Chandrakanta (Colors) 18th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Saves Veer Again

Chandrakanta (Colors) 18th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi escapes from jail and walks into palace. Soldiers try to catch her, but she punishes soldiers and escapes. She thinks she has to reach village first. Pandit calls bride to come and sit in mantap. Chandrakantha walks in reminiscing Bhadramaa’s words that she has to become rambha and lure Samay to get his blood and save Veer. Samay says his bride came. Chandrakantha thinks she is Veer’s bride. Pandit starts mantras. Samay stops him and says his bride wants to give him something. Chandrakantha gives him magical dagger. Bhadramaa continues praying kaali maaa and reminisces giving magical veil to Umang and asking him to give it to Chandrakantha and when she will tell om phat swaha wearing this veil, it will burn and divert Swayam’s attention for sometime. In palace, Chandrakantha drapes veil over Swayam’s neck and itt burns. Chandrakantha snatches dagger and stabs it in Swayam’s chest and says she will die 1000 times, but will not marry a rakshas like Swayam. Swayam shouts Chandaa.. Chandrakantha escapes with Tej and Umang. Bhadramaa in village realizes that Chandrakantha got Swayam’s blood and says now Veer will be saved. Iravathi walks in and shouts Chandrakantha betrayed again and fooled Swayam for Veer, now she will destroy Veer’s body. Bhadramaa tries to stop her. Their fight starts. Iravathi shouts she considered Bhadramaa as gurumaa, but she betrayed her. She injures Bhadramaa and takes Veer’s body. Chandrakantha with Tej and Umang reaches village and sees Bhadramaa injured. Bhadramaa says Iravathi took Veer’s body, she should go and save Veer.

Iravathi takes Veer’s body to jungle and says she bought up Veer since his childhood and made him cruel, but he fell in Chandrakantha’s love and betrayed her. She will take magical dagger from Chandrakantha once she comes here to save Veer. Chandrakantha searches Veer. Iravathi sends her signal. Chandrakantha sees signal and then hears maa sherwali’s tiger sound. Tiger reaches Iravathi. Iravathi thinks if she moves, tiger will kill her. She throws magic on tiger, but nothing happens to him. Iravathi thinks he is not a normal tiger and is very hungry, so she should give him food. She throws Veer’s body in front of tiger and escapes. Chandrakantha comes and attacks tiger, it disappears. Chandrakantha thinks she has 1 shift hour to save Veer and stabs magical dagger into Veer’s chest. Veer opens eyes and then closes it back. Iravathi returns to palace and thinks that tiger was not from this world, it must have eaten Veer by now, she should go and check. Swayam comes dragging himself and pleads Iravathi to save him. She says he is immortal and disobeyed her, so he should go. He says he was attacked by talsmi dagger and blood flow is not stopping. Iravathi asks soldiers to take him for treatment and find out where Chandrakantha is. Chandrakantha drags herself to Veer and says he cannot die when she is breathing. She pleads to get up at least for their child. Soldiers come searching them. Chandrakantha says she will take Veer from here before they see us.

Iravathi returns to village and laughs on Bhadramaa and her team that Veer and Chandrakantha are dead now, nobody can save them from her. Bhadramaa says they cannot. Iravathi shouts Bhadraama betrayed her and she will die now. Bhadramaa says she cut her guru’s foot, she should be punished. Iravathi chains their neck and drags them all. Chandrakantha takes Veer to Vishnuji’s temple and prays Vishnuji to return her husband’s life by morning, else she will sacrifice her life in Vishnuji’s feet. Next morning, Chandrakantha wakes up and finds Veer awake. She emotionally hugs him and says she has created barrier around this temple, they are safe her. He asks about Tej and Umang. She says they are in village, she will go and bring them. In palace, Swayam is still not cured. Vaidya says he tried his best. Iravathi slaps Swayam and says he deserves this. Swayam apologizes her. She cures him and says they have to be united to defeat Chandrakantha. Swayam says he will never leave her again. Chandrakantha walks into village disguised as pot seller and asks villagers why they are tensed. Villagers say cruel Iravathi h as made their life hell and will kill them all, prince Chandrakantha who use to save them also went somewhere. Chandrakantha hears Umang and Tej writhing in pain in nearby room and asks what is that. Villagers say Iravathi is punishing Chandrakantha’s friends. Chandrakantha thinks she cannot go in there now. Iravathi and Swayam walk into hut and torture Tej and Umang. They see Chandrakantha coming and walk out of hut to attack. Chandrakantha disappears. Iravathi realized it was Chandrakantha’s image. Chandrakantha walks into hut and tries to free Tej and Umang. Umang sees toxic fumes and asks Chandrakantha to go away as it will harm her child. Chandrakantha says not before saving them and tries her best. Tej says they are coming , go back. Chandrakantha tries her best.

Chandrakantha returns to temple injured. Veer gets worried for her. She asks water. He gets her water. She says this is Vishnuji’s water, she will be fine, writes. He asks if child kicked. She says there is time for that. He finds thorn and removes it. They both sleep next to each other. Veer wakes up and asks what if enemy enters breaking barrier. Chandrakantha says she is guarding, he should sleep.

Hirnasur Swayam feels hungry and thinks villagers will quench his hunger. He becomes hirnasur and shouts he is immortal. Veer’s eyes also turn red like him.

Precap: Bhadramaa tells Iravathi that a red eyed powerful creature has come who is 1000 times powerful than Swayam, Swayam is not more powerful now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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