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Chandrakanta (Colors) 30th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer hears Chandrakantha’s conversation and thinks a common fisherwoman loves magical prince or she has some other motto, he needs to find out. He walks into Chandrakantha’s room and says he needs to talk. Umang present with her leaves. Chandrakantha walks angrily. Veer apologizes for misbehaving with her under inebriation. She continues working angrily. He asks what happened now. She says he insulted her in front of everyone in rajsabha. He says he was inebriated and asks what she really wants, if she really loves him or not. She says no. He says then she can go away from his room and Vijaygarh. She says she will not go or Suryagarh’s dignity. He says she will stay in this room, but not with him and draws curtain between them with his magic. Champa hears their conversation standing near door and gets happy hearing that. Chandrakantha says she will stay here with a condition that he will not come near her. He says okay and walks out. Chandrakantha reminisces trying to kill her and thinks she will not let Iravathi ruin things and will find out what her next move is.

Iravathi fumes that fisherwoman is so intelligent and created curtain barrier now. Aina says he is trusting Veer so much, but he will be responsible for her death. Iravathi shouts she will kill that little sparrow/Chandrakantha. Champa hears that and thinks whom she is talking about. Iravathi sees her and scolds that she warned her not to enter her room without her permission, she will burn her into ashes. Champa leaves. Iravathi then vents anger on Aina and tries to break mirror. Aina writhes in pain and says she is trying to harm her, but cannot forgo the truth. Iravathi after sometime calls Kancha and orders him to go to kali pahadi/black mountain and invite people who love darkness and are love cursing.

Chandrakantha wakes up feeling someone’s touch and sees Aina there. Aina says she came to help her. Chandrakantha asks she is Iravathi’s loyal, why she wants to help her. Aina says Iravathi does not value her loyalty and she feels bad when Iravathi troubles her. Chandrakantha says she does not need her help. After sometime, Veer comes. Chandrakantha asks him to go out, she needs to change. He asks if she does not trust him. She says no. He draws curtain around her and says even if he want to, he cannot see her. She gets ready in a beautiful black dress. He returns and says she forgot wearing her chain and it is inauspicious. She wears and says she is Vijaygarh’s rajkumari and will follow all rules. Veer says she does not love him though. She says she is his wife though. He says maa is calling her in raj darbar.

Iravathi takes Veer and Chandrakantha outside palace to greet her guests. Aghoris come. Everyone bend and greet them except Chandrakantha. Aghori angrily holds her neck and shouts how dare she is not to greet them when everyone does, she will be cursed. Veer fumes, but stops seeing Iravathi. Chandrakantha says whoever are cunning and have done a sin will bend their neck, she has is not cunning and has nt done any sin. Aghori says Iravathi that she has same courage and daringness like Rani Ratnaprabha. Chandrakantha asks who is she. Aghori says she was queen of Vijaygarh and only she could feed all aghoris chappan bhog/feast without using magic. He says they are 101 aghoris and Chandrakantha has to prepare them chappan bhog with in half time and if she does not prepare, she will be cursed and will become very ugly that she herself will hate her face. Iravathi says she cannot take any male or female’s help and has to do it alone. Chandrakantha says she needs reward if she completes her task, she wants Vijaygarh’ throne. Aghori says she will get throne if she completes task or will become ugly.

Chandrakantha walks into kitchen. All servants walk out. She thinks Iravathi told she cannot use people’s help, but can use black magic. She tries magic, but it does not work. Iravathi watches via black magic and thinks except her magic, nobody’s magic works in kitchen. Veer angrily practices sword skills and reminisces Chandrakantha’s words and using magic. He fumes that she is a big ayyara and is acting. Tej comes and says if he is feeling helpless that he cannot help Chandrakantha. Veer says Chandrakantha will use magic and she is a big ayyara. Tej says his mother Iravathi has done magic and no one else’s magic will work in kitchen. His bird comes and he goes behind it saying he has to meet mantri. Chandrakantha cuts vegetables and starts preparing food. Aina comes and says she will help her, else Aghori will curse her and she will become ugly. Chandrakantha says she does not need her help and continues working. Bird comes and helps her. Chandrakantha completes task and feeds 101 aghoris. Aghori says she is replica of rani Ratnaprabha and can rule Vijaygarh. Umang happily congratulates Chandrakantha that she finished task. Chandrakantha tells Iravathi that she finished task and wants throne. Iravathi angrily says she must have tricked and won with magic, she will find out truth first, till then she cannot get throne. She leaves. Veer also is about to leave when he hears Chandrakantha saying she won become of him. Chandrakantha addresses bird and says when humans could not, bird help her and it can seek her help when needed. Veer throws magic and bird flies. Chandrakantha turns and sees him. She asks if he sent bird. He says yes. Their argument starts. He holds her roughly and asks who is she really

Precap: Veer tells Chandrakantha that he does not know what she will do or what she wants, who is she, she is magician who did black magic on her mother and wants to kill his mother, so he betrayed her by marrying her and bringing her here so that his mother can kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    such a worst acting of krur and the princesses…………………..its just horrible. tonight they copied kitchen task from cinderalla movie. vishal is the only saviour.

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    Love this serial… Thanks for great written updates H Hassan… Love this serial…Chandrakanta is soooo beautiful.. Iravati acting awesome ??

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