Chandrakanta (Colors) 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer And Chandrakantha Come Closer

Chandrakanta (Colors) 5th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha tells Umang that Veer tells he did magic and saved her, but his mother troubles her so much. He says he loves her, but wanders behind other woman, she saw Champa coming out of his bathroom. Umang says yes, so she should test him. He fills juice in 2 glasses and adds a magic elixir in red glass. Chandrakantha asks what did he mix. Umang says it will force Veer to tell only truth. On the other side, Iravathi tells Veer that he has to kill Chandrakantha if he has to save his mother. She says she loves him more than her real son and knows he would not disappoint her. Umang asks Chandrakantha to serve red glass and know what is in his mind. Veer enters. Chandrakantha falls on him and gets romantic. He asks what is she doing. She says she is following their wedding. He asks if he knows what it means, dances with her sensuously and says she has to follow this and moves aside. She gets closer to him and gives him juice. He says if she knows him well, he does not like it. He walks aside, but then says he will drink her favorite juice and gulps red glass juice. They both dance sensuously again on Teri Deewangi song again and then part ways. Chandrakantha ssays she could not understand him at all, sometimes he loves her and other times he pushes her away. Veer says she does not look like a fisherwoman, she is so beautiful and possesses magic, she wants to kill his mother and is ayyara.

Irvathi holding magical knife’s cover laughs that Ratnaprabha tried to hide her daughter, but her daughter is here and will herself give knife to her. Once she gets knife, she will kill Chandrakantha at once. Champa comes there. Iravathi asks if she found spies to spy Chandrakantha. Champa says yes and thinks why she wants to spy Chandrakantha, Chandrakantha must not be a fisherwoman and some important person.

Chandrakantha and Veer get inebriated and reveal each other’s secrets. Veer tells that his mother wants to kill her. Chandrakantha says his mother does not like her like a typical saas and troubles her so much, her breath stops seeing her, but she will prove her that she is best match of her son. Their romance continues. Teri continues. They walk to water area and get more romantic. Veer says he does not love her. Chandrakantha asks Umang what did he give. Umang says he mistakenly gave love elixir to both. She returns to Veer. Umang thinks of saving Chandrakantha by making Veer unconscious, but magic hits Chandrakantha and she falls unconscious. Umang gets tensed. Veer lifts her and lies her on bed and draws courtains around her. Teri deewangi…song..continues. Umang waits outside room to guard Chandrakantha and falls asleep. Champa walks thinking of finishing Chandrakantha. She falls on him and shouts that is he doing here and tries to walk in. Umang says he will not let her go in, it is couple’s room. She warns she will make him rat. He says he will make her monkey to cockroach. Their fight continues.

Chandrakantha wakes up in the morning and feels lightheaded. She tries to remember what happened last night. She sees her dress changed and thinks who changed them. Veer sees her awake and thinks what must have happened last night, what will he say if she asks. He tries to leave. Chandrakantha stops him and asks what happened last night. He comes closer to her and says she came closer to him, very closer, very closer, and then said.. She anxiously asks what.. He says she said I hate you Chandrakantha asks what and hopes she would not have told that. He says she hate him so much, so even he hates her. He angrily walks. She sits on sofa fuming and keeps her hand down. Sofa catches fire. She shouts for help. Veer comes back running. She hopes fire ceases and throws her hand in air mimicking magic and fire ceases. Veer watches that and thinks she is a big magician.

Iravathi calls Aina and shouts if she died. Aina comes. Irvathi yells if she went on enemy’s side and asks what was she doing in kitchen. Aina says she was trying to force Chandrakantha to do mistake by offering her help, but Chandrakantha is self-determined and did not take help at all. She continues that Chandrakantha is the real heir of magical knife. Iravathi gets angry. Aina says once Chandrakantha gets knife, Iravathi can snatch it from her. Their discussion continues.

Veer does pushups on burning coal reminiscing Chandrakantha’s words. Iravathi enters and gives him hypnotic medicine mixed milk. He asks why at this time. She says she did not meet him since days and he is always busy with Chandrakantha, so she thought of getting him his favorite milk. She reminds him tonight he has to execute his plan. Chandrakantha with Umang searches Veer and fumes that he his husband is not near him now. They hear maids discussing that Veer is exercising on burning coal and his muscles look awesome. They both head towards gym. Iravathi tells Veer that he will bring Chandrakantha to her tonight and she will finish Chandrakantha and remove her black magic from her. Veer says as she says and leaves. Iravathi thinks she added black magic also in drink and he will do whatever she says. Veeer walks reminiscing time spent with Chandrakantha and his mother emotionally blackmailing him. Chandrakantha continues him.

Precap: Tej informs Veer that Chandrakantha’s father is ill and wants to meet her. Veer holds his neck and warns not to come between him and Chandrakantha and attacks Tej. Umang notices that and informs Chandrakantha that Veer is searching her madly and told Tej whoever comes between them will be finished. He confronts Iravathi that she did wrong by attacking Tej. Chandrakantha tells Iravathi it is wife’s duty to take care of husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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