Chandragupta Maurya 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Imprisons Chandragupta

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Chandragupta Maurya 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand asks where is tilchatta/Chandragupta. Chandragupta enters breaking door and kills soldiers. Dhananand orders to kill them all. Chandragupta and his team fight and start killing Magadh soldiers. Dhanaannd sees Tarini fighting and thinks who is this new enemy and walks towards her. Chandragupta notices that and spreading fire from chandelier and sends Tarini away. Old man Mahisha takes Durdhara towards Dhananand when they see fire and thinks he should wait. Durdhara says Chandragupta and his team are in danger, let us go and help them. Mahisha stops her and says he has to follow Chandragupta’s orders and takes her to another room. Durdhara asks why did he bring her to this room. Chandragupta and his team continue to fight. Chanakya asks Chandragupta to get Durdhara out of this place and they will meet at their selected spot. Chandragupta’s whole team escapes. Chandragupta reaches the spot where he left Durdhara and does not find her there. Chanakya informs that Tarini has gone to bring Durdhara. Chandragupta gets tensed that Tarini is Dhananand’s aide and will try to harm Durdhara. Dhananand orders Amartya Rakshas to find Durdhara soon. Mahisha walks to Dhananand and apologizes for letting Durdhara go due to his mistake. Dhananand says he failed in his task and will be killed now. Mahisha asks him to give him one more chance and asks him to head towards south door, he will bring Chandragupta’s team there.

Tarini brings Durdhara to Chandragupta’s team. Durdhara fumes on Chandragupta. Chanakya says they all should head towards north door. Mahisha comes there and says north door is infiltrated by Magadh soldiers, so they should head towards South door and takes them along. Chandragupta asks Durdhara why she is angry on him. She says she is not his servant to obey all his orders. He asks when did he order. She says he sent orders via Mahisha and threw her in danger, Tarini saved her on time. Chandragupta realizes that Mahisha is a Dhananand’s aide and not Tarini. They reach south door. Chandragupta asks Mahisha to arrange horses and sends his whole team out via door and locking door from inside informs Chanakya that a big conspiracy is going on, so he will stay here to stop Dhananand while they all escape. Chanakya escapes with his team. Mahisha returns. Chandragupta says he knows now that Mahisha is a traitor. Dhananand reaches there with this team. Chandragupta confronts Mahisha why did he betray them for money. Mahisha says Chandragupta is a prince and does not know with howmuch difficulty he spent his life in death pit. Chandragupta says he lent a slave life and even he spent 5 years in death pit with Mahish, now it is up to Mahish if he wants to die as martyr or traitor. Dhananand tries to brainwash him that he will stay in palace hereon after killing Chandragupta. Mahish says Dhananand will die and throws knife towards Dhananand. Dhananand catches knife and throws it back at Mahish killing him. He then orders Amartya Rakshas to imprison Chandragupta and take him along.

Dhananand brutally tortures Chandragupta by making him walk on glass pieces pulling cart like an animal and orders Mahamartya to punish him more and send invitation to all Magadh citizens to come and watch Chandragupta’s funeral wearing white dress and after funeral they will be served feast. Mahamartya says his order will be fulfilled and orders guard to lash Chandragupta. Chandragupta falls down severely injured.

Durdhara gets worried for Chandragupta and tells Chanakya that she will go and save Chandragupta from Dhananand and if Dhananand takes Chandragupta to Magadh, it will be more difficult. Chanakya asks her to calm down and gathering all his team orders to head towards Piplivan. Mura and Durdhara ask what about Chandragupta. Chanakya says Chandragupta is born to serve mother land, he will find a way himself. Tarini says Chandragupta’s a fierce warrior and will protect himself. Durdhara says she does not know how cruel her brother is. Tarini says who knows better than her. Chanakya asks if she is hiding something. Tarini says she can just say she has a very bitter and horrible past. Chanakya orders team again to head towards Piplivan. Ambhi Kumar watches hiding and thinks she will take revenge from Durdhara.

Precap: Ambhi Kumar orders his soldiers that there is no one with Durdhara and Mura now, so they can easily kill them both. Tarini hears their conversation. Chandragupta takes oath that he will not die until he frees her from Dhananand.

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