrakantha thinks how to find out this secret, she has to take someone’s help, she should Tej and Umang’s help.

Tej and Umang in village asks ironsmith to sharpen their knife. Ironsmith says Iravathi has announced to kill Veer tonight, he can help them enter palace. Tej writes a letter for Chandrakantha that they are coming to save her and Veer via ironsmith. Gehna brings food for Chandrakantha crossing Iravathi’s magical barrier. Chandrakantha says she does not want to eat it, then thinks she has to for her child.. She sees Gehna’s hand injured and asks what happened to her. Gehna walks away without speaking. Chehek bird brings Tej’s message, but cannot enter in. Chandrakantha picks letter and tries to go out, but she could not. She thinks something has happened to Gehna, she is acting weird, she has to taken her help. Tej tells Umang that something is hidden which even Swamiji could not see. Chandrakantha thinks Swayam must be having a secret which she does not know, maybe his birth, his father, his father raja Surendra singh who killed evil..She has to find out answer. Tej tells Umang that Aghoris can answer their questions. Umang says Aghoris eat human. Tej says yes, but they have to go there to save Chandrakantha and Veer. Gehna gives new clothes and prpeapres bath tub for Chandrakantha and asks to take bath and wear these clothes, leave her old clothes in trunk, else Iravathi will not spare her. Chandrakantha thinks what happened to her, why she is not identifying her. Gehna walks away to throw her old clothes in trunk.

Tej and Umang head to meet Aghoris Umang starts his drama and gets afraid seeing falling leaves, bats, etc. They see evil sign and Tej says this is Aghoris place, they have to enter there disguised. He goes near door while Umang continues panicking. Gehna returns to Chandrakantha’s room and hearing water sound thinks Chandrakantha is bathing, so she should take trunk. Chandrakantha hides in trunk and gets out of magical protection with Gehna. Tej entes Aghor’s cave wearing invisible shawl while they are asleep. Aghori wakes up smelling Tej and catches him, says nobody can fool aghoris. Umang thinks Tej is always caught and he has to save him always. Aghori says nobody can enter their cave, he can eat Tej. Tej says he will see how will he eat, he has Chandrakantha who has immense powers via magical dagger. Umang disguised as Chandrakantha walks in and warns to free Tej, else she will kill them. Tej shows Hiransur sign and asks what is this sign. Sadhu says it is mark which has a long story. Tej asks to tell whole story in 30 minutes.

In palace, Chandrakantha thinks why Gehna is acting weird. She hides seeing Iravathi coming and thinks she has to go out of palace and reach Tej and Umang. Iravathi punishes Gehna and says she is her servant and asks where is Chandrakantha. Gehna says in her room bathing. Iravathi says just after 1 shift hour, she will do what will make her most powerful evil. She orders soldiers to spread Swayam’s asur mark in whole Vijaygarh village. Chandrakantha walks out of Gehna’s room and hears servants talking tonight Iravathi will destroy Vishnu temple, whose pooja will do from hereon. Chandrakantha determines to save Vishnu temple.

Precap: Chandrakantha tells Swayam that Narsimha will kll him, he cannot see what she is seeing. He grips her hair and says he sees her and Veer’s death. Iravathi is seen in Devi’s avatar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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