Chandrakanta (Colors) 29th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Hirnasur Agrees To Help Iravathi; Chandrakantha Hides Secret From Veer

Chandrakanta (Colors) 29th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi orders Hirnasur/asur raj to kill Veer and Chandrakantha who snatched her crown and killed her son Swayam. Hirnasur says it is her problem and should solve on her own. Iravathi says if it is not his fight, if Swayam was not his son, was not he asur, when did he cry last time, when he was on Vishnu’s feet, if he helps her, Vishnu will be on her feet. Hirnasur cuts his hand and giving in Iravathi’s hand promises that whole pataal lok will help her, if one asur dies, 100 more will be born, they will help her end her ardent enemy Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji in vishnu temple to show her a way to defeat Iravathi as she has gone to bring asur sena/army. She sees bhagvat gita and reads that trick should be ended by trick and evil with evil that is the rule of nature. Veer, Umang, Tej discuss how to protect from Iravathi. Gehna informs that Chandrakantha is not in palace. Bhadramaa also says same. They all get worried, and Veer decides to go out of palace and search her. Chandrakantha returns and thinks she should stop Veer from going out, she creates pooja thali and walks to them asking what happened. Veer asks if she is fine, where was she. She says she was doing pooja and praying Vishhnuji to help them defeat Iravathi and Asurs. Villagers come and say they want to help her fight with Iravathi. Chandrakantha does not agree. Tej says even she was a fisherwoman before and should understand their feeling. Chandrakantha agrees. Chandrakantha and her team search book and find a book called undefeated Suryagarh. They read they should suse the same tactics Krishnaji used to defeat his enemy. Chandrakantha says Krishnaji killed Kans mama, but that cannot be solution, what they are missing.

Hirnasur prays evil king to give him magical powers and does havan. A shepherd searches his sheeps and hears their sound in a cave. Iravathi and Asurs kill sheeps and use their blood for havan. Shepherd notices that and runs. Havan fails. Hirnasur shouts how can it fail. Iravathi says someone outsider is here. She points shepherd. Shepherd runs. Iravathi with Hirnasur follows him on magical mattress and does black magic, but shepherd escapes and it hits asur who dies. Hirnasur fumes he will not spare shepherd. Iravathi says they should defeat Chandrakantha first and then think of shepherd. Hirnasur shouts he will kill shepherd once Chandrakantha is killed. He asks Iravathi to give blood promise. She cuts her thumb and promises. Tej and Veer sense black magic around and walk into Vishnu temple. They see shepherd hiding and trying to run. They catch him and ask what was he doing here. Veer uses magic and visualizes what shepherd saw. He sees Hirnasur and Iravathi getting a boon to be most powerful and achieve whatever they want to. He thinks this cannot happen.

Veer informs Chandrakantha and others about Hirnasur and asur army already present. Tej says they will destroy wherever they go, but they will come out at night. Chandrakantha they should not let villagers know about this and should celebrate to keep them happy. She gives her jewelry to Gehna and asks to sell it in nearby kingdom and buy enough grocery for villagers for whole year. Veer walks in and asks what is she hiding. Gehan says girls don’t discuss secret with husband. Veer apologizes for doubting her and then seeing their suspicious act thinks Chandrakantha is hiding something for sure. Chandrakantha throws signal for Iravathi and says let her know that they are celebrating. Iravathi cries imaginging Swayam and fumes she will not spare Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha’s image emerges and taunts her how they are celerbating and Iravathi lost everthing.

Ver continues his suspicion on Chandrakantha. Celebration starts. Chandrakantha tells Gehna who knows what will happen. Veer thinks why did she tell that and what are they hiding. Gehna later informs Chandrakantha that she ordered grocery and 1 month’s worth has already come, rest will reach Magasyagarh in 2 hours. Veer and Tej think why she needs 1 year worth grocery. Chandrakantha calls them in. Veer says he wants to speak to his wife alone and once others leave, he asks what she is hiding. She asks him to promise not to tell anyone… Drama continues..

Precap: Iravathi stabs Veer and Chandrakanth and they both call each other trying to hold each other’s hand and collapse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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