Chandragupta Maurya 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Solves Mystery Of His Life

Chandragupta Maurya 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta climbs tree to escape from wild bear. Bear climbs tree. Chandragupta jumps on bark and hangs holding it. He then jumps into pit injuring himself. Snakes crawl towards him. Mura walks to jungle’s Shiv temple and confronts Mahadev that one Chandra/moon is on Mahadev’s head and one chandra is her son whose life is in trouble, so she wants a promise from Mahadev that he will protect her son. Chandragupta walks back to escape from snakes. He picks stick and tries to push snakes away. Mura burns camphor on her palms and says Mahadev has to return her son safely, else her anger fire will fall on Mahadev. She starts dancing. Chandragupta climbs pit with knife’s help and reaches up, but slips and falls again. He climbs up somehow. Mura continues dancing and a flower falls on her. She realizes that her son is safe and thanks Mahadev.

Chandragupta sees Piplivan city and walks into it, sees skeletons and broken houses and thinks a big massacre must have happened here, why he feels he knows this place from before. He walks into fort to know answer, then thinks acharya Chanakya told there will be security here, but he finds no one here, maybe dead bodies are guarding this place. He pushes door and a big boulder falls on his leg. He frees his leg somehow and walks. Two axes fly towards him from opposite directions and he escapes. He then holds stone and sees his hands burning and thinks Chanakya was right, there is Dhananand’s invisible security here. He then reminisces seeing another secret door in map and finds it under a stone. He pushes stone, jumps into secret door and falls into palace, lights torch and finds route ending, thinks it cannot end here and reminiscing Chanakya’s puzzle opens another door via diamond key. He then falls further down and looking at place reminisces being here before.

Chandragupta then finds Piplivan’s royal family’s pic and identifies Piplivan’s king and queen Mura, and thinks their son Veerbhadra. He then he finds his mother’s bangle in Mura’s hand and sits shocked.

Chanakya Niti: Lion is jungle’s king, that does not mean deer will come to him without effort, similarly one should continue to put in their effort, else a king will become beggar in no time.

Precap: Chandragupta returns to Dhananand’s court. Mahamartya is shocked to see him alive.

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  1. Chandrgupta any how reached Piplivan. Seems now he knows Moora is his mother and he is prince of Piplivan. How he will give his explanation to Dhananand for his visit to PV will be interesting.

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