Chandrakanta (Colors) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Fools Iravathi

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Veer takes unconscious Chandrakantha to his room and vaidya checks Chandrakantha. Umang and Tej try to enter room, but guards stop them and say it is Veer’s order. Veer asks vaidya what kind of injury is on Chandrakantha. Vaidya saysa ruthless animal has attacked her and Chandrakantha escaped by luck. Iravathi with Bhadramaa enters and hearing that tells Bhadrama that she threw Chandrakantha from cliff, how can animal attack her. Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha has self-inflected wound with magic. Iravathi says if she knows magic, he will be know why she knows and if she knows about her past, she will not give knife. Vaidya says she applied herbal paste to Chandrakantha’s wound. Virendra tells Iravathi that Chandrakantha risked her life to get Iravathi’s knife cover. Iravathi says she wants to know how did she get knife, let her wake up.

Umang angrily wanders in garden fuming that he is Chandrakantha’s best friend and they are not letting him meet Chandrakantha. Gehna comes and says he is Chandrakantha’s best friend, so he knows everything about her, he can tell her what he knows. He asks why should he. She says she spent a night with Virendra when she should not have. He starts telling details about Chandrakantha.

Virendra massages Chandrakantha’s hand. Chandrakantha wakes up. Iravathi with Bhadramaa enters and asks to tell in detail what happened. Chandrakantha says she was praying Vishnuji for her peaceful marriage, looking at Veer. She felt her eyes blurring and she fell into deep sea. Bhadrama says they searched whole sea. Chandrakantha says she can swim deep into sea and learnt swimming when she could not walk. Iravathi asks how did animal attack her. Mayavi watches them hiding. Iravathi sees her and shouts who is she. Mayavi runs. Veer runs behind her and asks Tej to catch her from other side. They both corner her down. Veer takes her to rajsabha. Iravathi asks who is she. She disguises herself as old woman and pleads not punish her. Chandrakantha comes and says she is the one who saved her. Old says she is Tara and stays in a village near sea shore. Iravathi says she has not seen her before. Tara says her dynasty is so vast, how will she remember her praja. Bhadrama says how did she save Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says she saved me from tiger. Bhadama says she is not common then. Chandrakantha says she saved her life, so she is not common. Virendra says lady saved Chandrakantha, so she should be spared. Tara thanks and tries to leave. Iravathi stops her and asks Chandrakantha between jumping into sea and tiger attack how did she get knife cover, steal it means betraying nation, what if she stole it and returned her. Chandrakantha says whatever she has is hers, so why will she steal. Iravathi asks her to be specific. Chandrakantha says she took it from Suryagarh’s mahamantri Kupatsingh. Iravathi says she does not trust her. Chandrakantha says she trusts Kancha Singh then and calls Kancha. Kancha comes, and she asks where he met Kupat Singh. Kancha asks how does she know. Chandrakantha says she was nearby and asks him to elaborate. He reminisces meeting Kupat singh near sea shore who scolds him that he betrayed his dynasty and helped Iravathi, asks to inform Iravathi that he has come. Chandrakantha says she then saw Kupatsingh showing knife cover and she silently took it from him, rest of the story Kancha will tell. Iravathi says this is one side of story, what about other side. Veer says whatever Chandrakantha told till now is true, he believes her. Bhadramaa says even she believes Chandrakantha and asks her to go and rest. Chandrakantha leaves Tara.

Chandrakantha enters her room with Tara and Tara turns back into Mayavi. Mayavi says they easily fooled Iravathi and asks Chandrakantha why she risked her life by disguising as Aina and going in front of Iravathi. Chandrakantha says she had to. Mayavi says magical knife is with seshnag, how will she get it. Chandrakantha says to reach knife, she has to clear 7 stages and only Iravathi can cross 7 stages, she will use Iravathi and get knife and then kill her, for that she will give knife cover to Iravathi to gain her trust. She continues how Vishnuji sent them help as Kupat Singh and how she knew about Kupat Singh helping Vijaygarh and blackmailed him to help her. Mayavi says she will betray Iravathi then. Chandrakantha says she will kill her parent’s murderer on the place she killed them. Someone knocks door. Mayavi leaves.

Chandrakantha opens door. Virendra enters and says he was worried about her. She says she heard his concern during last rights. He says maa asked him to do that. She says he always obeys his mother and betrays her. He says it was situational and tries to touch her. She warns to stay away from her as she feels he is a stranger now. He says he went against his mother for her, found knife too girl/she and married her. Their argument continues. She asks him to go away from her. Soldier comes and informs him that Iravathi is calling him and he leaves. Chandrakantha thinks Veer hurt her heart and she will keep her wound raw to remember what Iravathi did and will kill Iravathi.

Iravathi asks Bhadramaa to give her poisonous milk soon before Veer comes. Bhadramaa says it is dangerous. Iravathi says she does not care and drinks milk and her hald body turns green. Veer enters and she cries that Chandrakantha did black magic on her once she returned back. Veer says he does not think Chandrakantha can harm her. Iravathi says wife’s magic is speaking. She emotionally blackmails him and asks if he will support his mother or not. He nods yes. Servant informs that Gehna is feeling sick and is calling her. Veer says he does not want to go.

Umang meets Chandrakantha and says he is happy seeing her back. She says he is loyal friend, else people here are untrustable. Umang says Veer was worried for her after hearing her death news and searched her everywhere. Chandrakantha says that does not matter at all as Veer is becoming Gehna’s child’s father. Umang says Veer loves her though. Chandrakantha scolds him to go and he leaves sadly.

Iravathi continues emotionally blackmailing Veer and asks him to go Gehna as she is becoming his child’s mother. He says no, but agrees and leaves. Bhadramaa cures Iravathi back with black magic. Iravathi says she wants to know if Chandrakantha used magic and injured herself or she knows her magic is revived.

Chandrakantha gets a flashback of her mother and asks Mayavi what was that. Mayavi says that is how her mother was killed and Veer was enjoying when Iravathi was torturing Ratnaprabha. Chandrakantha says she will torture Iravathi similarly.

Gunjan sprinkles poison on flowers and asks maids Sonakshi and Sotakshi to give these flowers and a letter to Chandrakantha saying Veer gave her. They leave. Gunjan smirks that Chandrakantha will think Veer sent love letter and flowers and once she sniffs flowers, she will die, then Veer will be only mine.

Veer sees Chandrakantha and stops her. Chandrakantha asks why is he stopping her. He kneels down and says he will tell truth which will hurt her and even him. He says she is right, he does only what his mother says, but he breaks heart each day. He confesses that he married her to bring her here, but he fell in her love and he does not want her to be in trouble.

Precap: Aina asks Iravathi to go to Chandrakantha and find out truth. Veer tells Tej that many girls die for him except Chandrakantha and he is alive for her. Chandrakantha gets afraid seeing snakes around her. Iravathi looking intoo magical mirror says Bhadramaa that these snakes will bite Chandrakantha and poison her so much. Chandrakantha uses magic and destroys snakes. Iravathi says Chandrakantha’s truth is out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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