Chandrakanta 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virendra hides behind curtain and watches Chandrakantha. Chapala and Champa enter and tell Chandrakantha that guards told someone entered her room. Chandrakantha says who will come. They both say they will stay with her tonight. Virendra thinks if they stay here, how will he find talisma key.

Krur Singh’s puppets Nazim and Ahmed search Virendra’s room for clue and murmur he does not look like wood cutter and is someone else. Virendra enters. They hide. Virendra fumes that he searched whole room and did not find key. They both murmur which key. Virendra hears them and asks who is it. They both run out disguised as rats. Virendra falls asleep. Champa and Chapala enter and discuss he is sleeping soundly even tough he is Vijaygarh’s sena nayak/army chief. Champa says he must be tired after being in rajkumari’s room. Virendra wakes up hearing that and asks when did he go to rajkumari’s room. Chapala says in his dream. They ask if he is khoonkhar. He asks why do they think so. They say his get up describes it and suggest he should wear army chief’s clothes. He says what if he does not. They say he has to as he will be felicitation as army chief today. They take him to tailors and tailors take his measurement. Virendra says he does not need this. They say he has to.

Krur Singh scolds his puppets that they are useless. They say they heard Viru telling that he came here for some key. Krur Singh which key, if it is treasure key, then he is a thief. Soldier informs him that his friend Viru had come to meet him. Krur Singh fumes how can a wood cutter be his friend. Soldier says he had come wearing sena nayak’s clothes. Man says Viru had stolen his clothes. Krur Singh thinks he has to expose Viru and stop him from becoming army chief.

Chandrakantha waits for Viru for his felicitation ceremony. Virendra enters wearing army chief’s clothes. Chandrakantha asks him to sit in front of havan kund and accept his responsibility as army chief. He is rechristened as Veer Singh. Viru sits and is about to take oath when Krur Singh enters and says Viru is an imposter and he got proof. He calls Munna who says Viru is not his friend and he was unconscious in jungle for 4 days when they had come to yaksha Mahal. Viru says he is his friend. Kurur Singh says Viru’s friend disguised as Munna. He calls Nayak who describes how Viru stole his clothes and entered palace. Chandrakantha says all evidences are against Viru. Viru says he is being frame and does not know why Krur Singh and his men are lying. Chandrakantha’s step mother yells Viru is a threat for their kingdom. Chandrakantha orders to arrest Viru.

Jhumru presents a girl tied in chains in front of Shivdutt. Shivdutt says she is looking very beautiful, Chandrakantha will look more beautiful in chains. Soldier informs that army is ready to attack Vijaygarh. Shivdutt says he has to bring Chandrakantha insulted.

Soldiers chain Veeru when another Munna enters and says he is real Munna, Viru’s friend. He heard a man overpowered many warriors at once and realized it must be Veeru itself. Munna says he is real Munna and this man is imposter. Viru asks Krur Singh what he will say now. Krur Singh this man is fake Munna and has come with a motto. Munna says why will he, he is a common man and says this must be an ayyar and to test them both. Chapala tests them and finds one Munna is Ahem and Nazim. Chandrakantha asks Krur Singh what he has to say now, he is trying to defame Viru. Krur Singh stammers in nervousness and scolds his puppets, says he did not know about their plan and sends them out. Chandrakantha orders to start Viru’s felicitation. Virendra says he will not accept felicitation of a kingdom which does not trust him and walks away.

Virendra angrily walks to his room and Badri as Munna follows him. Virendra asks why did he come here after betraying. Badri says he came here searching him and saw Munna with Krur Singh. When he used ayyar’s mirror, he found Krur Singh’s puppet disguised as Munna. Virendra says he does not need his help. Argument continues and Badri says he was jut obeying maharaj Marich’s order and says maharaj has ordered to get Virendra whenever he sees him. Chandrakantha in her room feels guilty for doubting Viru. Chapala suggests her to write an apology letter to Viru. Virendra does not agree to walk with Badri. Chandrakantha’s maid comes and asks if she can come in. Badri turns into Munna. Maid gives Virendra, Chandrakantha’s apology letter in which she apologizes and requests him to accept royal sword and accept his army chief designation. Virendra smiles. Badri asks why he is laughing, he has time till only afternoon to come along.

Chandrakantha fumes hearing Viru rejected her request. Maid says he is ready to leave Vijaygarh . Chandrakantha fumes how can he reject her request. Chandrakantha’s step mom calls Krur Singh and scolds him. Viru says Virendra is behind Chandrakantha and is boasting about his skill. Krur Singh starts brainwashing her and says Viru is behind Chandrakantha. Stepmom is surprised. Krur Singh says only she can stop it. Step mom what if Chandrakantha escapes with Viru. Stepmom fumes and says her son Mayur is heir of crown, not Chandrakantha. Krur Singh praises her and asks not to let Viru and Chandrakantha unite. Step mom says he is incapable of anything, now she will fix things right. Krur Singh thinks he is playing mind game.

Viru with Munna/Badri is about to leave palace when Chandrakantha stops him and says he rejected her apologize and does not value her trust. Virendra says once trust is broken, it cannot be gained again, he does not trust her. She says if he thinks so, let it be. If he thinks she will keep her head on his feet, then he is wrong, she is competent enough to save Vijaygarh and walks back while Virendra watches her.

Precap: Krur Singh reads Shivdutt’s message that if Chandrakantha does not reach him wearing servant’s clothes soon, he will destroy Vijaygarh. Chandrakantha takes oath to protect her people and fights with Shivdutt and gets defeated.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. waiting for next epi.this was really draging

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  3. i am very sad as i am not able to watch it on tv becoz of its timing that’s why reading writen epi.

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