Chandragupta Maurya 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Teaches Diving To Chandragupta

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Chandragupta Maurya 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhurdhara thanks Dhananand for accepting her gift and walks away. Dhananand thinks if she has seen heard about thief, even Mahamartya must be knowing about thief, then why did not he inform him. On the other side, Chanakya says Chandragupta that he will steal and destroy Dhananand’s wealth. Chandragupta nervously asks how can he. Chanakya gives him rope and says he should practice diving and should become better swimmer than Dhananand. Dhanananand with Mahamartya takes boat to middle of river and jumps into it holding flag. He goes deep, checks his wealth, and fixes flag deep into river. Soldiers say it has been quite sometime since king went in Mahamartya warns that king is the best swimmer they have. Chandragupta jumps into river and tries to get out, but Chanakya pulls his legs deep again. Chandragupta gasps for air and tries to get out, but Chanakya pulls him back repeatedly. His friends try to jump into river to rescue him, but Bhairav stops them. Chandragupta gets out of river somehow and alleges Chanakya that he always wanted to kill him. Chanakya says he was trying to increase his breathing power. Chandragupta walks out shouting he does not want to be trained by him. His friends tell Chanakya that today he crossed his limits. Chanakya says if Chandragupta has to steal Dhananand’s wealth, he has to be better swimmer and diver than Dhananand.

Dhananand gets out of river and tells he has fixed flag into river bed and orders his dynasty’s best divers to jump into river and get flag out. They jump into river. Dhananand confronts Mahamartya and asks if he will teach him how to administered, why did not he inform him about thief. Chanakya says he did not want to disturb king and says nobody can steal king’s wealth and shows dead divers floating. Dhananand says they should catch thief first as he gets dangerous if someone eyes on his wealth.

Mura tries to apply medicine to her burnt feet and feels severe pain. Chandragupta walks in and holds her feet. Mura asks why did he come here. Chandragupta shows his anger that when he heard about Dayimaa punishing his mother, he thought of killing her, but then thought to him treat his mother first and then punish Dayimaa. Mura says she knows her son will be so powerful that he will destroy Dhananand and all his evil team. Chandragupta cries that Chanakya is training him hard to make him competent warrior, but he is failing repeatedly. Mura says even she failed many times, but succeeded finally. Chandragupta asks is it. She says even she was afraid before and describes her pregnancy days when she was carrying Chandragupta and had to climb mountain to reach temple, she got tired and afraid, but Chandragupta kicked her from womb repeatedly and made her climb mountain, similarly he should motivate himself and succeed.

Chanakya Niti: There is one thing common between time and sand, they both slip out of hands easily, but if hands are wet, sand sticks to them, similarly if they work hard and practice, they can even control time.

Precap: Chandragupta jumps into river and gasps for air. Dhananand says dirty fish is trapped now.

Update Credit to: MA

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