Chandragupta Maurya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Finds Out Chandragupta is Mura’s King

Chandragupta Maurya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta enters palace on chariot as 1-day prince holding his mother’s bangle and thinks he is coming to meet his mother. Dayimaa enters Mura’s room and orders her son Bhadrasaal to bring special gift for Mura. He brings ash. Dayimaa says this is peeplivan’s people’s head’s ashes who went against Dhananand and were burnt into ashes. She smears ash on Mura’s face saying it is her decoration today. Dhananand tells his elder brother Pandu that their sister Durdhara is coming whom he considers as daughter and has protected her like a water pearl in flower, what will he tell about his cut finger to their sister. Pandu says he will tell he lost it during accident. Dhananand says excellent and twisting his injured hand asks what will he say next. Pandu says he will not utter anything. Dhananand says that is good. Guards inform that Peelivan’s prince is entering. Dhananand hurriedly walks to his royal seat. Dayimaa informs Mura if 1-day prince, then he will be turned into ashes. She drags Mura to royal court.

Chandragupta enters royal court as Peeplivan’s prince chanting maharaj Dhananand ki jai ho. Dhananand laughs seeing Chandragupta and asks how did he get idea of becoming Peeplivan’s king. Chandragupta says Bhadrasaal gave him this idea, he told king killed Peeplivan’s people, so he thought of becoming Peeplivan’s prince. Pandu thinks he will kill this slave today. Dhananand asks Mura if she liked Peeplivan’s prince and orders her to wash prince’s feet. She walks to wash Chandragupta’s feet. Chandragupta kicks water and tells Dhananand that this maid is very slow, he got only 1 day to enact as prince and does not want to waste even a second. Dhananand says he has different thinking and wanted to spend more time with him, but he has to go and greet special guest. Chandragupta chants Dhananand’s name while he leaves and thinks Dhananand must be meeting his mother, so he will trick Dhananand and meet his mother.

Dayimaa’s aide meets Chanakya in lieu of buying fruits, revealing she is acting on his orders. He asks if Dhananand has kept any woman like a queen with special permissions. Aide says Dhananand is very cruel and keeps even queens like servants. Chanakya asks whom Dhananand has kept as servant. She tells Peeplivan’s queen Mura and tells whole story how she found Mura’s child’s cloth and showed it to Dayimaa to gain Dayimaa’s confidence. Chanakya when did Mura lose her son. Aide says 12 years ago. Chanakya realizes Chandragupta is Mura’s son.

Dhananand orders his team to arrange flowers and dancers to greet his sister Durdhara. Chandragupta enters and says there should be special arrangements to greet a special person. Pandu angrily walks towards Chandragupta. Dhananand stops him saying Pandu wants to punish boy, but he is their guest today and guest is like god. He asks Chandragupta to express his suggestion. Chandragupta says king should show his kind heartedness to citizens in front of special person and show his kind heart. Dhananand accepts his suggestion and says he is acting as real prince. Chandragupta says he wants invitation to greet special person. Dhananand agrees. Chandragupta with Dhananand and others waits for Durdhara thinking he will meet his mother. Mura angrily scolds him that he will pay for insulting Peeplivan people. Dhananand laughs.

Chanakya informs his team that Chandragupta is Mura’s lost son and she must have sold Chandragupta fearing Dhananand would kill her son. He says if Dhananand realizes this truth, he will kill Chandragupta, orders aides to go and protect Chandragupta. He smiles thinking fate has made Peeplivan’s real prince as its 1-day prince, soon he will be whole Bharath’s king.

Dhananand throws Chandragupta in front of tiger. Tiger attacks Chandragupta.

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  1. अरुण

    Durdhara is the sister, and Pandu is the brother of Dhananand these relation are different from previous serials. However Chandra is in trouble in next episode when tiger will attack him in cage. How he save himself ?

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