Chandrakanta (Colors) 6th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Defeats Iravathi

Chandrakanta (Colors) 6th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi leaves cave without informing Hirnasur even after his warning. Hiransur shouts in anger and sends his aide to bring Iravathi. Chandrakantha and Veer meet Magasyagadh raja and asks how is work going on. He says it is going on a fast pace. They see Tej and Umang teaching sword fighting to villager. Tej purposefully gets defeated from a girl to boost her morale. Iravathi throws stone in water and returns to cave, says Hirnasur let us go out now. He shouts why did she go out without informing him. She says she is not his servant to obey him, he is just helping her get Veer and Chandrakantha, she does not like defeat, just follow him. They both outside magasyagarh palace and try to break its wall, but cannot. Hiransur tries to destroy maata’s idol, but cannot. Iravathi orders evil soldiers to break walls and get in. Chandrakantha with her team wait inside palace. Evils break wall and walk in. Chandrakantha fights with Iravathi and pins her down on wall when Hirnasur stabs Umang. Uma calls Chandrakantha for help and collapses. Chandrakantha fights with Hirnasur. Evil soldiers attack Tej, Bhadramaa, Gehna and kill them. Chandrakantha cries this is all because of her. Veer reaches there. Hirnasur and Iravathi attack them from behind. They fall down and crawl towards each other calling each other’s name. Hirnasur, Iravathi and evil soldiers laugh on their victory. Chandrakantha and her team’s bodies disappear. Iravathi shouts Chandrakantha tricked her and escaped, where is she now.

Chandrakantha with her team walks to Magasyagarh king and thanks him for helping them. King says he did not do anything, she is the one who is protecting her people and is like Krishna for her people. They see Irvathi and Hirnasur killing her and her people. Veer says Chandrakantha’s plan worked, mom is tired fighting and now he will go in front of her. Chandrakantha says first she will help her people settle in Madasyasgarh. Her images goes in front of Iravathi and taunts her that she lot again. Iravathi says she tricked her. Chandrakantha says when Iravathi did not trick people. She creates huts and food for them. They thank her for saving their lives. Veer takes Chandrakantha aside.

Hirnasur points weapon on Iravathi’s neck and asks what happened to her promises now, she failed miserably, he trusted her and came on earth/prithvi lok, it is because if he had stayed in pataal lok. Iravathi asks him to go back, she is alone capable of defeating her enemies. Hirnasur taunts that she could not save her son and cannot defeat her enemies. Iravathi continues shouting to go away. Veer on the other side asks Chandrakantha why did she plan to fight Iravathi without informing them, she is pregnant and cannot risk her life. Gehna asks to let Chandrakantha also speak. Iravathi goes out and asks universal power to enter a bowl, and all powers get into a bowl. She thinks now she will see how Chandrakantha will defeat her. Bhadrmaa with Gehna goes near river bank and collects white pebbles. Gehna asks if these are same pebbles which are used during meditation. Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha has do to rigorous meditation. She also says they have to fool Veer and other boys and takes Chandrakantha out. Gehna says she is expert in fooling boys. Veer with Tej and Umang does not let Chandrakantha out of hut even when she tries drama and keeps Tej and Umang as guards outside hut. Madasyagarh king asks Veer to help him turn salt water into potable water with magic. Veer walks with him. Iravathi walks with Gehna and asks her to lure Tej and Umang now, gives fruits via magic. Gehna walks towards them.

Iravathi does black magic again and fills magical power in a stone. Whole river water turns into lava. Gehna walks holding huge fruit basket and cries it is heavy. Tej heart melts towards her. She falls and shouts she sprained her leg. Bhadramaa walks into hut silently and gets Chandrakantha out of hut. Veer stops them and says when Veer loves someone, he guards them well, did she think he would trust Tej and Umang alone and scolds Bhadrmaa that only he will go on war and not Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says she is well prepared with a plan and knows what Iravathi will do. Veer asks if maa informed her plan. Bhadramaa says she informed what Iravathi would do. Veer insists Chandrakantha tell her plan. Gehna laughs on Tej and Umang. Umang goes to inform Veer while Tej runs behind Gehna and their romance starts.

Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji’s idol while Veer looks at her from behind and reminisces their first meeting. Chandrakantha shows him aarti. He does aarti on her and unborn child instead. She asks when will he take aarti. He says first his family and then him. Veer says he is worried for her and child. Chandrakantha says Vishnuji will help them, they just have to do their job and leave rest to Chandrakantha. Veer hugs her, and she looks at Vishnuji’s idol.

Precap: Iravathi does black magic and creates evil Swayam. She says can Chandrakantha hear her son Swayam has returned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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