Chandragupta Maurya 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Kills Patanraj

Chandragupta Maurya 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta reminisces taking oath in front of Chanakya that he will rescue Piplivan’s Khatriyas. Out of flashback, Patanraj laughs on Kushtdhwaj that neither Piplivan’s king or prince will not come to save him. On the other side, Sthulbhadra shows his plan on map to Chanakya and hopes Chandragupta is safe. Chanakya says there is a river on that side and he needs to tweak his plan a bit more, says Chandragupta has biggest challenge of saving Khatriyas first and then filling self-confidence in them, he will either succeed or reach martyrdom. Kushtdhwaj falls into fire pit and suicides. Patanraj tells his aides that they have to kill slave Chandragupta as per Mahamartya’s order as he can pose a big hurdle to them also, but they should do it carefully. Chandragupta continues

breaking stone with hammer thinking he will not let Kushtdhwaj’s sacrifice go unnoticed. Baldev says it is their routine and they are suffering since 12 years without opposing. Chandragupta thinks he will end it soon. He provokes Khatriyas to not let Kushtdhwaj’s sacrifice in vain. Another khshatriya Agnimukh punches him and warns to not provoke them and throw them in danger. Chandragupta reminisces Mura praising Agnimukh’s bravery and his sword skills.

Patanraj asks Agnimukh to give fire torch to slave and send him inside cave to get gold stones. Agnimukh pleads not to be so cruel to kid. Patanraj warns him and sends Chandragupta inside cave. Chandragupta realizes Patanraj is up to something and he needs to be careful. He walks into cave where Patanraj’s aides attack him and he kills them all. Patanraj hearing cries gets happy that king’s slave is dead. Chandragupta drags puppet guards’ dead bodies on cart. Patanraj angrily says he dared to kill guards and now he will kill him. Chandragupta says they attacked him, so he had to counterattack to save himself. Patanraj attacks him and he throws Patanraj in fire pit. Khatriyas get afraid and warn Chandragupta that soldiers outside will not spare him. Chandragupta encourages them that when he can kill 4 soldiers at once, they 500 khsatriyas can kill 50 soldiers easily, he will face them alone if nobody supports him. Dhananand with his soldiers drives in. Khsatriyas get afraid seeing him. Soldiers complain Dhananand that slave Chandragupta killed 4 soldiers and wanted to revolt against king. Dhananand asks Chandragupta what is all this.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows shank and says it was a home for a living being and living being left it as its size was growing, similarly human leaves past to move ahead in life.

Precap: Dhananand tells Chandragupta that he had mixed poison in Khsatriya’s food and it is their last meal. Chandragupta is shocked to see khatriyas dying.

Update Credit to: MA

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