Chandrakanta (Colors) 27th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Hirnasur Kills Rimjhim

Chandrakanta (Colors) 27th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakanta searches book in library and drops a few books. Veer scolds her to be careful. She says it is just a book. Veer says one can get hurt even by flowers. She scolds he is talking as if he is pregnant. He says he is not, but is worried for her. He finds a book and says this is how books should be searched. Chandrakanta says he searched pregnancy book. Bhadrama scolds them that they are still kids, but wants to take care of a child’s responsibility. Chandrakanta feels dizzy. Veer gets worried and holds her. Bhadramaat then teaches deep breathing yoga lessons to Chandrakanta to feel her relaxed and asks to get all related books. Gehna enters and says she found a magical burning tree. Umang says that tree punishes culprits and even burns them. Gehna says her bird Chehak gave her important info before being burnt by tree. Chandrakanta runs and they all follow her to library. She checks books and says Swayam was born under that tree, so Iravathi has hidden her 7 pieces of soul in her favorite places, tree was one among them. Bhadramaa says they should find other favorite places then.

Iravathi’s soul saves Hirnasur and takes him away. She says if she had not saved him from tree, he would have been shattered into pieces. He says they found only 1 piece of her soul, what about 6 rest. Iravathi reveals where she has hidden her remaining souls, so let us go to palace first. Chandrakanta and team continue searching clues in books. Guard informs that they are checking each villager and letting them in palace. Tej goes to check. Hirnasur disguised as villager wearing a blanket and hiding Chandrakanta in his bracelet walks behind villagers and gets tensed seeing guards magically checking them. He hides behind a villager carrying herbs.

Tej checks villagers and scolds herb carrying one to not take children with them to get herbs. They apologize and walk in. Hirnasur clashes with Tej and walks in apologizing, but Tej does not identify him. Hirnasur then walks into Chandrakanta’s wardrobe and searches her clothes. Gehna passes by and calls guards seeing him. He lures her with his buttery talks that she is most beautiful in palace and he heard she is queen’s trusted aide, he is very poor and came to steal queen’s old clothes. Gehna lets him go. Hirnasur walks away with Chandrakanta’s clothes.

Iravathi makes Hirnasur wear Iravathi’s clothes and disguises him as Chandrakanta to fool Rim jhim fish and kill her. She says he is smelling asur still and should apply sandalwood to ward off smell. Hirnasur says he already applied and mimics Chandrakanta. He hides Iravathi in his veil and heads to the beach where Hirnasur in Chandrakanta’s voice calls Rimjhim. Chandrakanta comes excitedly seeing Chandrakanta. On the other side, Chandrakanta realizes Rimjhim will be Iravathi’s next target. Tej and Gehan informs about a weird beggar. Bhadramaa says he is Hirnasur who already entered palace with Iravathi. Chandrakanta says she has to save Rimjhim Veer asks her to stay there, and Bhadramaa says let us enter magical door and check. Chandrakanta insists to accompany, but Veer says he cannot risk her life and leaves her there with Gehna. They walk to beach and see Chandrakanta calling Rimjhim. Veer angrily says he warned Chandrakanta not to come here. Bhadrmaa stops her and says let her check via magic, it may be Iravathi’s trick. She sees Hirnasur disguised as Chandrakanta and hiding Iravathi under veil calling Rimjhim.

Rimjhim comes and he kills her. They all rush to save Rimjhim, but fail. They see Hirnasur taking Iravathi’s second part of soul in a blue ball and carrying away. Veer cries what will he say Chandrakanta now. In palace, Gehna tries to stop Chandrakanta, but Chandrakanta gets more worried for Rimjhim. Umang calls Chandrakanta and shows Rimjhim’s body. Chandrakanta shatters seeing Rimjhim’s body and shouts she will kill Iravathi today. Bhadrmaa says they have to find out Iravathi’s remaining souls and destroy them first. Veer says they all should go and search souls. Bhadrmaa says only women will go. Veer stops Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta says if she does not destroy Iravathi, her children will also suffer like her, she will not let that happen.

Hirnasur reunites Iravathi’s second part of a soul. She asks to call most trusted and cruel female asurs from pataal to guard and accompany her. He calls his queen’s guards and introduces them to her revealing each one’s specialities. Iravathi asks them to drink poison. They say they will die. Hirnasur says one can drink poison and kill the enemy and can even heal Iravathi, so she will give her blood to Iravathi and save her if needed. Another one can lure and kill the enemy. On the other side, Gehna brings hug bags for traveling. Chandrakanta insists to check. Gehna says she cannot. Veer enters and says these are fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, etc., for Chandrakanta as she cannot have jungle food. Chandrakanta agrees but forces him to reduce quantity. Chandrakanta’s journey with Gehna and Bhadramaa starts…

Precap: Gehna takes iravathi’s crown from Chandrakanta and breaks it. Iravathi smirks. Bhadrmaa warns Chandrakanta to stay away and shows Gehna turning blue and dying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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