Chandragupta Maurya 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Piplivan Khsatriyas Defeat Dhananand’s Soldiers

Chandragupta Maurya 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta after hearing Dhananand’s plan that he has laid trap to catch Chanakya and once he comes to take away Khsatriyas’ dead bodies, his soldiers will barge on him and capture him again. Chandragupta says he will go and help soldiers catch Chanakya. Dhananand stops him and says he brought a gift for him and shows special sword. Chandragupta thinks his Piplivan khsatriyas are fighting with soldiers while he is standing here helplessly. Soldiers attack khsatriyas and their chief thinks Chanakya had to come here, but has not yet. Sthulbhadra says Chanakya let us go and help khsatriyas. Chanakya says khastriyas are awake now after 12 years and are self-reliant to defend themselves. Stulbhadra praises his idea. Kushtdhwaj guides khsatriyas and explains his plan to tackle Dhananand’s

soldiers. Chanakya watching from far away thinks Chandragupta’s plan worked and Khsatriyas are back to their bravery act after 12 years.

Chandragupta says Dhananand that he is honored to get special sword from Dhanananand and now he will go and help soldiers catch Chanakya with his sword’s help. Dhananand stops him and demonstrates sword on multiple soldiers killing them in 1 go. Chandragupta is amused to see that. An injured soldier enters and informs that khsatriyas are alive and rest of story. Dhananand orders to send more soldiers and himself heads towards battlefield. Chandragupta says he will also help his soldiers and takes sword in his hand. Khsatriyas continue fighting with soldiers and killing them. Chandragupta reaches via shortcut and thinks he has to stop Dhananand for sometime till kshatriyas kill soldiers and escape. He throws stone boulders from cliff on Dhananad’s way and walking to him says Chanakya blocked their way. Dhananand orders soldiers to clear their way and heads again. Soldier attacks Kushtdhawaj, Chanakya brutually injures him and takes khsatriyas away. Dhanananand reaches battlefield and sees dead soldiers. An injured soldier before dying informs that Chanakya took away khsatriyas.

Chanakya takes Kshatriyas to safe place. Kushtdhwaj says he does not know who he is, but they trusted him seeing Piplivan’s badge with him. He asks why did he save them. Chanakya says it will be good if they hear from their dear ones. Senapati Matsaldev crawls in front of them on hand cart. They all get happy seeing him. Matsaldev says they all are alive again to end Dhananand’s cruel rule. Kushtdhwaj says they cannot face Dhanaand’s vast army and they don’t even have aim or someone to guide them. Matsaldev says their prince Chandragupta Maurya is still alive. Chandragupta is seen riding horse towards them.

Chanakya Niti: Lamp’s duty is to spread light, for that lamp not only needs oil, but it should be free of water and will light under conserved environment, similarly they have to prepare well before attacking enemies in a conserved environment.

Precap: Dhananand walks towards Mura thinking Piplivan’s kshatriyas don’t know that he can harm their queen, attacks Mura.

Update Credit to: MA

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