Chandrakanta (Colors) 1st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer as Narsimha Fails To Kill Swayam

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Veer wakes up calling Chandrakantha and seeing Tej asks what is he doing. Tej says cooking food for them all. Veer says means he did not die from maa/Iravathi’s hand, so will have Tej’s food and die. Tej says he has learnt cooing being with villagers. They continue chatting. Veer asks where are Umang and Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha shifts villagers to a magical world. Villagers asks till when they have to stay here. Veer enters and says till they kill Swayam. Chandrakantha tells villagers that nobody can attack this village for 4 pahars and it is invisible till then. Chandrakantha and her team return and play shank after doing Vishnuji pooja. Gehna hears that and asks Bhadramaa if this shanknad is sign of Narsimha coming. Bhadramaa says yes. On the other side, Swayam asks Iravathi what she is afraid of Gehna, she is nothing in front of him. They both walk towards jail to check on her. Gehna’s jokergiri continues when Bhadramaa senses them coming and asks her to act as sleeping. She does. They both walk in and see her sleeping. Swayam taunts Iravathi that her Narsimha is sleeping. Tej shoots arrow in air to divert Swayam’s attention. Swayam walks towards jungle. In jail, Gehna acts as waking up and says when Narsimha enters her body, she feels immense energy which she cannot handle, if Iravathi can help her. Iravathi says she will, but Gehna has to become Narsimha in front of her. GEhna gets afraid. Bhadramaa says why not. They both walk behind her with solider. Bhadramaa creates dust and makes everyone fall down and runs from there with Gehna. Gehna’s jokergiri continues.

Umang signals Chandrakantha that Swayam has reached jungle. Chandrakantha says she will drag Swayam towards her via her blood and runs in jungle. Chandrakantha runs towards her and she falls down getting her leg trapped in a pit. She thinks she cannot let her child harmed. Swayam roars and says she is Narsimha and can dare attack him. Veer as Narsimha comes and attacks Swayam. Swayam falls down and disappears. He emerges behind. Chandrakantha sees him and shouts at Veer to be alert. Swayam attacks him from behind. Veer attacks twice, but in vain. Swayam roars that he is immortal and attacks Veer. Veer falls down. Chandrakantha frees herself and disappears with Veer.

Chandrakantha takes Veer to village. Villagers gather and get happpy that Veer killed Swayam. Chandrakantha says he did not and plead to help her take Veer in. Villagers get worried that Swayam will not spare them now. Iravathi fumes that Bhadrama tricked again and escaped with Gehna. Swayam walks in and says Gehna and Chandrakantha are not Narsimha, Veer is Narsimha actually. Iravathi is shocked and says let us go and kill him. Swayam says he is still in jungle.

Umang says Veer failed to kill Swayam, so he is not Narsimha. Chandrakantha defends Veer and says he really is, but don’t know why he could not kill Swayam. She shows visuals where Swayam attacks Veer from behind. She reads book where it is written how to kill Swayam and gets confused what it means. She hears shank nad and opens door and sees Chandrakantha standing.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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