Chandrakanta (Colors) 4th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha and Iravathi Enter Kaalna

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Umang hears Chandrakantha’s voice and searches it. He clears stone s and finds injured Tej, lifts him and asks how did he come here. On the other side, Iravathi asks Bhadrama to show what is in kaalnarak door apart from magical dagger. Bhadramaa shows visual and says there is not thing there except storm, Chandrakantha is misleading her. Iravathi says something is there for sure. Bhadramaa asks her not to worry as she has hostaged Chandrakantha. Veer fights with monster Swayam and asks Dhruv to stay aside as he is injured. He prays Vishnuji to protect Chandrakantha if something happens to him, attacks Swayam, but Swayam escapes and laughs. Dhruv becomes wild boar and attacks Swayam. Bhadrama suggests Iravathi to send Chandrakantha via kaalnark door as she cannot handle what is there. Iravathi asks what is it. Bhadramaa says Aghoris and reminds her last incident where they praised Chandrakantha’s prepared food. Iravathi says let us go then. Bhadramaa says she cannot go like that, they ask something in return. Iravathi says she is ready to give anything they want. Dhruv attacks Swayam. Chandrakantha trapped in a magical barrier in kitchen tries to free herself. Maid hears sound and runs away.

Tej tells Umang that Chandrakantha is real and she saved him risking her life. Umang says Chandrakantha risks her life always to protect friends. Tej says he will do anything to save her. They both walk into palace and disguise as soldiers. They see maid walking into kitchen and getting afraid hearing sound. Iravathi with Bhadramaa reaches aghori area. Bhadramaa warns Iravathi to back off even now, but she does not listen. They both are tied. Aghori comes and asks Iravathi why did she come here. Veer searches tiger and finds its steps on floor. Tiger attacks him. He escapes and thinks he has to take tiger to save Chandrakantha, remembers what Chandrakantha would do in this situation. He remembers last incident where she asks him to bend his head. He bends his head and requests tiger that he is maa sherwali’s vehicle and should help him in his mission. Tiger stops and walks with him.

Iravathi tells Aghoris if they help her get magical dagger, she will get them whatever they want via that dagger. Aghori says they don’t need her dagger, their powers are much superior as they are Shivji’s disciples. Iravathi agrees to give them whatever they want. Bhadramaa thinks Iravathi is mad, Aghoris can make dead alive and make alive dead, she is risking her life in greed of dagger. Veer runs with tiger towards monster Swayam and prays tiger that he is a combination of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswar’s powers and should help him save the world from evil Swayam. Tiger throws power on Swayam followed by Druv. Swayam falls far apart. Dhruv also falls from clff. He comes up and attacks Swayam again and falls back from cliff and hangs holding a tree bark with great difficulty. Veer runs to rescue him and finds him hanging, says he will save him. Dhruv asks him to let him go as he cannot come up. Veer throws vie and pulls him up. He then asks Dhruv to try to open Kaalnarak’s door. Dhruv triesand collapses. Umang and Tej search Chandrakantha in whole palace. Umang gets hungry seeing soldiers having fruits. Tej asks him to have something from kitchen, else his temptation will get them caught. Umang walks into kitchen and gets tempted seeing laddoo. He hears voice and thinks it is ghost. Chandrakantha hears his voice and makes taps thrice as indication. Umang does not understanding it and returns to Tej. Tej sees him tapping on thali. He says ghost is making same sound behind wall. Umang realizes it is an indication, rushes to kitchen, and breaks wall. They find Chandrakantha trapped in a magical circle and asks not to come near it. Tej breaks it magic and rescues her. She says let us go near kaalnarak door now.

Aghoris do pooja and open kaalnarak door. Iravathi says let her enter it. Aghori stops her and says she has to donate organ in return. Bhadra says Iravathi is a queen and will not give her organ. Aghori asks if she will give then. Iravathi takes dagger and cuts Bhadramaa’s leg, donating her leg. She then enters kaalnarak door. Chandrakantha also enters door. Veer with Dhrav also enters. Dhruv says now disaster will happen as Iravathi and Chandrakantha will fight for magical dagger. Their fight starts. Veer says his mother is very cruel, but Chandrakantha is very kind hearted, she saved Tej who is stranger for her and left dagger. Dhruv reminisces Iravathi telling they both will fight for dagger and if he wins, he can keep dagger and should kill Chandrakantha. Iravathi provokes Chandrakantha to fight and says she will kill her like she killed her mother.

Precap: Iravathi tells Chandrakantha that when her mother Ratnaprabha rejected her and Veer’s alliance, she killed Ratnaprabha, showing visuals. Chandrakantha cries. Iravati stabs her

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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