Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Comes to Know About Her True Identity

Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha that lord Vishu’s fire is in Madhasyagarh’s cave, it can expose truth, so she has to bring it. Chandrakantha asks what truth. Bhadramaa reminds Veer’ words that he does not remember what happened that night. She says she has to pray Vishnu and get that fire at any cost. She takes her outside cave and asks her not to return until she gets fire Chandrakantha walks in holding unlit torch. Veer on the other side scolds Tej that he does not know what happened that night, but gave his statement. Tej says he said what he told. Veer says he did not do anything that night. Umang enters and says he should not have let Chandrakantha near Veer at all, Veer betrayed Chandrakantha, he did a big mistake by making her believe that Veer loves her, he ruined her life.

Chandrakantha walks into cave and finds lord Vishnu’s idol and fire in front. A hawk attacks her and she escapes. Bhadramaa waits outside cave eagerly. Iravathi joins her and says this is hawk’s cave and very dangerous, did not she inform Chandrakantha it is very dangerous cave. Bhadramaa says she has to hide truth sometimes to get things done. Hawk continues to attack Chandrakantha, but escapes and prays Vishnu ji that she came to seek his help to prove her husband’s innocence. She takes fire on torch and walks out. Iravathi and Bhadramaa get happy seeing fire no torch. Chandrakantha is surprised to see Iravathi. Iravathi says even she was surprised when she heard Gehna’s wrong claim, now Chandrakantha has to prove her husband innocent. Bhadramaa takes them to Vishnu temple and tells Chandrakantha that she has to pray Vishnu here until Vishnu himself comes and tells truth. Chandrakantha starts praying Vishnu and sees all the incidents happened to her mother Ratnaprabha, how Iravathi killed her, etc. She opens eyes and asks what was all that. Bhadramaa asks her not to stop and continue praying. Chandrakantha continues praying. Knife emerges in sky.

Veer searches Chandrakantha near seashore and thinks where she must have gone. Rhimjhim comes on shore and signals her towards Vishnu temple. Veer realizes Iravathi must have taken Chandrakantha to Vishnu temple again and must be doing something. He runs towards temple.

Chandrakantha continues praying Vishnu ji. Knife comes towards her. Irvathi gets angry that knie belongs to her and pushes Chandrakantha from window. Chandrakantha falls from cliff and orders to stop and she stops, orders to go up and she goes up. She realizes her power. Veer reaches temple and sees Iravathi injured. He asks what happened, if she is fine, what was that knife. Iravathi says that knife was to destroy her black magic, but Chandrakantha ruined it, she also pushed Chandrakantha from window into cliff. Chandrakantha flies near window and hears their conversation. Veers shouts he searched a knife tattoo girl with great difficulty and married her to even when he does not love her at all, how will he cure his mother now. Chandrakantha shatters hearing that and flies down.

Chandrakantha walks through jungle shattered remembering Veer’s true motto. She walks on stone injuring her leg and reaches sea shore. She expresses her heart out to Rhimjhim and tells whole story happened, she asks who is she. Rimjhim jumps and touches her She sees Ratnaprabha being chased by Iravathi and killing her, Rimjhim saving her and giving her to fisher couple. She asks who was that woman.

Veer takes Iravathi back to palace. Iravathi says that girl did black magic on her, she will find her again and will cure her black magic and then kill her, she has sent soldiers to find her. Bhadramaa asks Veer to go and rest, He leaves. She sends others also and asks Iravathi why did she push the girl from cliff who would get her magical knife. Iravathi says she would find other ways to get knife, but could not control seeing Chandrakantha taking knife. Soldier returns and says they searched Chandrakantha and could not her, they got her news though. Veer goes to his room and reminisces time spent with Chandrakantha. He thinks why is he remembering the traitor who tried to harm his mother. He imagines Chandrakantha who asks him why did he betray her and acted as loving her. He shouts to go away and realizes it is his imagination. Soldier informs Iravath that Chandrakantha is not found and must have died. Iravathi boasts that Aina told Chandrakantha will kill her, but she killed her and proved fate wrong. Bhadramaa says she lost the girl who would get her knife. Iravathi says she will find a way to get knife.

Chandrakantha goes to her foster parents. They ask if she is fine and asks who are her real parents. They both get tensed. Umang enters Veer’s room and says it is announced in Raj Sabha that Chandrakantha is dead and fell from a cliff, he cannot believe that at all, if Veer is trying to get rid of her after he got Gehna. Tej says Chandrakantha got disturbed hearing about Gehna and fell from cliff. Umang warns dare not to tell that, Chandrakantha is a girl who would fight and not accept defeat. Chandrakantha’s parents tell her that they did not have children and prayed Vishnu ji, they found her near sea shore in a tokri and considered her as Vishnuji’s gift, they don’t know who she is and where she came from, who are her parents, etc. Chandrakantha says she is their daughter and they gave her so much love. Mother says love relationship is more superior than blood relationship. Father asks why she is questioning this today. She reminisces what she saw. Father says when she got them, they heard Vijaygarh is taken over by another rani and earlier Rani was killed. Chandrakantha reminisces Aghori telling her that she is rani Ratnaprabha’s shadow and is her heir. She asks parents to leave Madhasyagarh soon and go to a safe place. Mother says Tej gave them this place, it is safe. Drama continues.

Precap: Someone tells Chandrakantha that her story started in Vijaygarh where she was born. She plays shank. Aina asks Iravathi if she heard shank sound. Chandrakantha prays devi maa to give her strength to get Vijaynagar rid of o Iravathi’s ruthless rule and bring peace again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. One of the worst serial ever??

    1. U r right
      And when we say this, a professor drops in some useless lessons, don’t know what people think of themselves

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    4. @sid
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    8. @sid
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      She herself can’t interpret things n then commenting on someone’s education ?

  2. Thanks for the updates

  3. disgusting foul serial ever. They should end it soon. That chandrakanta girl looks very bad when she laughs. Someone pls stop her from laughing..

    1. Yes, its trp is just like kavach. Plot is like Naagin 2. Thanq for suggesting. I wish u score well in ur examinations. A t b (all the best). We will definitely meet in Naagin 3 TU. No promo of naagin 3, no news too. I lost interest in this Rovangi, just a dumb pair. I reminisce of Rivanya till now. Mouni Roy suits as Shivanya in season 1, her dress and hair style are pretty awesome. Rithik suits her well. I wonder if my 3rd favorite actress Sanaya Irani would be a part in season 3. Many youtube videos say that she will play Arjun’s opposite female lead.

      I want to talk fluently with a bit of humour to my friends. I lessened reading these TU as I am busy in studying. Can be free only on holidays, that too for a while. Any other tips to make friends easily and getting attention of everyone towards me! Bye maira sis, moho, sid’s fan. I don’t call anyone bro as I hate that word by that pronunciation. I think to slap the one who calls me bro ??.

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  5. Sathyaa

    I saw 12 comments outside and thought serial is doing well it seems… After seeing inside it’s wrong though…
    Am just watching for magic’s

  6. i was shocked to watch this serial . this is disgusting serial and i just shut off.
    I will suggest everyone watch Aarambha , great storyline with amazing skill and acting of both lead hero and heroine. It is about Aryans and Dividans.

    it playes only on sat and sun . Worth watching.

  7. Btw Mahakaali-Ant hi Aarambh hai is also too good?

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