Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha gives birth to a baby girl

Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer hypnotized by Iravathi attacks Bhadramaa. Chandrakantha stops him with magical knife, but he overpowers her and attacks. Tej rushes to rescue Chandrakantha and stops her, but Veer easily overpowers and injures him and walks stepping on him towards Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha tries to remind him that Iravathi is their enemy and is controlling him, he should realilze and stop. Veer continues walking towards her. Hirnasur on the other side sends his aide to bring sword and orders black magician to show him what is happening there live. Iravathi reminiscing locking Veer’s soul somewhere and ordering her evil soul in Veer to kill Chandrakantha. Veer continues attacking Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha orders Umang to go from with Bhadrama. He says he will not leaving here alone. Chandrakantha says it is queen’s order. Tej sends them on magical mattress. Hirnasur sees Iravathi controlling Veer to get sword and says she betrayed him again and rushes to the spot. Veer is about to stab Chandrakantha when Hirnasur and his army stops and surround him. He kills all soldiers and heads towards Chandrakantha again. Tej reminds Chandrakantha is Veer’s wife, but Veer is unable to hear her under hypnosis. Chandrakantha shows cloth in which Iravathi’s one part of soul is present. Soul escapes from Iravathi and Veer’s bodies. Veer gets back to his senses and holds Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha gets labor pains. Tej creates magical mattress for them. Iravathi attacks Hirnasur and follows them on magical mattress. Tej misguides her with magic. They reach jungle. Chandrakantha continues writhing in labor pain. Jungle angels emerge. Veer happily informs Chandrakantha. They help in Chandrakantha’s delivery and says Chandrakantha’s daughter is very special and she will end evils.

Chandrakanth returns to her hut with her baby. Umang pampers baby and says he will not support Chandrakantha and will only support his niece from hereon. Chandrakantha says she will support both daughter and brother. Umang tries to tell something about Bhadramaa when Bhadramaa enters and says everyone are waiting for her for kaali maa pooja. She walks out and performs pooja with her citizens and magasyagarh king. She does not find Veer and thinks where he is. Iravathi on the other side reaches Hiransur’s cave. Soldiers stop her. She kills them all. Hirnasur enters and rellives his soldiers. Iravathi says they were not letting her enter and says he has to help her to get sword from Veer. Tej and others celebrate baby’s arrival and dance. Chandrakantha asks Bhadramaa where is Veer, she is not seeing him since childbirth. Bhadrmaa tries to divert her attention, but Chandrakantha insists. Bhadramaa reminisces veer eagerly trying to see his daughter, but Bhadramaa stops him and he tried to harm Chandrakantha when Iravathi controlled his brain, he is a threat to both Chandrakantha and baby. Tej backs her. Veer feels disheartened hearing this and says he is really a threat to his family and will not go near her.

Chandrakantha walks to Veer who shivers in fear of losing his family and is in dilapadated state tied in chains. Chandrakantha consoles him and says he cannot harm them. Veer gets emotional. Tej says he can be with his family if he can control his mind and not let Iravathi control it, like what they learnt in their ayyari school. Veer says yes. Tej says he has to control his mind to the core and should decide what to see. Veer agrees and sleeps on floor. Tej helps him erase his old memory and control it, but fail repeatedly. Tej enters his mind and says he could not stop entering his memory, how will he stop Iravathi. Veer then tries his best and succeds, says he control it well. Veer then sees Iravathi coming towards him and informs Tej that she is coming to take him and saying he is her part. Tej says she wants her soul in Veer. Veer says let us go and protect Chandrakantha and others first.

Chandrakantha pameprs her baby and asks Umang and others to suggest a name for her. Umang gives weird names. Gehna says it is obese like his body and suggests name. Bhadramaa suggests names. Chandrakantha disapproves them all. Veer enters with Tej and apologizes. Chandrakantha asks what happened. Veer shows Iravathi burning village. Chandrakantha angrily tries to leave. Veer stops her and says they cannot fight with Iravathi now. Bhadramaa says Iravathi has sword now and burnt whole village, they don’t have any way out now. Chandrakantha says there is one way left and it is time to open it, reminiscing someone’s voice. Chandrakantha gets something from trunk. Bhadramaa says the only way is to bet Veer. Veer says he is ready.

Iravathi returns to Vijaygarh palace and ordres maids to get one of her swinger and make a royal chair out of it. She says she will burn and destroy Chandrakantha’s vijaygarh and build her new world on it. Her crow comes and sits on her hand. She orders to go and find out where Chandrakantha and her family is. She shouts she will find out Chandrakantha and her team and kill them.

Precap: Iravathi with Hirnasur reaches Chandrakantha’s place and lifts baby in air. Chandrakantha shouts no. Iravathi drops child towards fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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