Chandrakanta (Colors) 3rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer And Iravathi’s Souls Are Connected

Chandrakanta (Colors) 3rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi invites evil powers to enter her body. Black clouds surround sky. Chandrakanatha holding box thinks what is in this box, why sadhu gave it to her, she tries to open it. Iravathi hiding behind tree thinks she has to enter her place before Chandrakanatha can see her. Chandrakanatha used magic on box, but it bounces and hits Iravathi. Iravathi hears her voice and thinks she has come. Iravathi tries to attack her back hiding, but thinks she has to get 2 parts of her soul, else she is not that powerful to attack Chandrakanatha. She walks into palace hiding. Chandrakanatha thinks she has to get all 7 parts of Iravathi’s soul. Veer wakes up dreaming of Iravathi entering palace. He runs out and asks soldiers if maa came. They say no. Veer uses his magical power and realizes Iravathi is in her room. He rushes to her room. Iravathi sees her room dirty and feels sad. She looks at mirror and get one part of her soul and walks out to get another. Umang sees Veer walking hurriedly and asks where is he going. Veer says maa is here. They both search Iravathi in her room and don’t find her. Iravathi opens trunk and picks a photo in which 2nd part of her soul is. Chandrakanatha walks in and says she cannot enter her palace without her noticing, she saw her already in jungle. Iravathi drops photo. Chandrakanatha picks it with magic. Iravathi escapes as black soul. Veer and others see her and attack, but Veer himself slips and gets hurts. Iravathi also feels pain, but escape. Bhadramaa says Iravathi is stil more powerful and can kill overpower 10 people. They all use magic to find her in vain.

Veer falls asleep again and dreams about Iravathi. He wakes up hearing Iravathi’s shout. Chandrakanatha asks what happened now. He asks if she heard a sound. Chandrakanatha says she saw Iravathi also feeling Veer’s pain, so wants to know how they are related. Iravathi looks at her mirror and says she will get her soul from this mirror and become powerful. Chandrakanatha reads book to find how Veer and Iravathi can feel pain simultaneously. Umang says they are mother and son. Chandrakanatha says Veer is not Iravathi’s biological son. Umang asks what will they do with photo. Iravathi tries to get her soul from mirror. A girl enters and gets mesmerized with mirror. She looks herself into mirror and sees Iravathi standing behind. She gets afraid and tries to escape, but Iravathi ties her and says she will not feel any pain at all and thinks she wanted an innocent small girl to get back her soul. Chandrakanatha gets romantic with Veeer and ties him on bed via magic and asks to close eyes and tell what he can see. Iravathi tries to get soul from mirror and it breaks, she then writhes in pain and Veer also feels pain. She then gets her soul into her body. Veer loses consciousness. Chandrakanatha recalls where Iravath’s 7 parts of soul are and realizes she has hidden 1 part in Veer, means if Iravathi dies, even Veer will die. She gets worried for Veer and decides not to kill Iravathi. Veer wakes up and asks w hat happened. Chandrakanatha says he fell asleep. He says he is feeling tired even then.

Umang with Tej enters and says he found way to destroy Iravathi’s soul, he will cut them into pieces. Chandrakanatha says no need for that as Iravathi already got 2 parts and is powerful. She runs from there and sitting under tree cries reminiscing all the recent incidents. Her inner self says she is abshaguni/inauspicious since childhood and her parents died after she was born, Veer will die and even she will. She shouts no. Umang brings photo and asks her to destroy photo soon. He feels black magic trying to control him and pleads to take it from him. She takes it. Veer with Tej and Gehna enters and says Chandrakanatha can destroy Iravathi’s soul. Chandrakanatha thinks if she kills Iravathi, even Veer will die, says she cannot do that. Umang says only a person who destroyed rakshas can destroy Iravathi. Chandrakanatha says means her son will destroy Iravathi, says she will not risk her son and thinks how to save Veer. She imagines a king who tells kings and queens keep citizens and dynasty the most, so she has to take decision.

Umang goes to Vishnu temple and prays Vishnuji for help. He sees secret jail where Veer became Narsimha. Chandrakanatha asks Veer and Bhadraa how will they find Iravathi. Veer closes eyes and sees Iravvathi running and then lifting herself in air. Iravathi thinks she has to get that thing. Dead soldiers stop her. She attacks them. Veer tells Chandrakanatha that Iravathi is fighting with soldiers. Iravathi warns soldiers to return her husband’s sword.

Precap: Bhadramaa warns Veeer not to look into Iravathi’s eyes. He looks and gets hypnotized and attacks Bhadramaa with sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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