Chandrakanta 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha is sound asleep in her room when Virendra wearing masked disguised as thief enters reminiscing Marich telling Talisma’s key is in Chandrakantha’s room. He searches whole room, but does not find key. He wakes up Chandrakantha, points knife on her and asks where is the key which she brought from yaksha Mahal. She asks which key, she does not know anything. He continues threatening her. She silently picks vase and hits it on his head and rings bell. Soldiers, Champa, Chapala enter. Virendra escape. Chandrakantha says someone entered her room. Soldiers search everywhere and say nobody is there. Chandrakantha
says he must be somewhere here itself. Krur Singh comes out of his room and asks soldiers what is happening, if Shivdutt attacked. Soldier says a masked man entered rajkumari’s room. Virendra runs in front of Krur Singh and he holds Virendra tightly around his ribs. Virendra pushes him and runs away. He then enters in senapathi’s clothes. Krur Singh tells Chandrakantha that thief must be somewhere around in palace and shows mask. He then grips Virendra and says he had caught thief like this. Chandrakantha says thief was talking about some key. KRur Singh thinks his puppets Nazim and Ahmed told that Viru was also talking about some key. Chandrakantha says it must be same key in a box which a soldier gave her thinking it is her, she sent the box to store room.

Shivdutt fumes how dare Chandrakantha is to reject his order and confront him, he will destroy whole Vijaygarh. His cousin comments that maharaj Surendra Sing warned against waging war. Shivdutt point knife on his neck. Jhumru says he should not kill dear ones. Cousin apologizes. Shivdutt orders to call Tej Singh. Tej Singh does meditation and feels guilty for giving hypnotic poison to maharaj on Shivdutt’s order. He sets fire around him and prays fire to destroy his powers so that he should not misuse is powers. Jhumru comes and sets off fire. Tej Singh fumes how dare he is spoil his meditation and holds his neck. Jhumru says he is following Shivdutt’s order and says Shivdutt has ordered him to disguises as maharaj Surendra Singh and order soldiers to wage war on Vijaygarh.

Chandrakantha takes everyone to store room and shows talisma key box. She picks it and gives it to Virendra. He tries to open it force, but is unsuccessful. Chandrakantha
touches his hand and opens it. Light emerges from box. Chandrakantha
sees a miniature of yaksha mahal, how can it be. Virendra asks to throw is far away, thinking he can pick it later. Chandrakantha says let it be here, she will protect it and keeps store room keys with her. Virendra says Chandrakantha’s protection is his responsibility and he will guard outside her room. Chandrakantha walks with Champa and Chapala. He stands far away and watches her. He sees chandalier falling on Chandrakantha, runs and jumps on floor rolling with her. Chandalier falls aside. Chandrakantha looks into his eyes. Chapala and Champa ask if she is fine. Virendra leaves. Chandrakantha says they ask why she does not take care of herself, Veer is there to take care of her. Krur Singh watches this with Chandrakantha’s step mom and brainwashes her that Viru is trying to get closer to Chandrakantha with tricks and he has some hidden goal. Step mom asks him to get her a proof and then come in front of her.

Nazim and Ahmed reminisces Viru/Virendra threatening to punish them and forcing them to become donkeys and spy on Shivdutt’s moves. They reach Navgarh as donkeys and then enter place as rats to know Shivdutt’s plan. Tej Singh walks in front of Shvidutt. Shivdutt shouts how dare he is to disobey his order, why his eyes and throat are green. Maharaj enters. Shivdutt shouts at Tej Singh that he betrayed him. Maharaj says Shivdutt is a betrayer and orders guards to arrest him and his puppet Jumru and sent a message to Vijaygarh that there won’t be any war on them. Nazim and Ahmed as rats think their presence changed environment here and war is stopped.

Virendra waits outside Chandrakantha’s room and thinks how to get inside. Chandrakantha
Inside room thinks how to get Viru in. Viru sees cockroach, catches it and sends it in room. Chandrakantha sees cockroach and shouts. Virendra enters. She shows cockroach. He says why she is afraid of a small cockroach. She sees cockroach again and hugs him tightly. He smiles. She sees his chest wound and asks if he did not apply medicine on it and makes him sit on sofa and applies it. He says he is a wanderer and nobody applied medicine on his wounds till now. She asks then how do they heal. He says he hugs his mother and all wounds vanish. She gets emotional reminiscing her mother. He says he means mother earth, he applies mud and wounds heal. Mother earth is his mother. Their emotional discussion continues.

Maharaj comes out and sees Shivdutt and his puppet Jhumru in royal hall. He fumes at ministers who let him free. Shivdutt says he is king now and orders soldier to prison his father. Tej Singh opposes and warns to fight with him before touching maharaj. Shivdutt says his loyalty should be towards throne and he is king now. Jhumru chants Shivdutt’s name followed by all ministers present. Shivdutt orders Tej Singh to drop swords and he does helplessly. Shivdutt then orders soldiers to prison his father and Tej Singh, he will punish Tej Singh for betrayal.

Precap: Shivdutt heading his army towards Vijaygarh shouts he will destroy Vijaygarh and make Chandrakantha his maid. Chandrakantha tells Virendra that she thought he came to protect her, but he is a thief who wants a key. Virendra shouts enough. Chandrakantha says she will not.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you very much brother


    Finally our leads are uniting… but vindra should find truth soon.. and fall in love with chandrkanta

  3. Sunil Tarabjani

    This serial is so good. they should make it a daily serial insteadof only sat-sun

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