Chandrakanta (Colors) 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Determines to Punish Iravathi

Chandrakanta (Colors) 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha asks her parents to return to Surajgarh and she will return to them once she finds answer to her questions. Mother says she has married Veer and should follow it, Veer is a good man. Veer walks to find Chandrakantha. Gunjan stops him and asks where is he going. He says to find Chandrakantha. She says he is becoming father of her child and should forget Chandrakantha. Veer pushes her and leaves. Umang and Tej watch that and hope Chandrakantha and Veer’s relationship. They with Veer search Chandrakantha near sea shore. Veer says if someone falls from a cliff, there should be some sign down, but there is no clue here, that means Chandrakantha is alive. Umang asks where she must have gone. Chandrakantha watches them hiding. Veer finds Chandrakantha’s dress cloth piece and says she is somewhere here. Chandrakantha thinks he should not come in front of her and disappears. Veer searches her emotionally. Soldier comes and informs him that Maharani is calling him to perform Chandrakantha’s shanti pooja. He returns to palace and starts shanti pooja with Iravathi and others.

Chandrakantha reaches Vishnu temple and asks Vishnu ji what is her secret, who is she. A voiceover asks her to play shank loudly. She does same. Earth breaks and she falls into another world. She thinks what kind of magical world is this Virendra doing havan gets emotional dropping Chandrakantha’s cloth in havan. Bhadrama hears shank naad and takes Iravathi forcefully aside and says she heard shank naad from Vishnu temple. Servant informs her that things in her room have shattered. Iravathi rushes to her room and sees talismi knife’s cover missing. Bhadramaa says let us go to Vishnu temple soon. Chandrakantha sees talismi knife in mirror, realizes its tattoo is on her back, and tries to pick it. Multi-headed snake emerges and says it was just reflection and says that knife is her reality, her past is related to it. Suryagarh’s Mayavi emerges. Chandrakantha identifies her. Mayavi removes her veil and says she is her aunt and rani Ratnaprabha’s sister, Chandrakantha is Ratnaprabha’s daughter and princess of Vijaygarh. She tells whole story how Iravathi killed Ratnaprabha and her husband and Ratnaprabha gave Chandrakantha’s responsibility to Rimjhim, etc.

Iravathi with Bhadrama reaches Vishnu temple and thinks what must have happened here, who stole talismi knife’s cover. Bhadramaa says someone close to her in palace must have stolen it. Iravathi says it is definitely Aina then. She fumes in anger, goes and stops Chandrakantha’s shanti pooja. Veer asks what happened. Iravathi says Aina stole important thing from palace and she is losing life slowly because of that, he has to find Aina for his mother’s sake. Veer searches Aina. On the other side, Sonakskhi and Sotakshi taunt Umang that his boss is dead and he should serve them. Gunjan comes and scolds them and tells Umang that she does not hate Chandrakantha and whatever happened that night with Veer was not under her control. Umang says she seems to be good. Gunjan smirks. Veer continues searching Aina and stops seeing water fountain in which he spent romantic moments with Chandrakantha. He does not see his reflection on water and gets suspicious. He uses magical powers and drags Aina out. He punishes and is about to kill when maid runs and informs Iravathi that Veer found Aina and is killing her. Just when Veer is about kill Aina, Iravathi stops him and says she will punish Aina. She gives him hypnotic drug mixed milk. He drinks and leaves. Umang watches hiding. Iravathi then strangulates Aina and warns how dare she is to steal her talismi wand coer. Aina says she would have stole 21 years ago, but she is her loyal and Iravathi does not trust her loyals. Iravathi continues pushing and yelling at her and leaves tying her in a dark room. Aina turns into Chandrakantha who breaks chains and shouts that Irvathi wants her to be in dark, but she will sendIravathi forever into dark. Iravathi’s trick exposed who I am. She continues that she heard her mother’s voice in this place and will get back her mother’s pride, she will free Vijaygarh’s people from Iravathi’s torture. She continues expelling her anger.

Iravathi calls her praja to rajsabha and says someone among them stole knife cover, they should return it, else she will destroy them. She angrily throws fire on them. They plead to spare them. Veer interferes and says she cannot punish innocent people. Iravathi warns him to move aside and tries to throw fire on them again. Chandrakantha enters and shows knife cover and collapses. People talk rajkumari was dead. Veer gets worried for Chandrakantha and shakes her. He takes cover and gives it to Iravathi. Iravati gets happy seeing cover back. Umang says Chandrakantha found knife back and chants Rajkumari Chandrakantha ki jai…Gunjan also joins them. Iravathi angrily looks at her. Iravathi says Chandrakantha does not know what she brought, she should be rewarded. Umang says Chandrakantha needs treatment. Ver asks him to send raj vaidya to his room, lifts Chandrakantha and takes her to his room. People continue chanting rajkumari chandrakantha ki ji. Mayavi watches hidng. IRavathi asks Bhadrama how did Chandrakantha escape and got this cover. Bhadrama says even she is searching answers, but problem is whole Vijaygarh came to know about this cover, so she should hide it. Iravathi leaves. Bhamdrama senses someone watching them, but even she walks behind Iravathi. Mayavi thinks she will get Iravathi punished, whatever she tries, she will fall flat.

Preacp: Mayavi asks Chandrakantha if she will bend in front of a magician who killed her mother and changed her life. Chandrakantha tells Veer that she feels as if she does not know him, her love harmed her, she will keep it raw so that she remembers his betrayal when she punishes his mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Can’t they choose a better costume for the lead actress?? Even after marrying a prince, she comes in those ridiculous clothes ? after all this serial is just a crap

    1. I also agree her costumes is so weird… The designer of this show has no sense of humor for making costumes.. I don’t know why ekta hire these type of people to make cheap dresses… Her dress is the only thing which i don’t like…

  3. H hasan i really appreciate your writing skills.. By reading you updates felt like i have seen the full episode… I just prefer to read your tellyupdates in Other serials too… Ameena also try her best to write.. But i think your writer sharadha has to work hard for writing skills… She doesn’t know how to write updates… I think if she work on this she will also write effective. So best of luck?

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