Chandragupta Maurya 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Is Jailed

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Chandragupta Maurya 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chadragupta/Arya wearing masked gown attacks Seleucus and escapes. Seleucus follows him. Chadragupta throws unconscious man in mask in front of Seleucus and says he saw this man running and caught him. Selecus says he did right and asks to show this traitor’s face, and he is shocked to see Ambhi Kumar. Chadragupta reminisces Chanakya bringing unconscious Ambhi Raj and asking Chadragupta to dorn his masked gown on Ambhi Kumar. Seleucus orders to capture Ambhi Kumar. Ambhi Raj reaches and says he must be mistaken. Seleucus shows Ambhi Kumar’s dagger which he had gifted on Ambhi Kumar’s 18th birthday. Ambhi Raj continues pleading that Ambhi Kumar cannot harm him, but Selecus orders to drag unconscious Ambhi Kumar with him.

Durdhara waits for Moora in rose room when Amartya Rakshas walks to her and sees dancer/Mura nearby. He walks towards her when Durdhara stops him and to divert his attention says she wanted to escape from here to escape from marriage, but now she feels she cannot harm her brother’s dignity and should marry Ambhi Kumar. She signals Sthul who is hiding nearby and walks back with Amarya Rakshas to her room. Sthul realizes that Durdhara wants to signal that Dhananand wants to catch them all, so he should first go and save maayi/Mura. He rushes to Mura who is fighting with soldiers and informs her that Dahanand wants to catch them, so they should escape. Mura says she will not until she rescues Durdhara from here. Durdhara getting haldi applied thinks Chadragupta tried his best to rescue her from here, but marrying Ambhi Kumar must be in her destiny.

Ambhi Kumar wakes up and fights with Selecus’ soldiers. Seleucus orders to execute him. Dhananand enters and says Ambhi Kumar is not a culprit and someone else attacked him. Seleucus says he is trying to rescue his would be relative. Dhananand says Seleucus is his best and he is following his friendship first and alleges that Arya is the culprit. Ambhi Raj orders to capture Arya. Durdhara reaches there and stands tensed. Mura also reaches and stands tensed. Seleucus asks how can he be so sure that Arya is culprit. Dhananand says he knows everything. Ambhi Raj orders to execute Arya. Dhananand orders to throw him in jail first and not to kill him here. Soldiers throw Chandragupta in jail.

Seleucus gulping liquor reminisces Dhananand’s interference and thinks why Dhananand alleged Arya and rescued Ambhi Kumar, he is confused. Chanakya walks in. Seleucus is amazed to see him. Chanakya says Takshashila is his birth place, so it is obvious for him to be here. In jail, Ambhi Raj brutally assaults Chandragupta and asks who is he and what is his motto. Chandragupta bears his assault, but then escapes blows and warns Ambhi raj to be ready to face his death. Ambhi Raj ties him and continues assaulting him and is about to execute him when Dhananand enters and asks Ambhi Raj to let him investigate. He asks Arya who is he. Arya laughs and says a great king is so eager to know his identity. Dhananand touches Arya’s hair and says he can identify people by their hair if he has met them before. He asks Ambhi Raj where did he find Arya. Ambhi Raj says when his army was fighting against Dhananand, they needed soldiers and Arya joined them; he tried to find out Arya’s parents and his whereabouts, but could not.

Chanakya tries to brainwash Seleucus and says Arya is loyal to Seleucus and would never attack him; Dhananand and Ambhi Raj are conspiring against Seleucus to grab Pourav rastra somehow. Seleucus says he is lying. Chanakya says does Ambhi Raj and Dhananand don’t know that I am alive, even then they have spared me till now. He continues that Seleucus tried to kill him before, even then he is standing in front of him, gives him sword and asks to kill him if he does not trust him. He reminds that last time also he and Chandragupta tried to warn him against Dhananand, but he did not listen; Dhananand will take over him one day with his conspiracies. He walks away after his long speech.

Durdhara walks to jail to meet Chandragupta. Guards stop her. She warns them that she came to meet a traitor because of whom her would be husband Ambhi Kumar would have died. Guards walk away. Durdhara walks in and gets concerned seeing severely injured Chandragupta. Chandragupta says he tried his best to free her from her brother’s grip. Durdhara says now she has come to free him from here. Chanakya returns to his hideout and addresses his team that he needs find out king Puru’s son Malayketu and get him to senapati to fill confience again Pourav rastra citizens to fight against Dhananand.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya chants proverb like king, like citizens; king should be by lineage but by competency; if a competent administrator rules kingdom, the whole kingdom will be prosperous and safe.

Precap: Ambhi Raj suggests Dhananand that they should kill Chandragupta instead of letting him fight with tiger. Dhananand asks him to be patient as even he is eager to kill Chandragupta. Chandragupta is brought in front of tiger.

Update Credit to: MA

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