Chandragupta Maurya 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Saves Kshatriyas

Chandragupta Maurya 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand’s soldier alleges Chandragupta that he killed Patanraj and other soldiers to revolt against king and is trying to even provoke Piplivan’s khsatriyas to revolt. Chandragupta says he caught Patanraj and his puppet guards stealing gold for Chanakya. Dhanananand says if it is true. Agnimukh revolts against Dhananand and says soon his whole dynasty and whole Bharath will be against them. Dhananand thinks he is seeing same self-confidence in Khatriyas, so he has to crush it down. He asks Agnimukh to not spil fire like his name and giving Patanraj’s responsibility to another guard takes Chandragupta along to question about today’s mishap. He reaches his tent.
Mahamartya says he heard about today’s mishap and good traitor is killed, thinking Chandragupta

is killed. Dhananand asks if he thinks guard/Patanraj was Chanakya’s puppet and was supplying him gold. Mahamartya says yes. Chandragupta enters and greets him. Mahamartya gets tensed. Chandragupta tells Dhanaannd that he will return to goldmine and try to gain khsatriya’s confidence to stop them from revolting. Dhananand opposes his idea. Mahamartya says slave Chandragupta is right, they should regain khsatriyas’ confidence. Chandragupta thanks Dhananand and walks away. Dhananand orders to serve feast to khsatriyas.

Next morning, Khsatriyas are served feast by Dhananand’s guards. Chandragupta walks to them and asks guard why kin is serving feast instead of punishing them. Guard warns him to shut his mouth. Chandragupta serves them water. Dhananand while having food tells Mahamartya it is last food as he has mixed poison in it. Mahamartya gets tensed and ask what he means. Dhananand laughs and says he mixed poison in Khsatriyas’ food and this is the best way to end revolt at once. Chandragupta continues serving Khsatriya ample amount of water. Khsatriyas die spitting foam from their mouth. Chandragupta stands shocked, and guard informs him that king does not spare anyone easily and finished them at once giving them most potent poison. Chandragupta runs to Dhanananand informs that Khsatriyas died consuming poisonous food, did he gave them poison. Dhananand says he did not, they must have eaten poison accidentally. He orders guards to throw khsatriyas’ dead bodies at one place.

Sthul with Chanakya watches khsatriyas’ dead bodies being thrown at one place and them getting up and fighting with soldiers. Chanakya says it is his and Chandragupta’s plan and explains that he informed Chandragupta beforehand that Dhananand would try to kill khsatriyas, so they should make him try to kill them at once via poison, then Chandragupta should serve them ample amount of antidote mixed in water and save their lives. He praises Chandragupta for his brave act. Sthul encourages khsatriyas to fight and finish Dhanananand’s soldiers.

Dhananand reminds Mahamartya of their second plan. Chandragupta asks what is it. Dhananand says slave is not so dear to inform him every plan, even then he will and informs that Chanakya will come to take away Khsatriyas’ bodies like he took away Dhoomketu’s deadbody, then his vast army will attack and kill him. Chandragupta gets tensed hearing that.

Chanakya Niti: Fishes fall into trap from ages, reason is trap’s invisibility; similarly they should make enemy believe he is with trusted person and not in danger, then they should attack enemy and kill him; planning gets them victory.

Precap: Dhanananand’s soldiers attacks Kshatriyas. Chandragupta gets tensed and thinks it is Dhananand’s conspiracy to trap them. Dhananand notices Chandragupta’s tensed face.

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